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Secrets (Volume 278)
December 6, 2019

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Main Stream Media attempts to scare the public by claiming 11,000 scientists have stated we are facing a climate emergency, except these were not scientists and it was not a study; (2) Hunter Biden-linked companyreceived $130 million in federal bailout money while his father, Joe Biden, was Vice President; (3) Red flag gun laws in full effect: 84-year old retired police officer and Korean War veteran has guns confiscated after waitress reports a snippet of his conversation; (4) Pope Francis wants to add a new sin to the commandments—Thou Shalt Not Be a Climate Denier!; (5) Texas English teacher claims parents should have no say in what their kids are taught in public schools; (6) Colorado school forces young lady to role play explicit rape and sodomy scenarios in front of the class; (7) Chick-Fil-A caves to the pressure of LGBT activists and will no longer donate to Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Salvation Army; (8) Virginia Sheriffs are lining up to support Second Amendment sanctuary counties; (9) California governor signs bill limiting freelance writers, photojournalists, and photographers from making a living; (10) Illinois school board passes resolution to allow boys into female lockers rooms; (11) Wall Street Journal report exposes continued corruption and data manipulation being performed by Google executives and engineers; (12) Massachusetts judge indicted for aiding and abetting an illegal alien to escape from ICE agents; (13) University of California Berkeley professor claims rural Americans are bad people and should be forced to live an uncomfortable life; (14) Annual report on restaurants based on antibiotic food policies released and fifteen restaurants score an F; (15) 13-year old Kansas student handcuffed, arrested, and charged with a felony for displaying a “finger gun” at school; (16) Florida Christians schools are now allowed to pray before football games.

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The Popularity of Socialism in America Is Growing
November 27, 2019

The greatest danger to the American way of life is the growing love affair Millennials have with socialism. It’s basic tenets—equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage, making college affordable for all, Medicare for all, housing as a human right, a Federal jobs guarantee, the expansion of Social Security—fall in-line with the Marxist slogan, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” What is not spoken is the fact that socialism requires force to make it work. Although socialism has failed at every attempt, progressive democrats have continued to praise its bright future. However, those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.

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The Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds
November 22, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pat Shannan to the program on the 56th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The atrocity perpetrated in Dallas, Texas in November of 1963 must be classified as the most efficiently performed coup d’etat and cover-up in world history. Details of this feat were sealed by Lyndon B. Johnson for seventy-five years. Evidence was mishandled or destroyed. Many of the players involved have become exposed in the years since. However, knowing the ability of the CIA to create Manchurian Candidates, would it surprise you to learn there were two Oswalds?

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Secrets (Volume 277)
November 15, 2019

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) American robots are losing their jobs to Asian robots as Adidas relocates shoe manufacturing; (2) White House hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren has proposed a wealth tax during her campaign, drawing comments from billionaire Bill Gates; (3) Climate change could affect the future of home mortgages; (4) Michigan county seizes a retired engineers property for being short on his taxes $8.41, auctioned it off for over $24,000, and pocketed the change; (5) Georgetown University launches a $400,000 fund to pay reparations to descendants of slaves once owned by the university; (6) Main Stream Media host let’s the truth slip, confirms what conspiracy scientists have said all along: “It’s our job to control exactly what people think;” (7) Cries of global warming or climate change roar from their mouths yet celebrities, business leaders, and royalty continue to be exposed as hypocrites; (8) Maxine Waters continues to be one of the most corrupt members on Capitol Hill, paying her daughter with campaign funds while declining to pay outstanding debts; (9) Socialized medicine in the United Kingdom could be denied to those who are deemed racist or sexist; (10) Social Security Administration reports the agency has paid over $11-million to deceased Puerto Ricans; (11) American history has long been under attack. Sex education curriculum now features homosexual acts. Now, the social justice warriors are claiming that math is racist!; (12) Drugs produced by Big Pharma kill more people than guns or car accidents; (13) Amazon’s Alexa now can control eighty-five thousand smart home products, but the plan is much more devious than you can imagine.

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A Compendium of Rational Thought
November 8, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Jon Larson Shudlick to the program to discuss his new book, Compendium of Rational Thought. Among the items discussed: (1) The Red Cross was ordered to ship supplies to Hawaii and stockpile assets on the west coast before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Did they have foreknowledge and were they sworn to secrecy?; (2) During President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address the Black Caucus seemed unimpressed by record setting unemployment numbers in the black population; (3) Many bureaucracies in our federal government seem to be money pits with no return to the taxpayer, such as the FDA and the Department of Education; (4) Fluoride is dumbing down Americans; (5) The Patriot Act has removed many of the liberties granted to Americans under the Constitution; (6) There are a number of Conspiracy Theories that have now been proven to be fact.

