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Satanic Mysteries and Sexual Darkness in the Last Days
August 21, 2015

Texe Marrs unmasks the ancient roots of homosexuality and sexual perversions. The Mystery Religions of Babylon, Greece, Rome, and Egypt are here, now, as same-sex unions gather steam, pedophilia is rampant, and Christian righteousness is scorned and abandoned. Amazing insights into the Jewish Kabbalah and Talmud and how these books of the Jews promote incest and sexual sin. New documentary movie, “Sperm,” is discussed, a movie which declares the Jewish male’s sperm to be “holy and sacred.” Discover why Satanists believe that the religious ritual of sodomy will eventually produce the antichrist who, they believe, will free the world of hated Christianity.

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Prophetic Secrets of Earthly Jerusalem (Part 2)—City of the Great Serpent
August 14, 2015

A Texe Marrs exclusive. Conclusion of Texe Marrs powerful 2-Volume Series.

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Prophetic Secrets of Earthly Jerusalem (Part 1)—City of the Great Serpent
August 7, 2015

A Texe Marrs exclusive. New, 2-volume series which examines the Bible’s astounding endtime prophecies concerning the earthly city of Jerusalem. Mostly covered up and disparaged, these prophecies reveal God’s exact plan for Jerusalem and Israel. Includes: (1) Jerusalem is not the beloved city of the prophets; (2) God gives Jerusalem the horrid spiritual name, “Sodom and Egypt;” (3) Jews will be led by Satan to murder God’s witnesses, then celebrate their death with gift-giving; (4) Jews are labeled the “Synagogue of Satan” in Revelation; (5) Jesus prophesied He would make Jerusalem “desolate,” and He will slay all the evil Jews who refuse to serve Him; (6) Jewish lawmakers prophesied to “defraud” working men and women and kill those who protest; (7) The Serpent Beast (Satan) will rise up in Jerusalem and go on to conquer the world; (8) Apostate Christians will join reprobate Jews to set up and worship a fake Christ (the Antichrist) who will go to Jerusalem and declare himself above God; (9) The Jewish New World Order will gain momentum and clout but will nonetheless end up totally destroyed; (10) Prophecies against Jerusalem by prophets Isaiah and Moses; (11) And more...All prophecies fully documented!

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Secrets (Volume 227)
July 31, 2015

Texe Marrs discusses things the controlled media dare not mention: (1) Church of Satan unveils 10 ft. tall “Baphomet” statue of Satan. Over 1,000 people attended; (2) Transgender Caitlyn Jenner has religious ritual “renaming ceremony.” Everyone wore white as Boy George performed; (3) Homosexuals of Supreme Court, Republican and Democrat, gave us 5-4 same-sex marriage decision. It is only the first step in a broad assault against Christianity; (4) Los Angeles sets up new transgenders in many future ads on TV, etc.; (5) Planned Parenthood caught selling body parts of aborted babies. Expect the Republicans in Congress to continue giving this murderous group up to $500 million annually of your taxpayers dollars; (6) Baphomet (Satan) is an idol worshipped centuries ago by Knights Templar and its grandmaster, Jacques DeMolay. DeMolay, a Satanist still honored by freemasonry today, was burned at the stake by French King Philip IV. Today, the Masonic youth group is named after DeMolay. Billy Graham has praised the DeMolay group, and Bill Clinton was a member; (7) Illegal alien crimes are ravaging Texas; (8) Obama eliminates sentence in Citizenship oath in which the individual swears he or she will defend the Constitution of the United States; (9) Sanctuary cities more than 200 refuse to cooperate with ICE. Illegal alien criminals set free to roam streets, kill and rape; (10) Afro-Americans groups demand Washington’s name be removed from Washington, D.C. because he was a slave-owner. They seek to change the city’s name to “Black City.” (11) Refugees flood America from Middle East and Africa. They are exempt from immigration law.

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“Will You Walk Into My Parlour?”
July 24, 2015

A Texe Marrs Special Report. The Jewish religion and Zionism dictate a future world in which most Christians will be put to death. The few who are allowed to live must serve as slaves (“donkeys”) for Jewish Masters. The name of Jesus will live in infamy, and the riches of the whole world shall reside in the hands of the wealthy Jews. The Protocols of Zion will be followed as a totalitarian New World Order takes shape. The superior species, the Jews, will live in the light, but the Gentiles, their lives will be in utter darkness. All of this is laid out precisely in the famous book by Rabbi Higger, The Jewish Utopia.

