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Secrets (Volume 256)
Secrets (Volume 256)
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    Secrets (Volume 256): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Many members of the Congressional Black Caucus refused to stand or applaud when President Trump touted historically low unemployment figures for blacks; (2) President Trump’s support among black voters is growing, despite claims of racism by Democrats; (3) PBS Frontline documentary exposes Planned Parenthood’s effort to reduce the number of blacks through sterilization and abortion; (4) Hypocrisy reigns as U.S. Jewish organizations lambaste Presdient Trump’s State of the Union address concerning immigration reform, and religious liberties; (5) Mother of son murdered by illegal alien says we don’t owe illegal aliens anything; (6) California, already a sanctuary state, now will register all illegal aliens to vote...automatically!; (7) Illegal alien boasts of killing two sheriff’s deputies, claiming he will escape and kill more, during his trial. Will he be acquitted like Kate Steinle’s murderer?; (8) Oakland, California city council expands protection for illegal aliens, blocking any branch of city government to work with ICE; (9) 39-year-old illegal alien deported after being in America for 30 years. Why didn’t he apply for citizenship?; (10) Former Army private Bradley Manning, a convicted traitor who is now a transgender known as Chelsea, files to run for U.S. Senate from the state of Maryland; (11) Hillary Clinton exposed as a hypocrite for not firing a member of her 2008 Presidential staff accused of sexual harassment; (12) After excoriating President Trump’s tax cuts, Nancy Pelosi apparently wanted to keep as much of her money as the law allows by taking advantage of tax breaks for two of her multi-million dollar homes; (13) Alabama’s Southern Poverty Law Center exposed as a money-grabbing, slandering, hate group; (14) California proves that raising the minimum wage does not help; (15) “New California” has filed to secede from the People’s Republic of California via Constitutional law; (16) Environmental whackos are pushing for a tax on your meat—be it pork, beef, or chicken—because it’s bad for the environment; (17) Newest member in the Climate Change Blame Game: your sandwich!; (18) New bill introduced in California state legislature wants to fine or imprison waiters who give you a straw unsolicited; (19) R.G. Stair arrested for sexual abuse, again; (20) Chines government destroys Christian church; (21) Christians may be protected for refusing service based on their beliefs from lawsuits brought by homosexuals; (21) HHS officials are quietly putting illegal aliens on tax-payer funded flights and secretly taken to unsuspecting communities across America.

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