Stop Everything You Do and Listen to this Rabbi!!!

Behind Communism

Here is persuasive, unassailable proof that it was Jewish revolutionaries who invented and supervised the horrors and ravages of Communist totalitarianism. Karl Marx, a Zionist Jew, was inspired by Moses Hess, a Zionist Jew, to formulate the dogma of the Communism system. Then, Lenin, a Zionist Jew, teamed up with Trotsky, a Zionist Jew, and other Illuminati, Zionist Jews to seize the Russian Empire and turn it into a massive, bloody, killing and torture factory rivaling anything George Orwell (1984) could have ever conceived. In this groundbreaking book, you will be shocked to discover what and who is BEHIND COMMUNISM.

128 pages ~ Frank L Britton ~ Foreword by Texe Marrs ~ $15.00


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