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Texe Marrs

The Unabomber a Genius?

Isn't it amazing how much favorable publicity the media have heaped on the unabomber killer, Ted Kaczynski? He's the murderous environmental wacko who sent bombs through the mail, killing those whom his twisted mind suspected of despoiling "our Mother Earth."

For example, the media have doggedly covered up the fact that Kaczynski was a member of the radical "Earth First" environmental organization. They simply describe Kaczynski as one who "opposes the modern technological state."

The media also refused to disclose that, when the Feds raided the isolated cabin of this deranged hermit, they found inside a dog-eared, much read copy of Vice President Al Gore's environmentalist propaganda book, Earth in the Balance. Kaczynski is apparently a big Clinton-Gore fan.

On April 15, 1996, two major establishment news magazines declared on their front cover that Kaczynski is a "Genius." Time called him a "Mad Genius," U.S. News and World Report suggested that the bomber is a "twisted genius." Mad and twisted we can agree with—but genius?

Compare this with the uniformly hateful press given Timothy McVeigh. In the media, McVeigh was described in dark tones as an ignorant and stupid member of a militia (a lie—McVeigh had nothing to do with militias). He was consistently portrayed as an uneducated boob and as a violent, white trash, neo-Nazi—or worse.

In fact, all the evidence showed that McVeigh was a sociable, highly intelligent man whose U.S. army scores rated him equal in brainpower to the officer corps. Unlike misfit Kaczynski, McVeigh had made many friends and was well-liked by those who knew him. He was a much decorated veteran of the Persian Gulf War.

Now, if McVeigh had bombed, say, the headquarters of the National Rifle Association, or a large fundamentalist church, or perhaps the gigantic Hoover Dam, unleashing nature's fury on polluters downstream, it would have been far different. The press would have heaped praise on the man. One can just imagine the headlines:

"Concerned Genius Bombs anti-gun control NRA headquarters—did it to save kids"

"Angry Genius nukes hate-filled Fundamentalist church"

"Determined Genius saves endangered species, brings down Hoover Dam."

The definition of genius, apparently, is in the eye of the beholder. But, I ask you, can Kaczynski really be called a brainy genius while McVeigh is termed a mental defective? In my opinion, both men are morally bankrupt and spiritually dumb. Each allowed themselves to be used for evil by New World Order forces. No geniuses here in either case. Just two deluded servants of death.

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