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Sphere of Influence—Does God’s Word Confirm the Earth is Flat
November 1, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Edward Hendrie, author of the new book The Sphere of Influence, to the program. What began as an innocuous email discussion with his father has led Mr. Hendrie into authoring two extensive tomes exposing the heretical views of heliocentrism versus the bible-based model of geocentrism. Through mathematical calculations and geometric equations, the author disproves the curvature of the earth. Thanks to the sharing capability of the Internet and the ability of the populace to purchase never before available instruments, more information is becoming available to confirm this premise. Moreover, Mr. Hendrie uses scripture to prove the validity of his claim that the earth is flat.

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Anti-Christian Legislation Is Pouring Out of Congress
October 25, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Rev. Ted Pike from the National Prayer Network. In May of this year I became aware of a heinous Bill being submitted by the House of Representatives that is an outright attack on Christianity. Dubbed the “Equality Act,” it eviscerates every Christian principle and teaching by favoring the LGBT movement. Now, Congress, in collusion with the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), has deemed it necessary to submit the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.” John Hagee, the apostate pastor from San Antonio, Texas, is using his clout to support this hate speech bill. When will the attacks on Christianity cease? Are we in the tribulation?

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Assassinations and the Accomplices of Main Stream Media
October 18, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome author Pat Shannan to the show. There have been numerous high-profile assassinations and attempted assassinations in our country’s history. From Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy, to the failed attempts on George Wallace and President Ronald Reagan, there is always another side to the information released by the press. You will be shocked to learn the connection between George H.W. Bush and the assassin who targeted Reagan. Did Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton have an affair while working at the Rose Law Firm? Is Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh really dead?

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The Health Risks of WiFi, 5G, and How to Protect Yourself
October 11, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Cece Ducette to the program. After raising money for creating a wireless infrastructure for the local public schools, Ms. Ducette stumbled upon the dangers involved in wireless technology. Discovering how harmful electromagnetic radiation was to children and adults she began a campaign to make schools safer, as well as educating people about the repercussions of using this technology. You will be shocked to learn how many items in your home or business could be harming your health. Thankfully, Ms. Ducette offers solutions and support to help educate the public about the dangers of this technology and how to make your environment safer.

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Secrets (Volume 276)
October 4, 2019

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Youth sports officials are quitting in record numbers due to the unruly, repulsive, and vile behavior of parents and coaches; (2) Kiplinger released its newest list of the 10 most and least tax-friendly states in America; (3) In “News of the Absurd” we find that milking cows is a sexual assault based on a paper written for the Women’s and Gender Studies program at The College at Brockport in New York; (4) Celebrities in the United Kingdom call for the banning of boiling lobsters because they feel pain; (5) Charity event to benefit the family of a fallen police officer was canceled due to Trump supporters participation; (6) New York City commission implements guidelines prohibiting the term “illegal alien” or you could face a $250,000 fine; (7) Dutch farmers react to governmental proposals on climate change that would limit livestock farming by driving their tractors to the capital and causing massive traffic jams; (8) Rep Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) goes full racist to Detroit’s Chief of Police; (9) Virginia Police Chief suspends officer after he reports an illegal alien to ICE; (10) Main Stream Media defends a dangerous puberty-blocking drug for fear of the Rainbow Mafia; (11) Doctor in the Netherlands cleared of wrongdoing after euthanizing a woman with dementia against her wishes; (12) San Francisco has rescinded its call to blacklist NRA, but the damage has already been done. Should the NRA sue the city by the bay?; (13) Officials in sanctuary county blame the Trump Administration and conservative media for reporting one the rash of sexual assault perpetrated by illegal aliens; (14) Michigan city clerk—a Democrat—charged with six felonies in election meddling case; (15) At a recent CNN Town Hall on guns, host Chris Cuomo was befuddled by a question; (16) Texe Marrs reported four years ago about Joe and Hunter Bidens crooked deal with a Ukraine gas company!

