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Criminals on Parade (Part 1)—Swamp Creatures From the Deep State
February 9, 2018

Reports of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia have reverberated all over Main Stream Media. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has had many twists and turns, the most recent being a memo that carried allegations of FBI misconduct involving the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA). Donald Trump promised during his campaign that he would “Drain the Swamp” that is Washington, D.C. Deep State and shadow government operatives immediately set about to undermine Trump upon his election as President. On this program, we will lay the ground work for this explosive two-part program exposé of the corruption and cover-up that is occurring in the swamp.

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Secrets (Volume 256)
February 2, 2018

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Many members of the Congressional Black Caucus refused to stand or applaud when President Trump touted historically low unemployment figures for blacks; (2) President Trump’s support among black voters is growing, despite claims of racism by Democrats; (3) PBS Frontline documentary exposes Planned Parenthood’s effort to reduce the number of blacks through sterilization and abortion; (4) Hypocrisy reigns as U.S. Jewish organizations lambaste Presdient Trump’s State of the Union address concerning immigration reform, and religious liberties; (5) Mother of son murdered by illegal alien says we don’t owe illegal aliens anything; (6) California, already a sanctuary state, now will register all illegal aliens to vote...automatically!; (7) Illegal alien boasts of killing two sheriff’s deputies, claiming he will escape and kill more, during his trial. Will he be acquitted like Kate Steinle’s murderer?; (8) Oakland, California city council expands protection for illegal aliens, blocking any branch of city government to work with ICE; (9) 39-year-old illegal alien deported after being in America for 30 years. Why didn’t he apply for citizenship?; (10) Former Army private Bradley Manning, a convicted traitor who is now a transgender known as Chelsea, files to run for U.S. Senate from the state of Maryland; (11) Hillary Clinton exposed as a hypocrite for not firing a member of her 2008 Presidential staff accused of sexual harassment; (12) After excoriating President Trump’s tax cuts, Nancy Pelosi apparently wanted to keep as much of her money as the law allows by taking advantage of tax breaks for two of her multi-million dollar homes; (13) Alabama’s Southern Poverty Law Center exposed as a money-grabbing, slandering, hate group; (14) California proves that raising the minimum wage does not help; (15) “New California” has filed to secede from the People’s Republic of California via Constitutional law; (16) Environmental whackos are pushing for a tax on your meat—be it pork, beef, or chicken—because it’s bad for the environment; (17) Newest member in the Climate Change Blame Game: your sandwich!; (18) New bill introduced in California state legislature wants to fine or imprison waiters who give you a straw unsolicited; (19) R.G. Stair arrested for sexual abuse, again; (20) Chines government destroys Christian church; (21) Christians may be protected for refusing service based on their beliefs from lawsuits brought by homosexuals; (21) HHS officials are quietly putting illegal aliens on tax-payer funded flights and secretly taken to unsuspecting communities across America.

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Censorship in America: Truthtellers are Becoming an Endangered Species
January 26, 2018

Jerry Barrett welcomes author Mike S. King to the show. Last year, Amazon banned Mr. King’s book, The Bad War, as well as Texe Marrs’ book, Holy Serpent of the Jews. Recently, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s book, Synagogue of Satan was placed on the banned book list at Amazon. Why are so many truthful books being banned? How big will the bonfire be when the elite are finished? Is this Fahrenheit 451, the dystopian Ray Bradbury novel about book banning and burning, come-to-life? What can the public do to help? These questions will be addressed and much more will be disclosed.

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Our Elderly: A National Treasure Not a Cash Crop
January 19, 2018

Jerry Barrett welcomes our resident Conspiracy Scientist, Dr. Steve Reilly, to the show. The abuse of spouses and children appear on nightly newscasts across the country, but hardly ever is heard a word on elder abuse. How often is this abuse reported? What exactly is elder abuse? Who are the perpetrators? Are there warning signs to look for? Is this any way to honor our mothers and fathers? Included with this audio is a special report by Dr. Steve that expands on the dastardly deeds that are being done to our elderly, the physical and financial warning signs to look for and what you can do to guard your loved ones and even yourself.

