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(CD) June 2010 Set
(CD) June 2010 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 165): Texe Marrs uncovers things the controlled media dare not touch: (1) Germany and U.S.A. guilty of tormenting and imprisoning Ernst Zundel for seven long years simply because he questioned the exaggerations and myths of the Holocaust; (2) Canada has become an Orwellian nation with Jewish elite empowered by the state; (3) May Day (May 1) is a supreme Holy Day on Satanic calendarthis is why leftist labor unions and Communists march on this day and why pagans conduct orgies and festivals around the phallic "May pole;" (4) Bohemian Grove members in 1978 enacted a play, "Siddharta" which promotes Buddhism. Bohemians participating included actors Eddie Albert and John Lithgow; (5) Ann Coulter outs former Senator John Edwards, once the VP nominee for the Democrats, as a bisexual and "faggot;" (6) Former Congressman Bob Barr courageously stands up to Republican neocons, offering to personally waterboard any of them who do not believe this "coercive interrogation" technique is unlawful torture. He gets no takers; (7) Former House Speaker and globalist New Ager, Newt Gingrich, teams up with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to do a TV commercial promoting "global warming." Gingrich says it was the right thing to do even though he admits, "I dont know if there really is global warming, nor does anyone else."; (8) President Obama becomes first U.S.A. President to celebrate Passover (Seder) with Jews at White House; (9) Fox News provocateur and con-man Glenn Beck flip-flops. He tells audience "If you dont believe in global warming, you are a jerk!;" (10) Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, neocon pal of John McCain, backs not only amnesty for illegal aliens, but also is in favor of a national I.D. card, more energy taxes, and expanded war in the Middle East to boost Israel; (11) Congressman Ron Paul, on Fox TV, agrees with host Glenn Beck that anyone who rejects the governments version of 9/11 is a "nutjob."

    The Lord of MoneyRothschild, His White House Pawns, and the Criminal Power of the Worlds Richest and Most Wicked BanksA Texe Marrs Exclusive. Amazing revelations of the ongoing financial crash and how it is affecting your pocketbook. Documentation that huge banksJP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and others are part of an international Rothschild money network. Which banks manipulate and control the price of gold, silver, and oiland how do they do it? How do the Red Chinese fit in? Proof that the White House is subservient to the banking cartel and that Bush, Clinton, Obama are mere servants to the New World Order elite. How the dollar, the Euro, and other currencies are manipulated. What the future holds for America and for you and me. Will it mean financial prosperityor economic chaos?

    Principles of Conspiracy Science (Part 1): Texe Marrs explains why those who research and delve into world conspiracies are not "conspiracy theorists" but in reality are "conspiracy scientists!" America and the planet are immersed in conspiracies; people everywhere are confronted with diabolical plots and schemes. A literal labyrinth of deception and coverup can be uncovered and dissected and this is the business of conspiracy scientists. Unfortunately, the ignorant masses are easily duped and actually believe in the official propaganda. Most are taken in by the lies of the media and are blind to the grave dangers that are imminent. For the majority, world events are a total mystery and they easily fall into traps and pits. But, increasingly, the man or woman who is awake recognizes what is really happening around us, senses the dangers, and is able to adjust and escape disaster. Understanding and discernment are great gifts. Are you a conspiracy scientist? Heres how to be one of the knowing.

    Principles of Conspiracy Science (Part 2): The wrap-up to Texe Marrs intriguing 2-part series.

    Inventors of Evil ThingsHow the Jews Created Freemasonry, Illuminism, Communism, Satanism, Witchcraft, and the New Age MovementAnd What They are Up to Now: Texe Marrs presents indisputable facts documenting the Jewish creation of the worlds most bloody movements and groups. From the Inquisitions Torquemada, to the Illuminatis Weishaupt, Communisms Marx and Lenin, Satanisms LaVey, and Witchcrafts Starhawk, sinister and wicked Jews have been at the forefront in inventing evil things. Jesus said of the Jews, "You are of your Father the Devil," and He spoke absolute truth. The historical record is clear. Therefore, we must urgently ask: What exactly is this demonic racial cult plotting against humanity now, in this, the 21st century? Just what great evil are they stirring up from the cauldron of hell?

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