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Texe Marrs

U.N. Wars Against Freedom in Serbia

UN troops, led by the U.S. and under the cover of "NATO," are doing their utmost to stamp out the rights of the people of Serbia. Their goal is to force the leaders of Serbia to buckle under to the New World Order.

One recent outrage was a UN attack on the most precious of liberties—the rights of a free press. As reported in USA Today (Oct. 2, 1997):

"Hundreds of U.S. and other NATO-led troops yanked four Bosnian-Serb television stations off the air Wednesday, seizing key transmitters in response to broadcasts suggesting that the UN war crimes tribunal is anti-serb. 'The attack demonstrates our determination to react swiftly and robustly against those who seek to obstruct the peace process,' said Javier Solana, secretary-general of NATO."

Evidently, the move to shut down the TV news broadcasts was aimed at making sure the people of Serbia only hear one view—the view of their United Nations overlords. American troops are being used to destroy in Serbia the rights won through bloodshed for the American people during the Revolutionary War against Britain. How symbolic of today's traitorous White House and mercenary UN toadies to conduct an unconstitutional war against freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Truth is simply not permissible in the New World Order.

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