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DACA—Don’t Allow Criminals into America
January 12, 2018

In 2012 Barack Obama created DACA by Executive Order. This was done to take pressure off of young people who were brought to America illegally by their parents. These youth were given a temporary reprieve from deportation. Known as DREAMers, some report they number around four million. Of these only 49% have achieved a high school diploma, and the majority of them are between 21 to 25 years of age. Over 2,000 have had their status revoked for criminal activity. Now with Donald Trump in office, this temporary order is under threat of removal. President Trump stipulated that he wants a wall built on our southern border as part of a bargain to allow these illegal aliens to stay. Why is it okay for Israel to partition Palestine? For China to build a wall along the North Korea border? What about Mexico’s border wall with Guatemala? Is America wrong to want a wall along our border?

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Secrets (Volume 255)
January 5, 2018

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Vanity Fair released a video suggesting six New Year’s resolutions for Hillary Clinton, and the left was enraged; (2) California becoming a sanctuary state is in violation to U.S. law and state officials could be charged by the Attorney General; (3) Pranksters welcome illegal aliens into California’s sanctuary state with official-looking signs; (4) NFL officials can claim viewership is down for a multitude of reasons, but the lack of people in the stadiums is glaring proof the consumers are fed up; (5) Hillary Clinton’s supporters donated $700,000 to pay the sexual misconduct accusers of Donald Trump; (6) United Airlines customer is upset that her prepaid first class seat was given to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), but Lee says it’s only because this woman is a racist; (7) Former Planned Parenthood employee describes organization as demonic; (8) An aging military jeep with Fidel Castro’s ashes broke down and had to be pushed along parade route, illustrating how communism works; (9) New York City Mayor wants to get rid of private property and implement a “New Deal;” (10) Oregonians are upset that they now have to pump their own gas; (11) Tech giant introduces new robots which will replace workers in the service industry; (12) DARPA is building a flying aircraft carrier; (13) Jerry Brown, California Governor, to force schools to show elementary school children gay sex videos; (14) Clinton body count increased by one more as doctor who exposed the Clinton Foundation and its inadequacies in Haiti found murdered; (15) Israel pays African migrants to leave, claiming these people are a threat to Israel’s Jewish character; (16) Good Samaritan saves deputy from attacker; (17) Record cold, record snow, recovering sea ice exposes the global warming alarmists; (18) New claim by Climate Change hoaxers: “The sea floor is sinking.”

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Grand Viziers of the White House—The Power Behind the Throne
December 29, 2017

In the book of Esther, we learn that Mordecai, with the aid of his cousin Esther, was able to control King Ahasuerus to the benefit the Jews. That prescription has been followed in America with great success, for Israel. These men are king makers and take great pride in influencing policy that benefits Israel behind the scenes. We will take a look at a number of these “Mordecai’s of the White House” and discuss events have profited one race over all others.

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The Trump Factor: What Has Been Accomplished Thus Far?
December 22, 2017

Donald Trump, for all his bombastic rhetoric, has the Washington Elite quaking in their boots. The Mainstream Media constantly point out President Trump’s low approval ratings. However, others report that of those who voted for Trump claim they would do so again. What has President Trump accomplished since he took office January 20th? Illegal border crossings are down nearly 20%, even without the wall Trump still wants built. The Supreme Court vacancy has been filled, which has allowed Trump’s travel ban to be upheld. Trump has removed the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, has the EPA implementing rollbacks on regulations put in place by Barack Obama. Will President Trump’s agenda make America Great Again? Will he eventually be able to “Drain the Swamp?”

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Natural Disasters or Weather Wars?
December 15, 2017

Environmental modification techniques have been applied by the U.S. military for over half a century. During the Vietnam War, cloud-seeding techniques were utilized under Project Popeye to prolong the monsoon season and block enemy supply routes. HAARP was developed to selectively alter weather patterns, capable of destabilizing agricultural and ecological systems world-wide. In essence, it is a weapon of mass destruction. According to the U.S. Air Force document AF-2025 Final Report, these capabilities could extend to triggering floods, hurricanes, droughts, and earthquakes. Was Hurricane Harvey “steered” into the southeast Texas region? Was Hurricane Irma used as a weapon of terror? Are Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) being used to start wildfires around California?

