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Mormon Author Declares that Jesus Was a Polygamist With Many Wives and Children

The leaders of the Promise Keepers are convinced that the Mormon Church is just another Christian denomination. That's why the Promise Keepers organization has been warmly praised by the official Mormon leadership. James Dobson's Focus on the Family, Billy Graham's organization, and many others also work closely with the Mormon Church.

But, is the Mormon Church (officially, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) really just another Christian denomination? Consider its doctrine, for example, that Jesus is only one of many planetary "gods." And its teaching that you, too—if you're a faithful Mormon—can become god of your own planet, complete with your own sizeable harem of wives.

Does that sound "Christian" to you? Do these strange doctrines line up with the Holy Bible?

Mormon doctrine also teaches that Jesus had multiple wives while on Earth. In fact, this very teaching is emphasized in a book written by Darrick T. Evenson and published by a Mormon (LDS) publishing house.

Mormon writer Darrick T. Evenson is the guy who once tricked people into believing that he was a born-again, fundamentalist Christian by authoring the book, Lord Maitreya—The New Age Christ Identified. That book was written by Evenson under the pen name "Troy Lawrence." It was distributed by a Christian publisher who, apparently, was unaware that its author was a closet Mormon.

In his Mormon book, The Gainsayers (Horizon Publishers, Bountiful, Utah), Evenson lashes out at the beliefs of non-Mormon Christians and especially attacks the leaders of ministries that expose Mormonism. He brands such men "Antichrists."

Point-by-point he vainly seeks to "prove" that Mormonism is superior to true Christianity. The Gainsayers is published by the Mormon (LDS) press itself; so, in effect, it is an official statement of Mormon beliefs.

According to Evenson, both the Bible and early Christians "taught that man can become a god." That's why, he writes, Mormons teach that man's destiny is to become a god. He even tells us that Jesus himself came to Earth as a "god-maker."

In The Gainsayers, readers are informed that it is not enough to believe just in Jesus Christ. According to Mormonism, a man or woman must also acknowledge Mormon founder Joseph Smith as God's prophet, or suffer damnation: "If one rejects the herald the King has sent (Joseph Smith), he likewise rejects the King that sent him."

Moreover, Evenson tells us that it's necessary that we believe in the real Jesus taught by Mormons. And who is this real Jesus as taught by the Mormons? Evenson assures us that "Jesus was a polygamist" whose many wives included, among others, Mary Magdalene; Mary, the sister of Lazarus; and a woman named Joanna.

Jesus also "fathered a number of children" writes Evenson, and because Jesus had many wives, we now have a "Mother" in Heaven as well as a Father.

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