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The Bad War: And the Truth Never Taught About World War II
July 17, 2015

Texe interviews M.S. King, author of this important new book. Here is the scorching truth about Hitler, Stalin, the Jews and World War II. Stalin and the Communists first attacked Finland, the Baltic States, and Poland. So why did the Allies target only Hitler and Germany? In fact, the Jews of Britain and the U.S.A. admired the Communist regime and hated Hilter. They conspired with Churchill and Roosevelt, using massive propaganda and lies to turn public opinion against Germany. The Jews praised the monstrous regime of Joseph Stalin, they invented the “Holocaust” and sought to usher in the newfound State of Israel. The wartime atrocities of U.S. and British bombing led to over 10 million German deaths and a terrible loss of life. Discover the other side of the hidden news.

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Secrets (Volume 226)
July 10, 2015

Texe Marrs examines news the controlled media dare not report: (1) Six Jewish companies control 96% of the world’s media; (2) Homosexuality is a religious rite of the satanic elite; (3) Pedophile priests in Ireland prepare the way for the recent vote by the majority for same sex marriage; (4) The New York Times wants Christians to revise the Bible, to approve homosexuality and bring the Christian Church into the 21st century; (5) Putin signs law banning abortion ads after new report shows Russian population is not growing; (6) Israel and the U.S. search for a new “Osama bin Laden.” Propaganda is used to rebrand Jewish agents as “terrorists” so that the world public will continue in fear and loathing; (7) New Al Quaeda leader outed as Israeli; (8) A 16-year old Moroccan girl commits suicide after being forced to marry the man who forcibly raped her; (9) Laughter Movement in Pentecostal churches turns ugly as people begin cackling like witches, turning churches into weird circus-like sideshows; (10) Can a true Christian support abortion?

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Antichrist: The Beast Revealed
July 1, 2015

Texe Marrs interviews Edward Hendrie on his outstanding new book. Hendrie shows how Judaism has now taken over Roman Catholicism, merging the two false religions and paving the way for a global antichrist leader. The Catholic mass is reinterpreted by a leading priest as a Jewish cabala ritual, and homosexual rituals are taking place. The ancient goddess religion is restored as a New World Order is being promoted. Amazing research.

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Dictatorship of the Neocon Jews
June 26, 2015

Just as Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin in 1917 established a dictatorship of the Bolshevik Jews in Russia, the Neocon Jews have done so in America. Their grip is not yet complete but they are increasing its strength day by day. Texe Marrs examines the Neocons, showing how they came to power with a coup that ousted President Richard Nixon. Later, they forced President Carter out after only one term, attempted to assassinate President Reagan, and impeached President Bill Clinton. With Bush and Obama the Neocons made giant strides. They now control and dictate to Congress and the Courts. Similarly, the Neocons took over foreign and trade affairs, seized control of the Pentagon, and revolutionized the Culture. What will the Dictatorship do next in their blazing destruction of America’s constitutional and Christian heritage?

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Fourteen Truths That Must Be Known For America To Recover From Its Satanic Trance
June 19, 2015

The people of America have been lied to and controlled by the Elite Mind-Masters for many decades. Here are 14 truths which must be known for citizens to recover from their almost catatonic trance state: (1) Who killed JFK?; (2) Who did 9/11?; (3) Who was behind the Fed, the IRS, and World War I?; (4) Infamy of Pearl Harbor; (5) Jews behind the Bolshevik Communist Conspiracy of 1917; (6) The Neocon plot in America; (7) The Nuclear Arms of Israel and its threat to destroy America and Europe; (8) Rothschild bank and its role in Civil War and in history; (9) UFOs; (11) Murder of General Patton and Secretary of Defense Forrestal; (12) Secret homosexual deviancy by American icons; (13) Jewish leadership of Mafia; (14) Why Richard Nixon was drummed out of the White House.

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Lessons of Purim—Queen Esther and the Holy Day of Jewish Killing
June 12, 2015

The Book of Esther in the Old Testament is revealed to be a prophetic warning from God about the murderous attitudes of the Jews and the poisonous doctrines of Judaism. The Persian King deposed virtuous Queen Vashti and replaced her with his concubine Esther, whom he then married. Esther then persuaded the drunken Persian King to murder tens of thousands and to hang Haman’s ten sons. The New Testament and the lovely teachings of Jesus our Lord stand in sharp contrast with the treachery, revenge, and vindictiveness of the Jews. Beware of the Purim Holy Days. Amazing prophecy.

