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July 2009 Set
July 2009 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 154): Texe Marrs examines things the controlled media dare not mention: (1) Why my books are bestsellers—God's miracles in Chicago; (2) Conoco Oil headquarter in Alaska is designed with a glass pyramid; (3) Hindu "thinker" sends me Mothers Day poem addressed to our "Mother Earth;" (4) Depraved song by two U.S.A. Jewish pop-rock superstars, Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, has lyrics about having sex with each other's mother! The sicko song is performed on Saturday Night Live TV program and is dedicated to everybody's mothers; (5) Talk show host Jason Bermas lashes out at people who dare suggest that Jews run the media or might be involved in a conspiracy—Bermas wants them to go out and kill themselves; (6) In fact, the Jews do own Hollywood and the U.S.A. media, and they admit it!; (7) Yale professor says that former President Bush believed that in killing Moslems in the Middle East, he was actually opposing the biblically prophesied demons, Gog and Magog; (8) What day is Sabbath—Saturday, Sunday, or...?; (9) The Jehovah's Witnesses are proven to be a Jewish/Zionist cult. The founder of this cult has a pyramid erected at his gravesite, and the JW's doctrines strongly deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.

    Unheralded Secrets of Judaism and Freemasonry (Volume 1): In this volume, the first of a series to come, Texe Marrs unlocks mysteries and connects the twin heresies of Judaism and Freemasonry: (1) Albert Pike, former Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodges, admitted that Freemasonry's rituals and doctrines originated from the sorcery and magic of the Jewish Cabala; thus, Masonry is a Jewish cult; (2) Judaizers inside the Christian Church—men like Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and others—are ignorant of the fact that the religion of Judaism is not based on the Torah or Old Testament but, as Jesus revealed, on "man-made traditions;" (3) The Talmud, a bigoted and hateful book of Satanic smut, is actually the basis of the Judaic faith; (4) Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry identifies Washington, D.C. as the headquarters for international Freemasonry; it is where the "Supreme Mother Council of the World" is located; (5) Mackey further revealed that the "Noahides"—descendants of the Bible's Noah—are the original founders of Masonry. (6) The Jews say that in the coming New Age, Gentiles who disobey the "Noahide Laws" will be beheaded. Worship of Jesus is a violation of the Noahide Laws. The guillotine employed in Revolutionary France was a precursor of what is to come when the Jews receive their earthly Kingdom.; (7) The Bible's book of Ezekiel, chapter 8, paints a graphic description of what goes on inside the inner sanctum of Masonic lodges today; (8) Why do Masons teach that the starry, northern part of our galaxy is a place of darkness and evil?; (9) Their worship of the Sun admitted in Masonic encyclopedia; (10) Masonic celebration of St. John's day tied to their secret worship of the ancient fish god, Oannes. The Catholic Pope's fish-like headdress is also based on worship of Oannes. Revelation 13 makes mention of this horned devil-god (the Beast) whom the ancient Philistines honored as Dagon, the fish god; (11) Of what significance is the color red in the Masonic Lodge and in Judaism?

    2 Hour Set ~ $15.00

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