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Texe Marrs

Who Will Be Our Next President?

As he lay naked and blindfolded in the coffin, the rite of passage commenced. Members in black hooded robes carried flickering candles. They crowded around the candidate, chanting and muttering strange, bizarre incantations.

"Tonight," the leader’s voice intoned, "he will die to the world and be born again into the Order...The Order is a world unto itself in which he will have a new name and fourteen new blood brothers."

The candidate was then raised from the coffin and brought to the tower room. There, his blindfold removed, he gasped at the scene before him—at the mysterious hooded and crowned figure who sat regally on a throne. "Bow to the Master," commanded the attendants.

George W. Bush—Candidate of Skull and Bones

That’s how it was that grotesque night at the Tomb, in New Haven, Connecticut, when young and ambitious George W. Bush was initiated into the cryptic and powerful Order of Skull & Bones. He was, of course, not the first Bush to be made a "bonesman." Both his father, who went on to become President of the United States, and his grandfather, the late Prescott Sheldon Bush, were favored by the Order to become "bonesmen," blood brothers of one of the most elite societies on the face of planet Earth. And so, the incestuous, intergenerational influence and power of the mysterious Order of Skull & Bones has continued now for centuries.

picture of Skull and Bones Logo  picture of Skull and Bones Logo

Like his father and late grandfather, George W. Bush is a member of the elitist Order of Skull & Bones.

A Black Lodge of Freemasonry

Founded in Europe by illuminized black lodges of Freemasonry, it was in 1832, at Yale University in Connecticut, where Chapter 322 of the Skull & Bones began its subversion of the rising American nation. In the succeeding decades, this arcane secret society has grown more and more determined in its objective of seizing control of all levels of political and financial authority.

My bestselling book, Dark Majesty: The Secret Brotherhood and The Magic of A Thousand Points of Light, fully explores and unmasks this strange and curious Order of Skull & Bones. I highly encourage every reader to obtain this book—and know in advance what lies in store for America.

You’ll discover, for example, that the men of Skull & Bones picture themselves as "supermen" and as "philosopher-kings." In New Age and Illuminist literature, bonesmen are often referred to by such lofty and veiled terms as:

The Wise men
The Invisible Order
The Masters of Wisdom
The Illumined Ones
The Invisible College
Custodians of the Plan
The Great Ones
The Great White Brotherhood
The Torch Bearers
The Brain Trust

Qualifications Not Needed

George W. Bush had no political or career qualifications when he ran for and was elected Governor of the State of Texas. He needed none. He was one of the "chosen elect," a bonesman, blood brother of an elite, rich inner circle which takes care of its own.

Vice President Gore is not a "bonesman," but he is also a Chosen of the elite. His rise to political power can easily be traced through bloodlines. Young Gore’s father, the late Albert Gore, Sr., was a U.S. Senator and a Communist. The senior Gore was in the employ of Armand Hammer, the wealthy, pro-Soviet oil man who headed up Occidental Petroleum. Armand Hammer was the money "bag man" for Soviet dictators like Joseph Stalin, and he made sure—with piles of cash—that political cronies and puppets like Senator Albert Gore, Sr. were kept happy and obedient.

Picture of a young Al Gore on a riding horses with his father

Al Gore, Jr. and his father, a devoted Marxist/Socialist, ride horses together back in 1972. Texe Marrs has exposed Vice President Gore’s occult and New Age practices and Communist leanings. Also revealed: Gore’s father was a paid hireling of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s "bag man," multimillionaire Armand Hammer.

Rise of the Green Man

Young Albert Gore, Jr., now our Vice President, was groomed early on for high political office. The elite even created a special persona for Gore—they decided to style him as the "The Green Man," a media-favored environmental crusader and prophet-evangelist for the New Age.

Just read Gore’s ghostwritten book, Earth in the Balance and you’ll understand. In it, Gore pimps for the "Mother Earth Goddess" religion, bashes true Christianity, and expresses his admiration for the creation as deity by exclaiming, "Nature, in its fullest, is God."

Without question, Al Gore has become not just a pliant stooge of the Illuminati, but also a willing worshipper of Satan in the guise of witchcraft and Earth worship. It was thus no accident that, writing in the pagan witchcraft magazine The Green Egg (Spring 1993, pg. 52), the editors state that, in Gore’s case, "The magic finally worked." They gushingly go on to praise Gore as one of their own.

Of Gore’s environmentalist book, Earth in the Balance, the editors of The Green Egg magazine note: "Few pagans would change much more than a pronoun. He (Gore) proclaims the hypocrisy of glorifying God." Gore’s philosophy of the Earth, say the witchcraft magazine’s editors in ecstatic tones, is "music to our ears."

picture of Al Gore picture of The Green Man
Al Gore = the Green Man

picture of Green Egg Magazine

Editors of this pagan magazine praised Al Gore for his pro-environmental, anti-Christian spiritual beliefs.

Illuminist Co-workers and Fellow Globalists

Like his Illuminist co-worker, George W. Bush, Vice President Gore is also a dyed-in-the-wool globalist. When fifteen U.S. servicemen were accidentally killed in a friendly fire incident over northern Iraq, Vice President Gore sent shivers down the necks of surviving family members when he publicly expressed his "...Condolences to the families of those who died in the service of the United Nations."

Meanwhile, at a New Age conference hosted by futurist John Naisbitt, Gore suggested that the United States may soon have to surrender much of its sovereignty. "It’s time we rethink the whole nation-state system," said Gore.

A Hobson’s Choice

Today, in America, we do not have free elections. That was for a more honest and less conspiratorial time and age. Now, corruption reigns and money speaks. Indeed, money has called out the names of George W. Bush and Albert Gore, Jr. They are a chosen duo who vainly and pathetically masquerade as "Republican and Democratic." In fact, they more accurately should be viewed as "tweedledee and tweedledum."

Ours is a Hobson’s choice. We are caught on the cusp of a Hegelian dialectic. Whichever way we turn, we are faced with the same unyielding, un-American, unpatriotic, unconstitutional, un-Christian choice as President of the United States.

Whether we vote for Bush or Gore, we aid the ongoing conspiratorial process.

Following the 1776 Declaration of Independence, in the days of our Revolutionary War, patriotic Americans everywhere cried out, "No King but King Jesus!" Perhaps it is time we once again take up this splendid rallying cry. While the voice of the masses will soon be heard imploring, "Give me George," or "Give me Al," let each of us who knows the Truth and can read the times and discern the season, cry out with one loud, united, and ringing voice: "No to King George and No to King Al! No King but King Jesus!"

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