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Secrets (Volume 225)
June 5, 2015

Texe Marrs uncovers facts the controlled media dare not mention: (1) Senator Lindsey Graham, a homosexual, announces he’s running for President. Supported by rich Jews, Graham jokes that if elected, his entire cabinet in the White House will be made up of Jews; (2) Pope Francis says Global Warming is huge threat; (3) President Obama, at U.S. Coast Guard Academy, also shows he has bought into hoax of Global Warming; (4) Two gay men are made “father and son” by a Court. Now this father and son have decided to get married; (5) Austin church blesses adoption of boy by two gays; (6) Chris Hitchens, an atheist, ridicules a Methodist pastor who denies the miracles of Jesus and the Virgin birth. “Why do you say you are a Christian if you do not believe in the basics of the faith?” asks the scoffer, Mr. Hitchens; (7) George W. Bush and Dick Cheney used lies to launch the Iraq War. They killed tens of thousands of innocents and must be put be put on trial as war criminals; (8) World War II hero, General Douglas MacArthur, said, “The cross and the flag are America’s two greatest symbols.” Today, the General could be court-martialed for his truthful statement; (9) Courageous young female marine is court-martialed for refusing to remove from her desk the timely statement found in the Old Testament, “No weapon formed shall prosper against you;” (10) Andreas Lubitz, the German co-pilot who plunged his aircraft into a mountain, killing himself and all aboard, was a gay homosexual; (11) Rabbi conducts crusade in Jerusalem against gay bath houses after finding rabbis and other pedophiles having sex with children.

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Marching to Zion (Part 2)—Rabbis Explain Judaism and More
May 29, 2015

Texe Marrs concludes his interview with Pastor Stephen Anderson.

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Marching to Zion (Part 1)—Christian Evangelicals Fall Into Black Hole of Sodom and Egypt the Synagogue of Satan
May 22, 2015

Texe Marrs interviews Pastor Stephen Anderson in regard to the Jews, Israel, and heretical Christianity. The new video, Marching to Zion, has interviews of four Jewish rabbis. It also includes interviews of Texe Marrs and biblical leaders.

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Secrets (Volume 224)
May 15, 2015

Texe Marrs uncovers news the controlled Media dare not report: (1) Shocker! U.S.A., Israel, and ISIS are working together to defeat Syria and set up a Moslem caliphate in the Middle East; (2) ISIS leader Al Baghdadi reportedly dies in Israeli hospital; (3) Crazy Jewess Pam Gellar and rich Jews provoke Moslem attack in Garland, Texas, holding a contest to draw cartoons of Mohammad; (4) United Nations wants control of all water on earth; (5) Babies in New York City contract herpes from diseased rabbis performing ritual circumcisions with their mouth and teeth; (6) Environmentalists in Texas give standing ovation to University of Texas Dr. Eric Pianki who advocates killing off 90% of the earth’s population. Dr. Pianki says that people are “no better than bacteria.” It would, he says, be perfect to purposely air spray the Ebola virus on billions of unsuspecting victims; (7) Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time;” (8) Billionaire Bill Gates says that a Global Government is “badly needed;” (9) Russia’s Putin signs law banning abortion ads; (10) Former Netanyahu aide is appointed “social media” director for Senator Rand Paul. Vows to push Israeli agenda on internet; (11) Black church group with 15.7 million members, 15 denominations, and 34,000 churches break ties with Presbyterian Church U.S.A. over same-sex marriage. The group courageously says same-sex marriage is a sin and a false gospel; (12) Australia’s former Prime Minister John Howard is formally accused of war crimes in Iraq before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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Ted Cruz—Deceiver of Zion, Father of North American Union, Conspirator with Goldman Sachs Bank, Traitor to America, and Puppet for the Jewish New World Order
May 8, 2015

The Jewish Illuminati have engineered a monumental hoax, promoting faker conservative Senator Ted Cruz for President of the United States. Cruz’ father was a guerrilla fighter for Fidel Castro in Cuba; Cruz was born in Canada. His wife, Heidi, as a member of the traitorous Council on Foreign Relations, co-authored and approved the infamous book, Building a North American Union. Heidi Cruz worked as economic advisor for Latin America in the George W. Bush White House. He and Heidi can be called the Father and Mother of the North American Union. Heidi has worked for J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. She was Vice President of Wealth Management for Goldman Sachs Bank. Ted Cruz is actually pro-Immigration Amnesty; He is a homosexual supporter and recently met privately with gay billionaires in New York City. A fake conservative, he is supported by Jewish radicals, including Alan Dershowitz and the billionaire Koch brothers. He is secretly associated with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner. Discover the astonishing truth about the hoaxer and deceiver.