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The Birth of Political Correctness
December 8, 2017

The term “Political Correctness” is used to describe language, policies, and measures intended to avoid offending members of particular groups in society. Is multiculturalism and political correctness part of the ultimate goal of undermining Christian values? Has this term played a major role in the United States culture war? What is “Cultural Marxism?” Has Christianity itself been infiltrated and turned against itself? Does the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have a role to play in this drama?

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Secrets (Volume 254)
December 1, 2017

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Two more survivors of the Las Vegas shooting have mysteriously died within two months of the massacre; (2) California NAACP claims the Star Spangled Banner is racist and needs to be removed as our national anthem; (3) President Trump shames Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi when they fail to show up for a meeting at the White House; (4) Actor Denzel Washington states that positive change in the black community starts at home; (5) An elementary school teacher in Indiana tries to censor students talking about God, Jesus, and the devil; (6) Larry Silverstein has been paid over $4.5 billion for the World Trade Center being imploded; (7) Nelson Mandela’s grandson makes waves in Israel when he talks about apartheid; (8) A homeless man is rewarded for his kindness to a stranded motorist; (9) Is Planned Parenthood offering gift certificates as stocking stuffers?; (10) A terrorist front group is outraged after a middle school cancels a program with a Muslim speaker; (11) Deportation orders for one-hundred thousand people are on hold because their home countries don’t want them back; (12) Is John McCain using the “medical card” to get out of testifying over the Trump dossier, his dealings with James Comey, and other issues?; (13) Former secret service agent threatens to reveal new details about Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein; (14) Over 800 million people worldwide could be searching for jobs by 2030 after robots and automation infiltrate the workplace; (15) Nancy Pelosi believes in due process, but only for Democrats accused of sexual harassment; (16) Congress passed a law in 1995 that uses taxpayer funds to settle sexual harassment lawsuits for members and their staff.

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Uranium One—How Bill and Hillary Sold Out U.S. National Security Interests for Cash!
November 22, 2017

Dr. Steve Reilly, Conspiracy Scientist, joins Jerry Barrett to discuss the bombshell revelations of the selling of America’s Uranium to Russia. Did Bill Clinton act as the middle man, at the behest of Hillary Clinton? How does a Canadian mining tycoon tie into this? What does Little Rock and Hope, Arkansas have to do with this epic violation of national security? Did Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia blow the lid off of this? Will anyone go to prison? These and many other mind-boggling items will be uncovered before our very eyes.

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Hell’s Mirror (Part 2)
November 17, 2017

Jerry Barrett concludes his interview with author Texe Marrs on his new book, Hell’s Mirror.

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Hell’s Mirror (Part 1)
November 10, 2017

Jerry Barrett interviews author Texe Marrs on his new book, Hell’s Mirror. Texe discusses the philosophy of the Illuminati and their use of doublethink, the “holding of two beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously.” Does the Illuminati believe it is creating a “New Reality?” What does “As Above, So Below” mean? Has Satan blinded the Illuminati from the light of Jesus Christ? Is Satan god of this world?

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Secrets (Volume 253)
November 3, 2017

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Three survivors of the Las Vegas shooting mysteriously die within a month of the massacre; (2) FAA radar signature shows an aircraft hovering near the Las Vegas shooting. Was it an exfiltration of the real shooters?; (3) Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton were passengers on convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane, which flew to Epstein’s private island; (4) Kevin Spacey, accused of molesting a 14-year-old actor some 30 years ago, created a foundation to help other young actors; (5) Researcher finds that black males do not suffer a disproportionate degree of brutality; (6) Planned Parenthood tweets it is safer for black women to have an abortion than to give birth. Are they attempting to end the black race in America?; (7) American Airlines accused of racism by the NAACP. Is this a witch hunt?; (8) Kellogg’s changes the cover of Corn Pops cereal box after being accused of racism; (9) Is academia attempting to prove that pedophilia is normal?; (10) Feminist college professor claims that masculinity is toxic and must be stopped; (11) A crooked, prominent donor to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio lived like he owned New York; (12) Israel paints fighter jets pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but denies Palestinian women access to treatment; (13) Millennials are embracing witchcraft and astrology in record numbers; (14) George Soros thinks he is god; (15) IRS officials knew about the targeting of Tea Party groups two years before disclosing it to Congress; (16) Democratic National Committee doesn’t want white men to work there; (17) Barack Obama’s Department of Justice exposed for racketeering; (18) Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to answer Congressional questions about her influencing the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server scandal; (19) FBI informant finally allowed to testify before Congress about the Uranium One deal with Russia.