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Social Credit Scores Will Affect Your Way of Life
September 27, 2019

Are you aware of China’s horrifying “Social Credit System?” You should be because it is coming to America...sooner than you think. The Social Credit System is a method of eradicating any dissent in a totalitarian state. This will essentially freeze out anyone who does not conform to Big Brother’s version of the ideal citizen. There appears to be a real attempt to create a system in which all citizens are rationed their “wages” digitally each month in place of a paycheck—including the ability to gain or lose money. This system would see any form of dissent resulting in the cut off of those credits and the ability to work, eat, or even exist in society. The Trump administration is even considering using a social credit score system in coordination with Big Tech that would use spy data collected from Amazon, Google and Apple devices to determine whether or not an individual can own a gun. Will you be prepared for this dystopian future?

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A Logical Approach to Saving Our Country
September 20, 2019

The Elite have caused immense problems around the world, and especially here in America. In their quest for a global utopia where they are the ultimate rulers, they have usurped the power of our Constitutional Republic for their benefit. Politicans have been bought and paid for, policy has been dictated and implemented, and America is on the precipice of insolvency. What can be done to rectify this situation? Can America be saved? Is America worth saving?

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Robots on the Battlefield
September 13, 2019

Technology is increasing at an alarming rate. DARPA is funding numerous projects attempting to create super-warriors. Tomorrow’s wars will be more high-tech, faster, and less human than ever before. Robots on the battlefield, artificial intelligence-controlled aircraft and boats, all are inching ever closer to reality. Bionics research is continuing full-steam-ahead with the goal of restoring and maintaining warfighter abilities by various means, including many that emphasize neurotechnology and neuroprosthetics. Science fiction could soon become Science Fact!

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Secrets (Volume 275)
September 6, 2019

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Parents need to be aware of potentially dangerous apps their children can load onto their phones and tablets; (2) San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopts changes to sanitize language for criminals; (3) Vegan takes her neighbor to court over barbecue smells invading her backyard; (4) Illinois law now requires LGBT history be taught in public schools; (5) Kansas library board cannot decide it they want to allow sexual offenders to read to children during drag queen story hour; (6) Psychology professor fired for holding a different view regarding gender dysphoria; (7) Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) takes a swipe at gun control zealots by pointing out how well Chicago’s extreme gun control laws are working; (8) Democrats set on implementing gun control measures should know what causes the most deaths daily; (9) Los Angeles mayor blames street trash and rodent infestation on local businesses and not the dire homeless population; (10) Pro-Trump American workers are being discriminated against at an alarming rate; (11) Reparations for slaves is gaining steam in Congress, but why are they only listing black slaves? Will African tribal leaders and Jewish slave traders be tasked with providing the funds?; (12) Shocking truth that some of the worst crimes against man are committed by doctors, scientists, and researchers; (13) Colorado teen kicked out of high school for having his mom teach him about gun safety; (14) Concealed carry licenses jump by 5,500 in month before restrictive gun control measures went into effect in the state of Washington; (15) Uncle Sam will begin taxing robots to make up for the shortfall created when humans are replaced; (16) California law requires background checks for ammunition sales be paid for by the consumer.

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Culture of Death—The Age of “Do Harm” Medicine
August 30, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Wesley J. Smith to discuss his book Culture of Death: The Age of “Do Harm” Medicine. No longer are doctors subscribing to the Hippocratic Oath of “Do no harm,” Mr. Smith shines the light of truth on doctors withdrawing patient care based on a belief of Futile Care Theory. When did medical ethics take such a barbaric turn? Are organ donors being euthanized for their organs? Is there an equality of life today?

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Devoid of Dignity and Respect—The Value of Human Life Plummets
August 23, 2019

Jerry Barrett and Sandra Myers discuss recent events that sadly reflect on the direction our country is taking. Topics covered include: (1) President Trump and his fellow GOPers are contemplating “Red Flag Laws” after the recent mass shootings in Ohio and Texas; (2) Heartbeat laws face stiff challenges from abortion activists and liberal judges; (3) Animal rights have superseded human rights; (4) The homosexual and transsexual agenda moves forward at breakneck speed; (5) Hollywood movie depicts leftists murdering deplorable Trump supporters; (6) Occultism and witchcraft gain in popularity as church membership declines, and much more.

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The Teflon Dame—Will Anything Stick to Hillary Clinton?
August 16, 2019

The Clinton Crime Syndicate has a long list of accusations, but the “Slick Willie” moniker may have been misappropriated. With ties to the sex-cult in New York run by Keith Ranier, as well as close ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton and company have skirted justice over and over again. Powerful figures behind the scenes have helped advance her career, make her wealthy, and weave a web of destruction in her wake. Have those who crossed Hillary’s path been “suicided” to keep secrets buried? Was Jeffrey Epstein the latest casualty? Were the Clinton Foundation, and its Global Initiative, fronts for child sex-slave recruitment? Will this evil woman ever pay for her crimes against humanity?

