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Texe Marrs

Planet X
Ancient Mayan prophecies say the world will end in the year 2012. Meanwhile, in Genesis 6 and Revelation 9, the Bible prophesies that a staggering army of 200 million demons will be released from the "bottomless pit" in the last days. Having a King, or dark angel, over them named Abaddon, these fiery, serpentine demons will torment mankind and massacre multitudes by way of fire, smoke, and brimstone issued out of their mouths. Occult teachings in Freemasonry and other secret societies proclaim the coming of a mysterious Planet X, code-named Sirius, the Dog Star. The Illuminati say that when it comes, this star will bring both catastrophe and salvation to earth, ending in an alien invasion by extraterrestrials who shall reign as gods over all mankind. Now, Texe Marrs connects the dots.


A Texe Marrs exclusive report revealing the deep and hidden facts behind the Sirius phenomenon. What are the origins of the present-day alarm and warning that a tenth planet, or star, known simply as Planet X, is headed toward a catastrophic and deadly collision with earth? Is the most cherished, most frightening, and most closely held secret of Freemasonry involved? Did Theosophy's founder, the Jewish mystic Helena Blavatsky, reveal the black occult foundations of Planet X in her classic book, The Secret Doctrine? Did NASA consultant Arthur Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey) play a key role in disclosing the ages-old secret of the coming return of the long-awaited Serpents of Wisdom? Does Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry explain the reptilian and Luciferian doctrine behind Planet X? What chilling knowledge did ancient high priests of Babylon and Egypt possess that could shake our world today?

60 Minutes ~ Texe Marrs ~ $8.00

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