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Homosexual Reprobates in Israel Are Turning America Into a Satanic Pit and Hellhole
May 1, 2015

Reprobate homosexuals in Israel and America are rapidly changing American culture. In Israel, transgenders are celebrated. Tel Aviv has been named the “Gay Mecca of the World;” Gays have taken over Israel’s military and are committing heinous sex crimes. Same-sex marriage is legal but marriage between a Jew and a Gentile is forbidden. Homosexuality is traced back to the war against Rome and the burning of Jerusalem by Titus.

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Jewish Slave Traders and Other Secrets of the Confederacy
April 24, 2015

A Texe Marrs Exclusive Report. Never before told secrets of the Confederacy. Jewish slave traders owned the ships and trafficked in slaves. Their rabbis at synagogues were Confederate leaders. Jews owned many slave plantations. The Secretary of the War and the Attorney General for the South were Jews who worked closely with the European Rothschilds. And more secrets...

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President Obama’s War Against Netanyahu, the Neocon Jews, and Political Saboteurs
April 17, 2015

Texe Marrs was the first to report on Obama’s turning away from control by his Jewish masters. First, he threw Israeli spy Rahm Emanuel out of his position as White House Chief of Staff. Now, he has rejected the Jews’ harsh demands for war in Iran. Obama also shocked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by ordering the CIA to release publicly its Top Secret report accusing Israel of having stolen American uranium and it’s A-bomb and H-bomb secrets. The CIA says Israel now has hundreds of nuclear bombs, a fact that Israel has lied about and deceived its own people and American citizens for 50 years. Now, Obama insists it is time—after 70 years of occupation—for Israel to give the imprisoned Palestinians their national sovereignty. What will be next? Will the Jewish neocons punish Obama by assassinating him the way they did John F. Kennedy?

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America’s Racial Powder Keg
April 10, 2015

Texe Marrs interviews author Victor Thorn on his important new book. Thorn says that America’s black communities have become concentration camps, but with rampant illegal drugs and crime. Government dependency has turned the once surviving black race into virtual slaves. The rate of black-on-black crime is hideous, over 37 white women are raped by blacks for every 1 black woman raped by white men. Black cities are garbage dumps with declining populations and corrupt governments—Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and L.A., etc. Blacks are told that the white man is at fault, a great lie. Obama, Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and similar “race hustlers” are destroying the black community. Amidst all this chaos, however, a tiny, portion of blacks—perhaps 2 percent—are rising. Hard working, determined, successful, they are leaving the ghetto, picking themselves up by the bootstraps. Can these few lead the way to a new life for blacks in America.

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Secrets (Volume 223)
April 2, 2015

Texe Marrs uncovers secrets the mass media dare not reveal: (1) Israelis enjoy beaches on Mediterranean while, next door, in Palestine, people are being slaughtered; (2) Tel Aviv recognized as “Gay Mecca”” of world. The Israeli government sponsors this hedonistic festival and thousands pour in from across the earth; (3) Do dogs and cats go to heaven?; (4) Jesus’ parable in Mark 12:1-9, “Lord of the Vineyard”—refers to Jews who kill Christ and demand inheritance for themselves; (5) Jewish historian Josephus wrote of homosexual Jewish Warriors who fought the Romans in 65-70 AD rebellion. Their faces were painted, their hair made up in women’s fashions, they were effeminate—and they were murderers; (6) Sign of Diablo—the two horns—is now everywhere. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, all use this sign; (7) U.S. Army prohibits its chaplains from mentioning scripture to counselors to prevent soldier suicides; (8) Transgenders permitted to play on female sports teams; (9) Refugees from overseas are pouring into America. Thousands if Somalis now live in Minnesota. Their community is called “Little Magadalish.” In Sacramento, Ukrainians are everywhere; (10) San Francisco newspaper claims that mental asylums in California use shock treatment torture and degradation to rule the patients. Worse than prison camps.

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Are Robots Alive?
March 27, 2015

Scientists claim humanity is on the threshold of an amazing age of robotic life and incredible artificial intelligence. What are the implications of the soon-coming breakthroughs, chronicled by Texe Marrs in his groundbreaking book, Robot Alchemy? Are robots alive? Will they take man’s place? Is this evolutionary step now inescapable? What of the robotics scientist who recently warned that robots will become so advanced, we humans will become their pets?