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Las Vegas—False Flag or Deep State Operation
October 27, 2017

The recent slaughter of American citizens in Las Vegas brings forth many questions as yet unanswered. Was Stephen Paddock a member of the Deep State? Where did he learn about the weapons used during the massacre? Was Stephen a psychopath like his father? What is the actual timeline of events, since the Las Vegas Police Department has admitted its error. Is the endgame one that continues to create fear and chaos in the public, leading ultimately to gun control? Was there a second shooter? Or Was Stephen Paddock a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald?

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A Special Announcement by Texe Marrs and an Overlook of the Mission of Power of Prophecy
October 20, 2017

Texe announces he is turning Power of Prophecy over to the capable staff and the radio program to Jerry Barrett. Texe will concentrate in the future on his Bible Home Church radio program and on the books God has inspired him to write. In this program, he gives a look back at over 30 years of Ministry and assures listeners that Power of Prophecy will continue its successful mission in serving Christ and you, as faithful Christians.

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The Destruction of the American Dream
October 12, 2017

The “American Dream” has lured many immigrants to America who aspired to a better life. Today, thanks to subversive elements, there is a tarnish on this dream. Hungarian-Jew George Soros is funding Antifa and their attempt to re-write our Constitution and do away with the First Amendment. A racial divide that was started under the Bill Clinton regime and fomented to its current caustic status by Barack Obama is reaching its zenith. Millionaire athletes are protesting the National Anthem and the American flag. Liberal professors are shaming white Americans, accusing them of “White Privilege.” Can we, as a Christian nation, reverse course and reinforce the ideals of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?

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Secrets (Volume 252)
October 6, 2017

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) NASCAR teams promise to fire any employee who refuses to stand and honor the National Anthem and the American flag; (2) Jewish comedian and actor Larry David discovers shocking truth about his great-grandfather; (3) Planned Parenthood joins forces with satanists to double the number of abortion clinics in Missouri; (4) Recent survey reveals that the middle class in America is being destroyed. Two-thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck; (5) Minnesota judge flexes his liberal muscles in ruling that the LGBT agenda is more powerful than the First Amendment; (6) A Wisconsin technology firm hosts a “chip party” as their employees receive microchips in their hand; (7) A Vatican diplomat has been recalled to Rome after U.S. State Department investigation reveals the priest may have violated child pornography laws; (8) ESPN employees must pretend to be Democrats to keep their jobs; (9) The federal government is worried that refrigerators and coffee pots could post a national security risk; (10) Portland, Oregon police department erasing gang database after complaints that it’s mean to gang members; (11) Did the FBI have anything to do with the fake Trump dossier?; (12) Woodstock, Georgia teacher ordered two students to leave her classroom for wearing “Make America Great Again” t-shirts; (13) Protesters waving “Impeach Waters” gather outside the home of Maxine Waters (D-CA). Waters was recently charged with 3 counts of corruption by the House Ethics committee.

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Roman Catholic Inventions and Claims
September 29, 2017

A Jerry Barrett Special Report. Since the early centuries of Christianity, the Catholic Church, headquartered in Rome, has been coming up with fantastic new doctrines and teachings. Rome often stuns with its audacity. We look at holy water, beeswax candles, the teaching that Mary is our co-redeemer, statues that cry real tears, dead bodies of saints that refuse to decay over centuries, prayer to Mary and the saints, infallibility of the Pope, colors for vestments, kippa hats for clerics, priests who can’t marry, the teaching Jesus had no brothers and sisters, the Mary apparitions, relics that are miraculous, prayer for the dead, Purgatory, and many more.

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Reaching for the Heavens—Towering Monuments to Strange Gods
September 22, 2017

The mania to destroy Confederate and other historical monuments continues to reverberate across America. Meanwhile, monuments exist, including towers, obelisks, and pyramids of a decidedly wicked nature in sites around the world. Texe Marrs asks, why are the people allowing these monuments to strange gods. Do they know of the real meaning?

