Monuments & Magic of the Illuminati

Monuments and Magic of the Illuminati

Two of Texe Marrs’ bestselling videos have now been updated and are offered for the first time together for the price of one. Previously unavailable, this updated video is a must-see. Here, revealed, is the Illuminati elite’s use of magic and witchcraft to manipulate and program the minds of men and drive humanity forward into a Brave New World.

Mysterious Monuments to the Beast

Who is behind the incredible, modern-day monuments and temples built worldwide at "sacred sites?" Built according to principles of occult architecture do these edifices foresage genocidal holocausts against Christians? Texe Marrs systematically takes listeners on a fascinating tour of occult buildings and potential killing fields across America and the world. Discover the strange secrets of the Great American Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee; the threatening Stonehenge replica in Georgia; the Parthenon and its Goddess in Nashville; the $154 million New Age holistic
health complex in Michigan; the massive pyramid in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris—with 666 panes of triangle-shaped crystal glass; the Egyptian-styled House of the Temple in Washington, D.C., where Masons hold their eerie 33° Luciferian ritual; and the new, imposing RLDS (Mormon) temple in Missouri—which amazingly resembles the ancient tower of Babel.

The Alchemical Processing of Humanity

President George Bush touted it as "A Thousand Points of Light," but Texe Marrs unmasks the occult mission of forcing a New World Order. He exposes the dark plan of the Illuminati, the Black Lodge, and its Great Work to illuminate and transform mankind. And he shows how, through magic, ritual, pageantry, and illusion, the world is being propelled through chaos into a devilish system of international religious, political, and economic unity.

Newly Updated! • 95 Minutes • (DVD) • $25.00

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