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Texe Marrs

Revolution of Blood

For fifteen years now I have diligently and meticulously studied and researched the Illuminati, taking careful note of their origins and history, doctrines, and objectives. In all my investigations, one, clear fact has stood out: The men of the Illuminati are the most bloodthirsty group of savages that has ever walked the earth. Far from being a cultured, refined, and sophisticated elite, the Illuminati have demonstrated over and over again their pagan instincts and their obsessive and remarkable bloodlust.

The ongoing revolution of the Illuminati—from the days of Spain’s Loyola and the Alumbrados to Voltaire and Robespierre of the French Revolution, and on to Lenin and Trotsky of Bolshevik Soviet infamy and Mao and Pol Pot of Asian barbarism, a trail of terror and blood has been the identifying sign of these "enlightened" Luciferian man-gods.

Age of Terror

The prime legacy of the Illuminati these past 500 years has been their Revolution of Blood. It is significant that historians have branded the period of the French Revolution the Age of Terror, or simply as The Terror. Likewise, chroniclers of Leninism in Soviet Russia call the years 1917-1923 the time of the Red Terror.

It is with reason that in the Bible’s book of Isaiah, God declares, "All those who hate me love death." Consider if you will Loyola, the Catholic hero and occult Illuminist who oversaw the torment and torture of thousands of Protestant and other innocents during the inquisition. The secret order he founded, the Jesuits, continues to this day to promote Communism, murder and suffering through its Liberation Theology in South and Central America.

In France, in 1798, the Freemason Voltaire privately told his Jacobin Illuminati co-conspirators, "Our real object is to crush the wretch." The "wretch" to whom Voltaire referred was Jesus Christ. And so, a small band of determined plotters, organized by Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit professor who has been called "a human devil," set out to destroy all organized religion, murder every minister and priest, dismantle civilization, and return mankind to a primitive, savage state.

In his classic textbook, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, describing the Illuminist plot in France, Abbe Barruel affirms that, "The grand object of this conspiracy was to overturn every altar where Christ was adored." Theirs, Barruel wrote, was an "unrelenting hatred for Christ and kings."

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

The rallying cry and motto of the Illuminati in France was, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!" Seemingly worthy goals. But in reality, the actual meaning and operation of these three terms was diabolical.

The word "Liberty," to Illuminism, means liberty of man from God, the liberty of man to do as he wants, when he wants, free of the shackles of the Christian religion. Rebellion and anarchy are to be used to achieve such liberty.

"Equality," meanwhile, implies that all authority is to be smashed and that no man should own more goods than his fellows. Man would have little or no property to tie him down, no family or children, no cities, no government. Instead, rewilded man would live pure in nature in a savage and primitive, yet exalted, state.

"Fraternity" means that all men are to be brothers, the artificial strictures of national borders, religions, and races, etc. obliterated.

To attain these goals of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, a Masonic physician, Dr. Guillotine, invented a bloody, head-chopping blade machine, and heads began to roll. The King and the Queen were just two of thousands executed. Next, perceiving the guillotine as too cumbersome and slow—only one person at a time was beheaded—other killing methods were employed.

Christians and Churches Persecuted

Christians in towns and cities across France who refused to renounce Christ were bound hand and foot and loaded onto boats. The boats were pushed out into deep waters of rivers. Riflemen would then shoot holes in the boats. Plaintive screams and cries were heard as the vessels sank and helpless, bound Christians drowned.

Protestant ministers and Catholic priests alike had their eyes gouged out. Many were shot, others bayoneted, still others stomped to death or killed with the sword. Crazed rioters tore many to pieces. Some who renounced Christ were spared after being humiliated.

Inside churches, revolutionary mobs shattered stain glass windows, defecated on and destroyed pews, and threw down crosses and urinated on them. In some churches, naked women paraded inside as "Lady Liberty," proceeding to the altar where they were adored and pawed at by drunken revelers shouting obscenities at God. Pornographic art was displayed in galleries and in homes.

Across France, over three million people perished—many of whom were small merchants and shop owners, simple farmers, and God-fearing elderly persons. In some cases, entire towns were razed and destroyed.

Finally, the executors became the executed. Robespierre, chief of the Illuminati butchers, was, in turn, himself dragged to the gallows and his head lopped off. It was the bloodthirsty feasting upon the bloodthirsty. Terror begetting terror.

When the Terror finally exhausted itself, the fake messiah, Napoleon, appeared on the scene. Many more died in the wars and famine that ensued after the crowning of the little Corsican dictator.

