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(CD) March 2010 Set
(CD) March 2010 Set
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    Americas Disastrous Economic CollapseDid the Illuminati Pull the Plug?: A Texe Marrs Exclusive Report. The worlds chief troublemakers, including the Rothschild bankers and the financial leaders of governments around the globe, met in late January in Davos, Switzerland. This was the annual World Economic Forum. The worlds press was not invited to its most secret sessions at which the economic future of the United States, the European Community, China, Japan and every nation on earth was mapped out. Texe Marrs uncovers the horror that was plotted out against us at Davos. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS EXPLOSIVE INFORMATION! DISASTER IS LOOMING!

    "Oh the Games People Play"The Awful Truth About Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Hidden Controllers of the Tea Party: Americas patriotic citizens are angry and fed up. Washington, D.C.s corrupt political parties and wickedly perverse political leaders have betrayed our Constitution and gutted our Bill of Rights. They have created the most horrendous federal, state, and local debt problem and now threaten to bankrupt the Republic with yet more taxes. Frankenstein government is poised to strangle us into oblivion. To coverup their crimes the elite have trotted out competing would-be "Saviors" and "Messiahs"President Barack Obama, Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Steve Brown and others. Controlling both the Republican and Democrat parties, they have pumped up Fox News Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill OReilly and painted these lying deceivers as "trusted journalists" we should believe in. Now they have co-opted the Tea Party movement and intend for this grass roots movement to be seized by pied pipers of the traitorous Republican Party. These are the political games these devilish people playgames invented in smoke-filled back rooms. Listen as Texe rips into and unmasks these "games" and provides solutions we can use to oppose the plot of the elite.

    Secrets (Volume 162): Texe Marrs examines news and things the controlled media dare not touch: (1) Interview with Alex Jones, bestselling video producer and talk show hostAlex reports on the gun grabbers most recent atrocities, including the ATF and FBI collaborating with local police authorities to frighten citizens into voluntarily giving up their constitutional right to keep and bear arms; (2) How the Illuminati elite coded the number 666 into the construction of the Washington Monument; (3) A black political leader, a Baptist, has authored a new book praising President Obama as a "Prophet of God" and as "The Chosen One;" (4) In a controlled scientific study, rats addicted to cocaine, when offered either that drug or sugar substitutes (aspartame, etc.) preferred the artificial sweeteners. The researchers concluded that the sugar substitutes are even more addictive than cocaine; (5) President Obama names first transgender (he/she bisexual) to his Administration; (6) Zionists refuse apology of former President Jimmy Carter, label him a "Liar;" (7) High priest of voodoo in Haiti bashes Christian humanitarian givers; (8) Report: 237 millionaires in Congressno wonder they are so out of touch; (9) NASA cancels manned moon landing mission. Was the 1969 Apollo Mission a gigantic hoax?; (10) Brutal movie, "Inglourious Basterds," depicts what twisted Jews want to do to you and to mesplit our heads open and kill us!; (11) Jewish war veterans now being given belated Medals of Honor they dont deserve after deal is struck by corrupt Jewish Congressman; (12) Federal court rules goat sacrifices by Santeria priests can continue.

    Gun Control and the Rise of the Global Police State: Texe Marrs interviews Sheriff Richard Mack. Sheriff Mack is the law enforcement officer who sued the Clinton White House over the unconstitutional Brady Gun Control Act and won. He is a champion for the second amendment and its right of the people to keep and bear arms. Sheriff Mack exposes the dangers of the proposed Obama/United Nations small arms control treaty which, if enacted, will enable global gun control. He warns of the horrors that will ensue if our rights are taken away by the usurpers. The second amendment, Mack stresses, is the guarantor of all other rights and liberties.

    Three ways to order: Order online now, or, if you prefer, phone us toll free 1-800-234-9673, or 512-263-9780 (Monday-Friday, 8-5 CST). You can also simply send check or money order to: Power of Prophecy 1708 Patterson Rd. Austin, TX 78733 [Please include 10% for domestic shipping and handling ($5.00 Minimum). To cover international shipping and handling, include 40% of the cost for DVDs, Tapes & CDs, and 60% of the cost for Books ($20.00 Minimum).]


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