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Google’s Summit on Climate Change Leaves a Giant Hypocritical Carbon Footprint
August 9, 2019

Truth is slowly emerging from the shadows, exposing the falsehood known as climate change. A climatologist for more than forty years says that the global warming hoax is the greatest deception in history. The claim that carbon dioxide has caused a dramatic surge in heating the earth is bogus. Carbon dioxide is essential to plant life. A former scientist with NOAA claims they manipulate data to maintain their lucrative jobs. The former chief of staff to the Green New Deal author, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, claims it wasn’t about climate change but about bankrupting the government and destroying America’s Constitutional republic. Recently, in a resort town in Sicily, Google executives hosted a 3-day soirée for celebrities and wealthy elite to discuss climate change. Hypocrisy reigned supreme as these people arrived either by private jet or gigantic yachts, and tooled around town in high-priced SUVs, oblivious to the carbon footprint they left behind.

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Secrets (Volume 274)
August 2, 2019

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Gillette’s man-shaming ad about toxic-masculinity has cost the company billions of dollars in revenue; (2) Police officers are asked to leave a Starbucks in Arizona because one customer complained they didn’t feel safe; (3) Field organizers for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign discover important lesson about economics; (4) Senate Bill proposes to hold sanctuary jurisdictions financially liable for crimes committed against American citizens; (5) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signs massive “climate change” bill which mandates seventy percent of the state’s electricity must come from renewable sources...now how will New Yorkers pay for this?; (6) Florida principal reassigned within his district after he told a parent he couldn’t say that the Holocaust was a factual, historical event; (7) Socialist House of Representatives propose new bill which could ultimately destroy opportunities for Americans in high tech jobs; (8) New Zealanders not actually participating in gun confiscations like previously reported in Main Stream Media; (9) Tens of thousands of unopened and now expired water bottles—which were destined to victims of Hurricane Maria—now await disposal in a field near San Juan, Puerto Rico; (10) Berkeley City, California raises the bar for loonie ideas for city ordinances; (11) Iowa high school girls stage protest in attempt to get right to privacy; (12) Minnesota city council votes to cease reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before beginning their meetings; (13) Florida mother faces felony charges after filming her child licking a tongue depressor in a doctor’s office and then putting it back in the jar.

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Predators Among the Sheep
July 26, 2019

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Jason Charles from Wake the Church Ministry back to the show. As the Catholic Church continues to reel from the pedophile actions of its priests, the truth of another scandal was recently revealed by two Texas newspapers. The Southern Baptist Convention has hidden over twenty years of sexual impropriety by pastors, youth ministers, and Sunday school teachers. As occurred in the Catholic church, these predators were moved quietly among different communities. Has the Southern Baptist Convention become the Laodicean church spoken of in the book of Revelation? How has apostasy been allowed to run rampant through the church without reprisals?

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In-Q-Tel—The CIA’s Involvement with Technology Companies to Advance Spying on It’s Own Citizens
July 19, 2019

The name “In-Q-Tel” is an intentional reference to the fictitious inventor “Q” in the James Bond movies, who was the supplier of fanciful and deadly spy gadgets that gave 007 untold advantages over the Queen’s enemies. Jerry Barrett and Sandra Myers explore a little known fact: The CIA has a publicly funded (by you and me) “non-profit” venture capital firm that invests in high tech with the purpose of developing all manner of technology. Google, Facebook, Apple and numerous other high tech, private corporations have financially benefitted from the tax payer dollar to develop the technology for the CIA to recognize your face, to track, record conversations, travels; and even anticipates your future decisions. All of your online purchases, website visits, “likes” or comments in social media.

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DNA and Facial Recognition Software—Tools for a Big Brother Police State
July 12, 2019

The old saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.” This also applies to the recent fad of having ancestry checked through DNA submissions. Unbeknownst to those who were first on line for this information, there is a growing database in our nation’s capital being quickly filled. Dossiers have been created on each and every one of us, to be used as a tool to control our actions and reactions. With doorbell cameras monitoring outside activity, SmartTV’s and Smart Assistants are recording audio and video of what is happening inside the home. With the passage of the Rapid DNA Act into law, your 4th Amendment rights are now null and void.

