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Billy Graham Promotes False Bible Version

Billy Graham's sad, downward spiral into the mire and slime of biblical apostasy continues unabated. The famed evangelist's newest outrage is his endorsement of the grotesque New Living Translation of the Bible (formerly called The Living Bible).

This endorsement by Billy Graham is found on the back cover of Tyndale House Publisher's New Living Translation.

In last month's Power of Prophecy newsletter, I reported on Graham's disgraceful action in promoting the false, new bible version. That account was, however, incorrect on one point: The New Living Translation does not begin the Lord's Prayer with "Our Father/Mother in heaven..." This had been inaccurately reported as fact in the usually reliable Christian News newspaper (Sept. 30, 1996, p. 7; and Sept. 22, 1996, p. 23) and in the publications of the International Council of Christian Churches.

Researching the facts, we discovered belatedly that it is the New Testament and Psalms Inclusive Edition, published by Oxford University Press, which has the offensive words included in the Lord's Prayer.

Therefore, we are happy to report that Billy Graham has not, so far as we know, ever endorsed the concept of a "Father/Mother God" in heaven.

However, the new Tyndale House Bible version endorsed by the 

Do you want to see Hindu, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist, and other false religious leaders pray on national television during presidential inaugurals?

Interviewed for the October 20, 1996 edition of Parade magazine, Billy Graham insisted that leaders of other religions, as well as Christianity, should be invited to pray at the presidential inaugural ceremony. The excerpt from the exact page in which he makes this statement is shown at left.

Graham went on to add: "We are a multireligious nation, and it would be good to reflect that."

evangelist does have many other atrocities and misrepresentations of scripture within its flawed pages. Unconscionably, the politically correct New Living Translation eliminates the word "man" in what appears to be an attempt to neuter the Bible and to promote radical feminism. This striking example of apostasy in the New Living Translation is found in Genesis 1:26.

Compare for yourself the reliable King James Bible wording in Genesis 1:26 with the unholy version of Billy Graham's new "bible:"

King James Bible: "And God said, Let us make man in our image"

New Living Translation: "Then God said, Let us make people in our image"

The Tyndale House version distorts the meaning of the original Hebrew word, which can only be translated as man, substituting for it the politically correct term, people.

Hillary Clinton, Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, Matthew Fox, and the entire gay rights movement will surely love this Billy Graham-authorized departure from the true Word of God. The devil and his human agents will also enjoy what the New Living Translation has done to the prophetic passage in Revelation 13:18. The King James reads: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six."

But, in a footnote, the New Living Translation suggests a shocking alternative: the words "Or of humanity." Thus, the passage would read "...for it is the number of humanity."

In other words, the reader of this false "bible" is dangerously led to believe that the number 666 can either be that of a man, or it can just be a generic number for all of humanity. What a travesty! Students of prophecy are fed the lie by this new translation that there may not be an evil man to come known as the beast, or antichrist.

Over the years, many brokenhearted and faithful Christians, aware of Billy Graham's false teachings, have begged me to disclose to people the truth about the famous evangelist. Finally, after much prayer, I do so in great detail in this month's Intelligence Examiner investigative report. May our Lord and Saviour help us to get the word out before millions more are led into spiritual apostasy and eternal misery by the misguided teachings of this man.

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