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Big Sister's Fascist Idea Becoming Reality

In my expose' book, Big Sister is Watching You, I explained Hillary Clinton's plan that, like Hitler's Youth, schools across America require children to wear uniforms. Hillary's fascist idea has now really taken root. In San Antonio, Texas, one public school has already adopted this uniform rule. So far, mostly poor Hispanic kids are affected, since school authorities don't want to alarm the parents of the politically affluent, upper class kids just yet.

Meanwhile, this Associated Press news item was recently printed in newspapers across the nation:

"CLINTON ENDORSES SCHOOL UNIFORMS TO FIGHT CRIME. Highlighting a crime-fighting idea spreading across America, President Clinton yesterday advocated requiring youths to wear school uniforms. 'We must get violence out of our schools and we must put discipline and learning back in our schools,' the President said. He directed the Education Department to distribute a manual to all of the nation's 10,000 school districts suggesting how they could make uniforms mandatory."

According to the Associated Press story, the White House explained that the plan for all schools to require uniforms is a part of President Clinton's "Family Values" theme.

Now why didn't Hitler think of that? Poor old misunderstood Adolf—folks thought he was harsh and unnecessarily militaristic when he required German school youth to wear uniforms. But, if the Clintons and their colleagues in the educational establishment are right, all along the "thoughtful and kind" Nazi Chancellor just cared for "Family Values" and wanted to fight crime. Seems that the late Fuhrer and the Clintons have much in common.

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