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Secrets (Volume 273)
July 5, 2019

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Social Justice Warriors from Oberlin College—aka Snowflakes—attack a family-owned bakery with slanderous rhetoric and protest, but the bakery wins big; (2) Democratic-controlled House of Representatives wants taxpayers to place the rights for housing of illegal immigrants above those of American citizens; (3) A Democratic Presidential candidate introduces legislation to prevent the eviction of illegal immigrants from government-subsidized housing; (4) Google CEO Sundar Pichai lied to Congress concerning search results not being manually intervened. Where is the demand for his arrest?; (5) Project Veritas has exposed the sinister plans that Google has for the 2020 Presidential election; (6) A satanic prayer was given the before opening an Alaska council meeting; (7) Bernie Sanders rails that Walmart needs to implement a $15 per hour minimum wage while Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says that robots are the wave of the future and Sanders’ statement is a moot point; (8) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signs bill allowing illegal immigrants the right to a state-issued drivers license, but some County Clerks claim they will refuse; (9) Three female track stars file a lawsuit alleging that boys competing against girls violates Title IX; (10) The limit for State and Local Tax deductions prompts hundreds of thousands of New York citizens to flee to tax-friendly states; (11) Boys Scout troop denied a tour of a National Guard facility because of their Christian faith; (12) Google employees refuse to let their children view YouTube without parental guidance; (13) Fifty-two countries represented by those attempting to cross our borders illegally, including over 700 from African nations; (14) Cellphone and tablet usage is to blame for horns growing on the skulls of young people; (15) Engineer employed by Google has been fired for his conservative views.

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One Nation Under “The Lobby”
June 28, 2019

Though founded on the idea that self-governance through Constitutional law would prove to other nations that America is a friend of humanity, our nation is now just a proxy for the nation of Israel. The Lobby is an all-powerful group of pro-Zionist members who have bought control of our federal government. Through organizations such as AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organization of America, the ADL, along with hundreds more, a vast ecosystem of unconditional support for Israel has been created. Now The Lobby has turned its focus towards state and local governments.

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Snowflakes in the Air—Social Justice Warriors Run Amok
June 21, 2019

With the liberal left usurping our freedoms, we are facing a dim future. Whether through apathy or ignorance, social justice warriors are rallying against traditional Christian values with no end in sight. If these special interest groups deem your thoughts, speech, or writings to be offensive, you must be shut down. If you doubt this, consider the amount of book banning that has occurred at Amazon. The fact that Google regularly changes its algorithms to control search results, and that YouTube demonetizes or outright removes those who present a Conservative voice. The same can be said for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. PayPal and other credit processors have refused services to those businesses and organizations who espouse Christian and/or Conservative beliefs.

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Secrets (Volume 272)
June 14, 2019

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Elementary teacher furnishes 8-year-old boy with materials on transgenderism without parents knowledge; (2) Rural Americans could be reduced to mere serfs if the Electoral College is replaced with a popular vote; (3) Camping World CEO refuses to bow to pressure by city leaders who want his gigantic American flag removed; (4) Electric vehicle owners in Illinois facing massive increase in registration fees; (5) Sanctuary city refuses to turn over 2 illegal aliens who had been charged with murder to ICE, and an innocent 14-year-old girl pays the ultimate price; (6) Federal Commission finds that 42% of Federal crimes committed by illegals; (7) Students and teachers in San Francisco school district complain that a mural of George Washington represents “white supremacy;” (8) Texas State University student Senate wishes to ban campus police for violent assaults and over-policing; (9) CBS News joins CNN in support those who assault conservatives; (10) Pope Francis says homosexuality is no longer a sin; (11) Socialist-controlled Canada bans Christians from preaching in public and arrests a Christian street preacher; (12) Killing, disturbing, or molesting baby turtle eggs is a third degree felony, but killing a human baby is celebrated by liberals; (13) Will organ donors be euthanized for their organs?; (14) Washington state is poised to become the first in America to turn human beings into compost; (15) The Guardian newspaper in London instructs staff to ramp up the rhetoric when it comes to climate change; (16) Big Brother rules China with hi-tech software searching for potential trouble makers who don’t act normal.

