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Texe Marrs

New Ministry Launched—Praise God!

We ought to obey God rather than men.

Acts 5:29

Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

Revelation 2:10

For over ten months now, Living Truth Ministries has been victimized by an unfair, politically-directed attack by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

We knew it was coming. Our outspokenness in telling the truth had put us at the top of the government's "enemies list." Months before the IRS launched its campaign against us, we were warned by reliable sources that Living Truth Ministries, along with a number of other pro-Bible churches and conservative organizations, was going to be hit.

An Unprecedented Campaign

What the IRS is trying to do to us and to others is unprecedented. The IRS is now telling churches what to preach and how to preach. Astonishingly, the IRS maintains that because Christian churches and ministries are granted section 501(c)3 tax exempt status, they do not enjoy the normal guarantees and protections of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Free exercise of religion, free speech, freedom of the press, and the right to petition our government for grievances—these are all denied IRS-approved churches and ministries. Of course, this is outrageous, and it violates the entire, 200-year history of religious freedom in America.

No Exposures Allowed

Unbelievable as it may seem, the IRS made it plain to us that, as a 501(c)3 organization, Living Truth Ministries will not be allowed to even publicly express an "opinion" unless acceptable to them. They alone will judge if what we say is "factual information." They literally told us that in writing.

We also have been warned that it may be a violation to identify threats to Christianity or to American freedoms. We have especially been advised to shut up and remain silent about conspiracies, the United Nations, the Vatican, the New World Order, and the New Age Movement.

The IRS says that we cannot expose or disparage New Age cults and occult religions. The IRS rules also prohibit us from teaching the whole counsel of Bible prophecy for the end-times. That, says the IRS, is "sensationalism" and is forbidden of churches and Christian ministries.

We have been warned we cannot comment on the immorality of politicians, including President Clinton.

The IRS has told us in writing that, henceforth, we must use a "reasoned approach." We must, the agency writes, also allow the haters and enemies of Christ equal time to express their dissenting viewpoints in our publications and in our broadcasts!

The IRS contends that it has the power to make Living Truth Ministries (LTM) do all this because, as an officially registered 501(c)3, tax exempt organization, LTM is a government-regulated entity and must answer to the IRS for its "daily activities." Please keep in mind that the IRS has no law to back up these demands. Instead, the IRS refers to its own "policies" as sole authority.

Similarity to Nazi and Communist Oppression

Frankly, during these past eight months of suffering the injustice of IRS tyranny, I often felt I was in Soviet Russia, in Castro's Cuba, or in Hitler's Nazi Germany. What the IRS, in its new "policies," intends for America's churches and ministries is remarkably the same as happened to Christians churches and pastors under the brutal regimes of Communist and Nazi/Fascist dictators.

Some might say, "But my church hasn't been harassed or threatened yet." Well, then maybe your church doesn't stand for anything. Living Truth Ministries has been targeted because of our high visibility, because we tell the truth even when it hurts, and because we are effective in doing so!

However, since these are undoubtedly the prophesied last days, Living Truth Ministries will not be the last Christian group to be subjected to this oppression. We are already hearing from other conservative churches and groups being audited and harassed by the IRS. True Bible-teaching churches and pastors will soon be sorely tested. Regrettably, many will cowardly give in and compromise the faith in their ardor to please the State.

What to Do?

Friends, in light of this staggering development, what would you have me do? As a Christian leader, I am anointed by God to preach the Gospel, and to always speak the truth. Should I cowardly give in to the unconstitutionality of the federal authorities and turn a cold shoulder to Jesus and to the truth? Would your choice be that Texe Marrs bridle his pro-God, pro-America views, and just close his Bible and put it on the shelf? Or, would you prefer that I keep doing just what I have always been doing—standing for righteousness, exposing darkness, unmasking the plotters against freedom, and earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints? Should I continue preaching the prophetic message for the last days, or give in to government blackmail?

Actually, I know the answer. I know that you want me to continue faithfully serving God. I know that you want me to courageously refuse to worship at the government trough. You do not want Texe Marrs and this vital ministry to bow down to the ecumenical, federally approved idols of the IRS.

In fact, God has put in my heart a consuming and burning desire to move straight ahead--to never bend or bow to the evil forces that now confront the true, blood-bought Church of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

A New Ministry

To that end, the Lord has called Wanda and me to found and establish a new ministry, Power of Prophecy, totally free of IRS and Big Brother government control, a ministry not tied to the IRS's controlled 501(c)3 status. Our Father in Heaven has even given us a fresh new name for this ministry. It is called Power of Prophecy, because, truly, the Scriptures record that Jesus is the very "Spirit of Prophecy." What's more, in the name of Jesus is All Power and Glory and Majesty, Forever and Ever. Amen.

In spite of IRS and government oppression, with your help this work will continue. Together, we will succeed beyond the world's wildest dreams in this God-anointed mission of prophetic service. Together, we will warn the world of the dire and foreboding things to come, we will unmask the foul, secret goings-on of evil doers, and we will always uplift Jesus and His Holy Word.

Ours is a life-giving commission. Will you continue to stand by me and Wanda in this great cause?

You know that I have never written you a fund-raising letter. Unlike many other ministries, we do not use high-powered PR and advertising firms to send you slick appeals for money. But I ask you now to please make a sacrificial gift of as much as you can to this inspirational new ministry.

I am sorry, but your love gifts and offerings to Power of Prophecy may not be tax-deductible. Power of Prophecy is not a government-registered and approved mouthpiece, and it never will be. We will neither seek nor accept the IRS's 501(c)3 status. We will not be under their control. While we dearly love our great country, America, and believe strongly in our nation's Constitution and its Bill of Rights, we do not ask for and will not accept government favors with strings attached. That is why we need your help to get the ministry up and going strong. Please, may I hear from you today?

I promise you I will work tirelessly on your behalf and wholly serve God in this exciting new ministry. Through Power of Prophecy we'll continue to publish a dynamic, documented monthly newsletter of truth; we'll publish more books, and produce more tapes and videos than ever before. We'll be on the radio with power-packed truth and facts. Not one word will ever be edited out or censored by the IRS or the feds. I guarantee it.

Christians Compelled by Love

The arrogant leaders of the IRS and other federal bureaucrats think that Christians will not give except to get. They imagine that a Church or ministry will beg the IRS for 501(c)3 tax exempt status because Christian men and women are greedy and won't give unless they receive a tax break in return. They are wrong! With your prayers and your love gifts, together, you and I will send a message to the masters of the IRS and the White House—and to the entire world. The Church and Ministry of Christ Jesus is not for sale. We will not selfishly and greedily grab for government handouts. We do not give to God's work just to get a tax break. It is the Love of God in us that compels us to give. Our Lord never fails us, and we, His faithful servants, will not fail Him. No, no, never!

If you are led by the Holy Spirit of God to help in this victorious cause of truth and righteousness, please make your check or money order out to Power of Prophecy. Our address and phone number remain the same. Also, please pray for us. Prayer is powerful. It changes things and makes all things possible. And if you have the time, drop us a card or letter with a few lines of encouragement. Your thoughts and comments mean so much to me and to Wanda and our staff.

Doing Us A Favor

Finally, it strikes me that in their audacious attempt to intimidate and control America's Bible-believing churches and ministries, the overlords of the IRS do not realize they are doing us a great favor. What they meant for evil shall be turned by God into good. I just came across this inspiring passage of scripture in Haggai 2:9. Friends, do you think it applies to our new ministry, Power of Prophecy?—

"The Glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former... saith the Lord of hosts."

God Bless you!
Because of Calvary,

Texe Marrs

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