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Trump and His Enemies—America First and Globalism Collide
September 15, 2017

A Texe Marrs Exclusive Report. President Trump began his first day in office under the threat of powerful forces that would impeach and imprison he and members of his family. These include the Democrats, the outgoing Administration, Hillary Clinton and her corrupt crews, the Deep State (Intelligence Agencies), the Republican Establishment, the Council on Foreign Relations, the neocon and Jewish conspirators, the Military Establishment, the Vatican, and the Media. Their combined opposition has already resulted in the appointment of a Special Counsel and numerous investigations. President Trump is heroically fighting back. Can he withstand their terrible pressure? Will he be removed from office and will his supporters in the electorate take up arms to help President Trump to overthrow this monstrously evil coalition of demonic forces?

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Climate Bogeyman
September 8, 2017

Texe Marrs interviews author Mike King on his top-notch new book. Is Global Warming and Climate Change a big scam of the elite? Who started the drive to “fix” Climate Change? Is this simply another money making scheme of the rich? What about allegations that temperatures around the world are rigged by fake scientists and government bureaucracies? Is this a power-hungry plot by environmental, so-called “experts” to extend the authority of Global Government? Finally, with this excellent book, we have the answers.

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Secrets (Volume 251)
September 1, 2017

Jerry Barrett fills in for Texe Marrs and examines things the controlled mass media dare not cover: (1) Thank you for your prayers while Texas was lashed by hurricane Harvey. Please keep those in southeast Texas in your prayers as it will be awhile before they dig out and rebuild; (2) Online payment processor PayPal has banned numerous “conservative” groups, including Power of Prophecy, from using their services; (3) The Southern Poverty Law Center is the most dangerous “hate group” in America. Christian and Conservative groups are being discriminated against because of the SPLC’s recent report that was broadcast to all Main Stream Media; (3) Christian Ministry files defamation lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center for categorizing them as a “hate group;” (4) Is Google working with Liberal groups to wipe out conservative websites?; (5) Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently opined about the power Google has to control the information available; (6) Representative Nancy Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., dedicated statues to Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson while he was mayor of Baltimore. D’Alesandro praised these men saying they defended the “sacred institutions;” (7) Charles Barkley, former NBA star, has been accused of being a “white supremacist” for saying that black people should get an education and quit killing each other; (8) ESPN removes announcer from college football game because his name is Robert Lee; (9) Vermont Attorney General settles claim against chief ObamaCare architect for fraudulently over billing the state; (10) Senator Chuck Schumer reveals the Democrat’s number one worry about President Donald Trump; (11) Antifa Training Manuel accidentally dropped by a rioter exposes their agenda for a New World Order; (12) Android users should be aware that Google is listening in to your conversations and uploading them to the cloud; (13) NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown speaks out against those players who wish to disrespect our flag and our anthem.

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“Only Believe”
August 25, 2017

Texe Marrs answers the question, How is a person saved by Jesus Christ? Can a person be “born again” through faith in Muhammad, Buddha, Pan, or Lucifer? What does it mean to confess “I believe?” Can a good person be saved by going to Church or doing good acts? Can an abortionist be saved? And more...

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Austin, Texas—The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You
August 18, 2017

Texe Marrs unmasks the many New Age, occult facts surrounding the nation’s fastest growing city, including: (1) Texas was first founded as a Masonic Republic by Anglo-Masons, including Sam Houston; Davy Crockett; Stephen F. Austin, and others who rebelled against Mexico; (2) On top of Texas’ state capitol is a historic Masonic statue of the Mystery Goddess. A soft red light (indicating prostitution) surrounds the statue; (3) Mysterious obelisk and pyramid structures abound; (4) Gargoyles, stone devils, look down upon crowds on 6th street; (5) Highways are mysteriously numbered 666; (6) Witchcraft groups infest liberal city in an otherwise conservative state; (7) Austin once housed largest occult and New Age bookstore in U.S.A.; (8) UT Longhorn handsign was originally Satan’s handsign performed by witches; (9) Neighborhoods adopt Masonic name like “Jester Estates;” (10) And more...

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