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Red Flag Laws Throw Presumption of Innocence Out the Window
June 7, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Nikki Goeser, author and Executive Director for The Crime Prevention Research Center to the show. The creation of “gun free zones” have made liberal gun grabbers giddy with delight. Unfortunately, they are not a safe place to be as almost 98% of all mass shootings have occurred in these gun free zones. As a survivor of a violent crime, Nikki shares first-hand knowledge of how it changes your mindset towards situational awareness. With more and more states passing “Red Flag” laws, has due process—granted by our Constitution—been shunted aside? Is our criminal justice system doing enough to keep violent criminals off our streets?

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Thirteen Pieces of the Jigsaw
May 31, 2019

Jerry Barrett welcomes James Perloff, author of the new book 13 Pieces of the Jigsaw, to the show. Topics discussed include: (1) Is America an oligarchy?; (2) Has biased and slanted news been around for a long time?; (3) Who is the greatest beneficiary of wars?; (4) Are “False Flags” a recent invention?; (5) Are wars a method for one country to steal resources, people, and land from another?; (6) What really happened to the Hindeburg?; (7) Has alternative media been successful in exposing false flag operations?; (8) Shocking revelation of the parties involved in the Spanish-American War, World War I, and World War II; (9) Was Japan incited into attacking America?; (10) Does the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion foretell of a one world government? These items and much more are discussed.

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Cessation of Political Careerism—The Need for Term Limits for Our Elected “Rulers”
May 24, 2019

Although they are elected as our representatives in Congress, career politicians take on the mien of ruler. Corruption seems to be the order of the day anymore with backroom deals, sex scandals, corruption, and wasteful pork-barrel spending for the sole purpose of getting re-elected. These malarial mosquitos have inhabited the swamp for far too long. The power and perks have totally annihilated their alleged pretense of duty to their constituents. If voter apathy will not remove the politician in office, then term limits will surely drain the swamp—for a little while.

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Venezuela: Socialism, Oil, Zionism, and Ruination
May 17, 2019

The socialist experiment has been tried innumerable times. What could possibly go wrong? The old statement that “power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely” has certainly proven true for Venezuela. As the richest nation in the world in oil reserves why is inflation 2,000%; why are their massive medical and food shortages? Who is the rightful president, Maduro or Guaido? Has Chavez and Maduro’s refusal to kowtow to Israel played any part in the current crisis? What role does the United States and Russia play? Jerry Barrett welcomes Sandra Myers to the show to analyze the devastating ruination of Venezuela.

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Secrets (Volume 271)
May 10, 2019

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) A journalism institute wants to blacklist media outlets they have deemed as unreliable. Amazingly, the author of this report is an employee with the Southern Poverty Law Center, and those listed are conservative news outlets; (2) Walmart has announced that it will begin using robots as “smart assistants” in approximately 80% of its stores; (3) An Obama-appointed federal judge rules school girls have no right to “visual bodily privacy”; (4) A teacher in the U.K. has been fired for expressing her Christian beliefs against pro-LGBT “relationship education” in her son’s primary school; (5) An Ohio high school student forced to serve “In-school suspension” for posting bible verses on walls and lockers as LBGT-pride flags decorated the hallways; (6) Amazon workers listen to audio picked up by its smart devices, transcribe what is said, and even share amongst themselves some of the juicier content; (7) Pennsylvania State Representative files motion of impeachment against Pittsburgh mayor for implementing new gun regulations; (8) Wealthy residents on “Billionaire’s Row” in New York City are upset that a judge has granted permission to a homeless shelter in their neighborhood; (9) Minimum wage hikes threaten to unleash a payroll tsunami on small businesses; (10) Socialism is creating more third-world cities across America. Seattle is just the latest in a long line of such cities to dot our country’s landscape; (11) Half of American pastors are afraid to speak out about homosexuality and abortion for fear of a lack of acceptance among the congregation; (12) Facebook employs thousands of workers worldwide to monitor all posts made to their platform; (13) Fake News has cost about 100 employees their jobs at CNN as ratings have tanked more than 26% since last year; (14) Bill and Hillary’s speaking tour reaching the tens of people, with organizers having to resort to Groupon and slashed ticket prices to get attendees; (15) Amazon has almost complete control of the publishing industry and now has the power to decide what books you can read.

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Is AIPAC the Deep State?
May 3, 2019

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Jason Charles from Wake the Church Ministries. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and its donors organize fundraisers outside the official umbrella of the organization, so that the money doesn’t show up on disclosures as coming specifically from AIPAC. This allows them to skirt the registration process required by all lobbies. During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp. Does the Zionist war machine still control our government? Were Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) comments about AIPAC untrue? Along with his Evangelical blind guides, is Donald Trump the perfect Zionist operative?

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