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(CD) February 2014 Set
(CD) February 2014 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 208): Texe Marrs reveals things the controlled media dare not: (1) Duck Dynasty controversy—Phil Robertson is right. Gays are opposed to the Bible; (2) Bill O’Reilly of The O’Reilly Factor is a Catholic who does not know the Bible. He claims the Bible says, “Do not judge.” In fact, the Bible directs that we “Judge,” and someday everyone on earth will be judged by God Himself and sent either to hell or to heaven; (3) Ministry friend sends Texe a toy robot named “M.A.R.S.;” (4) Ministry friends send generous donations that enable Power of Prophecy to continue its work; (5) Texe examines Sir Francis Bacon’s ancient plan for America to become the secret Atlantis, harbinger of the New World Order; (6) The Jewish Plan for America developed in 1890s by the World Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland. Russia was first victim of the Zionist global conspiracy. Sergius Nilus, a prophet of God, warned Russia and the world in 1905 by publishing the Protocols of Zion; (7) Congressman Ryan and Senator Murray push through Congress a 2-year budget deal that cuts military retiree and veterans disability pay over next 10 years. Money is approved in Plan for abortion, pornographic art, illegal aliens, and other ungodly projects, plus spending was approved for ObamaCare; (8) Congress triples military spending on missiles for Israel;(9) Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leader, Pastor Russell Moore, says that Pope Francis is a “good choice” for Time magazine’s Person of the Year. SBC is now promoting amnesty for illegal aliens, the environmental movement, and other liberal projects; (10) Senator Max Baucus, who introduced the ObamaCare bill, has been rewarded by President Obama. He was recently named the new Ambassador to Red China.

    Too Many: America is the land of plenty. But, in many categories, we have “too many.” For example, too many wild animals, environmentalists, gays, illegal aliens, bureaucrats, official secrets, satan worshippers, indulgent parents, pornography, abortion, and sinful pastors.

    Down the Rabbit Hole (Volume 10—Cuba, Israel, Gun Control, Global Warming, Immigration Amnesty, Marijuana, and Other Insanities): Men and women only a few years ago would not have believed 2014 America. It has to have gone raving insane. Texe looks at some key areas which indicate the depth of this depravity and insanity.

    False Flags—Template of Terror: We are all holding our breath, waiting for the next shoe to fall. Again and again, we have been hit by surprise “false flag” catastrophes. Michael Collins Piper’s new book covers this incredibly important topic. Find out the common elements of every false flag, from 9/11 to the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook. Is America being manipulated and psychologically abused by these manufactured events? Can we stop them?

    Three ways to order: Order online now, or, if you prefer, phone us toll free 1-800-234-9673, or 512-263-9780 (Monday-Friday, 8-5 CST). You can also simply send check or money order to: Power of Prophecy 1708 Patterson Rd. Austin, TX 78733 [Please include 10% for domestic shipping and handling ($5.00 Minimum). To cover international shipping and handling, include 40% of the cost for DVDs, Tapes & CDs, and 60% of the cost for Books ($20.00 Minimum).]


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