Of Barbarians and Devils

It was, however, in Russia and the Soviet republics that the Illuminati brought bloody terror to its ultimate peak in demonic perfection. As Donn de Grand Pré, in his sensational book, Barbarians Inside the Gates, reveals, the French and the Bolshevik (Communist) revolutions were funded, incited and supervised by "Jews who were not Jews," and aided and abetted by "Christians who were not Christians." Marx, whose literary works inspired the Russian Revolution and Terror, was a satanic Jew. Lenin, who led the bloody revolution in Russia, was married to a Jew, and some believe he himself was Jewish. Trotsky, Lenin’s deputy and co-barbarian, was also a secular Jew—he came from the Bronx, New York City, and his real name was Lev Bronstein. Almost all the Bolshevik Communist leadership were Jews.

Killing Rabbits, Executing People

In Under the Sign of the Scorpion, a stunning new book recently published in Sweden and written by Juri Lina, the author uses freshly unearthed historical archives from Russia to finally explain the Red Terror. Lina notes that Lenin’s own wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya, in her Memoirs (1932), describes how Lenin once rowed a boat out to a little island in the Yenisei River where many rabbits had migrated during the winter. For his own sick pleasure, the cruel Lenin clubbed so many rabbits to death with the butt of his rifle that the boat sank under the weight of all the dead bodies. Lenin became drunk with glee at the awful sight.

As dictator, Lenin adopted the merciless terror methods of France’s Illuminati chief, Robespierre. To help in the killing, Lenin mobilized 1,400,000 Jews, putting many to work for the Cheka secret police. Lenin ordered the Cheka to "execute weapons owners!" They were also to kill as many students as possible, including every youth seen wearing a school cap.

Concentration camps were set up from which victims never emerged. Barges were used to drown people. Eyes of churchmen were poked out, tongues cut off, hands sawn off, heads drilled with dental tools—while screaming victims were still alive. Those nearby were forced to cut off the scalp and skull of victims and eat their brains; then, they, too, were executed. Whole families were arrested, mothers brutally raped and killed with children and fathers watching. Then all were grotesquely tortured and killed. The Volga and other rivers ran red with blood.

Churches almost everywhere were razed and bulldozed to ruins or converted to warehouses. A few were spared so the Communists could claim freedom of religion was being honored.

"Put more force into the terror!"

Lenin and Trotsky were, nevertheless, never satisfied. "Put more force into the terror," Lenin demanded. The Russian Jewish newspaper Yevreyskaya Tribuna (August 24, 1922), stated that Lenin had asked Russia’s chief rabbis if they were satisfied with the particularly cruel executions meted 
Vladimir Lenin, Illuminist and bloodthirsty patron of Communist Revolution, with his sister and doctor in August 1923. By this time, Lenin's mind was ravaged by syphilis and he was a raving maniac. Note the strange look in his eyes. Communist adorers in Russia built Lenin's mausoleum using the Babylonian temple in Pergamon (Revelation—"the seat where Satan dwells") as a prototype.
out to Christian clergy and Christian followers.

Lina shows in his book how Lenin saw his Bolshevik Revolution as the mirror image of the French Revolution. Indeed, he was correct—both were products of Illuminist skullduggery. The French revolutionists wanted a One World Order with God dethroned. So did Lenin’s Communist revolutionaries.

In August, 1923, with syphilis ravaging his mind, an ailing Vladimir Lenin sat on his balcony at Christmas and howled at the full moon like a wolf. A few weeks later, he was dead. But the Red Terror had only begun. Lenin’s bloody successor, Joseph Stalin, was at his bedside ready to assume Lenin’s mantle as chief executioner. From 1923 to his own death in the 50s, Stalin saw to it that tens of millions more were purged, arrested, locked away in psychiatric hospitals and gulags, and tortured in KGB chambers of horror.

Soviet gulags: In this map of concentration camps and psychiatric prisons, each dot represents a prison camp built during the Soviet Russian regime. Satanic Illuminati Jews were the chief architects of this incredible and monstrous system of evil. Amazingly, Hitler used the Soviet gulag system as a model for his own concentration camps, and the Nazis populated them primarily with innocent Jews, as well as Christian resisters.

Where Next?

Stalin is now in Hell. So are Lenin, Mao, and Pol Pot, and, for that matter, Voltaire, Danton, and Robespierre. But the devils who possessed the dark hearts of these soulless human monsters survived, and now they take up residence in the bodies and minds of today’s Illuminati.

As the world marches exuberantly onward into the year 2001 and perhaps beyond, we might well ponder when and where next these demon-infested men of the Illuminati will strike with their revolutionary fervor, wielding their bloody terror. Europe...Asia... the United States? Your hometown? Remember, we warned you in advance.

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