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November 2012 Set
November 2012 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 194): Texe Marrs uncovers secret things: (1) Bilderberg elite consider ordinary citizens as "useless eaters" and dupes; (2) The Apostle Paul told us that, "At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow." So why are so many today substituting fake names for God?; (3) Medical discoveries are often made by unheralded doctors and researchers, and herbs and vitamins provide best cure.; (4) Over a hundred students at prestigious Harvard University discovered to be cheaters on tests; (5) Korean cult leader Sun Myong Moon dies. Moon had claimed that Jesus "failed in his mission" and boasted he would succeed. Christian evangelical leader Jerry Falwell once received a million dollars from Moon, and Tim LaHaye (of Left Behind book fame) also took money from Moon; (6) Chicago teachers on strike look like a throng of lesbian communist hags; (7) Surveys show that young American adults are unconcerned about the recession and the poor economy. They say that government welfare benefits and money from their parents and grandparents is all they need; (8) Government bureaucrats are stockpiling hundreds of millions of lethal, hollow-point bullets. Why?; (9) Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano and her nest of butch lesbian associates sexually harass males in department; (10) Satanic illuminati architecture was much in evidence at the London Olympics; (11) The late Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat died from poisoning administered at Paris hospital by Mossad killers; (12) Congressman Ron Paul wants Fed Reserve audited. But why trust a crooked audit? Best to abolish the Fed altogether.

    Churches and Pastors Gone Wild (Volume 6Demented Apostates Are in Top Form, and Hell is Being Enlarged to Accommodate Them): Christianity is being assaulted from within, and Hell is being enlarged to house these heretics and apostates. Recent examples: (1) Famous "Christian" artist Thomas Kinkade dies of alcohol. He drank himself to death. The painter left behind a mistress and a broken life; (2) Rampant lesbianism and abortion among nuns plagues the Catholic Church; (3) Americas top pastor, Rick Warren, promotes book endorsing Hindu tantric sex, yoga, and other ungodly practices; (4) Jewish rabbi Yechiel Eckstein rakes in millions of bucks by campaigns to resettle Jews in Israel. So why, then, are there today more Jews living in the U.S. than there are who reside in Israel?; (5) The Church of England is aging and membership is rapidly declining. Some say the reason is that most of its clergy are now homosexuals; (6) Campus Crusade for Christ changes its name, claiming the word "Crusade" is too militaristic; (7) Popular pastor in Kirkland, Washington publishes sex book about Jesus entitled Jesus is Bringing Sexy Back; (8) Woman pastor in Philadelphia passes out condoms at church. She claims that having sex and sharing bodies is similar to the partaking of Holy Communion; (9) TV pastor erects billboards of his picture and words "666, Number of Wisdom." He claims to be reincarnation of Jesus. His followers are having the number 666 tattooed on their wrists and hands; (10) Woman pastor in Denver has body covered in tattoos. Her church, called the House for All Sinners and Saints, welcomes gays and teaches both that Judas Iscariot is today in heaven and that there is no hell; (11) Many churches are removing crosses. Their leaders say that people today are offended by the cross and that the idea of a Savior dying for our sins is ludicrous..

    Demonic Cloud Over America: A Texe Marrs Exclusive. Vampirism, zombies, blood sacrifice, necromancy...America is going insane. Kids are murdering siblings and parents, and parents are torturing and murdering their own children. Cannibalism is in vogue, and mind-altering drugs are used by tens of millions. What is going on? Is America now home to millions of devilsevil spirits come to capture peoples souls in preparation for some horrible cataclysmic event soon to come?

    Is the Pope a Zionist High Priest?: Why does Pope Benedict wear on his head the ceremonial hat of Dagon the Fish God and the six-pointed star of Moloch, Hebrew god of fire and sacrifice? Texe interviews Edward Hendrie, author of the outstanding book, Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great, on the amazing things now happening inside the Vatican..

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