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America the Golem—Israel’s Dumb Beast Ravages the World
March 20, 2015

Judaism teaches that a great and dumb beast/man, The Golem, is sent to protect Jews and advance Israel at certain times in history. The rabbis call on him with magic language, formulas, and ritual. Some say that the U.S.A. is this Golem and that we are now doing the will of the rabbis—killing, torturing, and conquering their enemies in the Middle East. But Jewish history says that sometimes, the Golem, like Frankenstein, turns against the Jews and destroys its creators.

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The Most Vulgar Nation on Earth
March 13, 2015

Texe Marrs proves that America has sadly become the most vulgar nation on earth. From the era 1776-1800, when General George Washington issued an Order to his soldiers forbidding profane language and bad words, America has degraded to become a dirty, foul-speaking land. Decency and dignity are missing. Political leaders—Vice President Cheney, Vice President Biden and others spout the “F” word; Hillary Clinton is celebrated as a lesbian who is “As Bad as She Wants to Be;” Ministers preach of the bedroom act from the podium and use obscenities; pro-football stars display obscene hand gestures; comedy stars regale us with jokes on body fluids and worse. Are these things not an affront to Almighty God?

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Secrets (Volume 222)
March 6, 2015

Texe Marrs looks at things and events the controlled media refuse to cover: (1) Christian rapture teacher defends the Jewish Star on flag of Israel; quotes false Bible version; (2) Syrian Christians suffer and are under satanic attack by Moslem group, ISIS. Leaders plead to America for help; (3) 5-pointed star of Freemasonry connected to Persian religion of Zoroastrianism and other pagan religions; (4) Psychologists say that the internet is rewiring peoples’ brains and causing psychosis and disorders; (5) Atheists in Michigan celebrate “snaketivity;” (6) People in Ukraine write of their suffering and suppression; (7) Freemasonry related to Satan’s ancient mystery religions; (8) The new U.S. Liberty coins which depict a black African-American woman have been approved by the U.S. Treasury; (9) Propaganda is released claiming Osama bin Laden had ties to Iran; (10) Church in Washington State asks members to submit to government authority.

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The TranceFormation of Humanity: Machines, God and the Exaltation of the Jews (Part 2)
February 27, 2015

Texe Marrs continues his insight filled report on how our culture and lives have been transformed and the masses have been placed in a hypnotic state. Part 2 completes this exciting series.

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The TranceFormation of Humanity (Part 1, Sex, Politicians, and War)
February 20, 2015

The Illuminati, made up mostly of Jews, has worked for decades to pollute and destroy American culture and to undermine Christianity. Texe Marrs, in this series, examines six revolutionary areas in which the elite have succeeded in creating a mass trance, or hypnotic state: Sex, Politicians, War, Machines, God, and the Exaltation of the Jews. On Part 1, we see how sexual lust, crooked and lying politicians, the thirst for war and conquest, and the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence are TranceForming America and the world.

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Christian Zionism and the Synagogue of Satan (Heresy Series, Volume 2)
February 13, 2015

Texe Marrs examines the unbiblical doctrines of the Christain Zionists (Dispensationalists). Servants of Satan, they believe they are saints of God. Warning! “They will kill you and thinketh they do God service.” Starting with Revelation 14:6, every teaching of these carnal people—mostly Baptist and Pentacostal—is refuted by Scripture.

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Secrets (Volume 221)
February 6, 2015

Texe Marrs takes an insider’s look at things the controlled media dare not mention: (1) Be awake! God gives Christians light—the ability to understand the events of these last days; (2) Voters gave Republicans a resounding victory in November elections. In return, the House and Senate leaders betrayed the voters’ trust. Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner are actually promoting Obama’s socialist agenda. What is going on?; (3) President Obama visits India and Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, Michelle Obama refused to wear the Moslem garb and the burka. Good for her! But Barack Obama, in remarks, claimed that all gods are the same; (4) Some claim that God loves everyone. Really? What about sexual deviants such as pedophiles? What of Jews who despise and hate Jesus?; (5) Texe explains the congressional “power of the purse” and examines Congress’ power to limit the jurisdiction of federal courts; (6) Does Congress have hidden powers to stop Obamacare and end abortion forever?; (7) Radio listener alleges that, “Texe Marrs is actually Prince Henrik of Denmark.” Texe compliments him for his “startling discovery”; (8) Internet watcher claims Texe is actually a “Jesuit Coadjutor”; (9) Texe visits George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. There he discovers the incredible serpent hiding in the church; (10) Claim—99% of terrorists caught by the FBI prove to be fakes; (11) Jewish snipers help overthrow Ukraine’s legal government.

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