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In 1996, Time magazine, an Illuminist-puppet publication, arranged for Televangelist Pat Robertson to signal to insiders everywhere his fierce Masonic allegiance and loyalty.

Pat Robertson’s father, Senator Absalom Willis Robertson, a Democrat, was a fabulously wealthy Illuminist insider. The elder Robertson was Chairman of the U. S. Senate’s powerful Committee on Banking and Currency and later served as a "consultant" to the World Bank.

Evangelist/Zionist Author Tim LaHaye has been given large sums of money by occultist Reverend Sun Myung Moon. LaHaye has been a featured speaker at Moon’s conferences. LaHaye is a racist hater of Arabs and a fanatical supporter of Israeli Zionist aggression. He supports the unscriptural heresy of Jewish racial supremacy.

The late J. Peter Grace, head of the North American division of the secretive Catholic Order, the Knights of Malta, was the early mentor of evangelist Pat Robertson. Robertson was sent down to Brazil by the elite to get some seasoning and later was trained for his "role" as a TV evangelist at an Illuminati-sponsored church in New York City.

Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker—When their "PTL" broadcasting empire fell, it turned out that a Jewish Orthodox billionaire in Canada secretly owned all the PTL assets and property. In prison, convict Jim Bakker, ordained by the Assembly of God denomination, reportedly went to a Catholic priest to confess his sins.

The Illuminati elite saw to it that favored "pretty boy," Ralph Reed, was appointed by Pat Robertson to be head of the Christian Coalition. More recently, Reed was given millions by Republicans as a Washington, D.C. political consultant. In 2004, Reed attended the annual conclave of the prestigious Bilderbergers in Stresa, Italy. Time magazine, on its cover, May 15, 1995, anointed Reed with the telling title, "The Right Hand of God."

Paul Crouch, TBN founder, was outed by the Los Angeles Times as a homosexual.

Charismatic "name it and claim it" man Kenneth Copeland, reputed to be a high-level Mason, is shown here in an ad from his magazine.

Henry Luce, Illuminist and Order of Skull & Bones initiate, supervised and helped fund one of Billy Graham’s first crusades in New York City. The Illuminati have long worked behind the scenes to influence and control the Christian establishment. (Right: the U.S. Postal Service honored Luce with his image on a 32˘ stamp.)

CNN founder Ted Turner, shown here with actress Jane Fonda, reportedly helped Pat Robertson with setting up his CBN TV empire. Later, Turner publicly labeled Christians "losers and Bozos."

Ted Turner and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

The Crystal Cathedral’s Reverend Robert Schuller, 33rd degree Mason, shares a clearly Masonic handshake with former Soviet Communist Party boss, Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev, an initiate of the Grand Orient Lodge, Paris, France, spoke at Schuller’s church.

Oral Roberts, heretical charismatic faith healer, is a 33rd degree Mason, and a lodge brother of his close friend, Billy Graham.

Masonic bigwig Mikhail Gorbachev, who endorses a United Nations of Religions organization, was Time’s "Man of the Year." Gorby was given tens of thousands of dollars to speak at Oral Roberts University, a school run by his esteemed lodge brother (33rd degree) Oral Roberts.

Arno Froese, dispensationalist prophecy teacher and rabid Zionist who despises Palestinians, was guest speaker at an Israeli fundraiser. Froese’s group solicited millions of dollars from deceived Christians which went to Israeli hospitals, even though that nation’s hospitals perform abortions and are flush with money from Israel’s government-funded socialized medicine system. (Note the medical serpent logo on the podium.)

Jerry Falwell has taken money from Reverend Moon and also was given a "gift" of a multimillion-dollar executive jet aircraft by the Zionist government of Israel. Falwell is one of America’s chief propagandists for Israel and for Zionist imperial ambitions. He is a racist who hates Arabs while promoting Jewish racial supremacy.

After faith healer Benny Hinn was exposed as a fraud by various TV news programs, the Reverend Jerry Falwell came to his rescue. He invited Hinn to Falwell’s Liberty University where Falwell told people he endorsed Hinn. Both Hinn and Falwell are radical pro-Israel supporters. Israel’s Prime Minister rewarded Falwell with a spanking, new executive jet aircraft, paid for with U.S. taxpayer dollars—foreign aid given to Israel by Washington, D.C.!

Christian celebrity Pat Boone, whose heavy metal rock album "No More Mr. Nice Guy" as shown here, was on hand at a 2001 Reverend Moon "interfaith prayer" event.

Billy Graham shared a secret Masonic handshake with fellow 33rd degree Mason, former President Harry Truman.

Assembly of God leader Mike Evans, shown with Israel Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Evans was later forced to flee the nation of Cambodia after mobs threw rocks and tried to kill him at one of his crusades. The Cambodians were invited to see "miracles" of healing, but when they found out Evans was a faker and a hoax, they were outraged.

Super-rich elitist William Randolph Hearst, Catholic Knights of Malta high-up, told his national newspaper chain to "puff" Billy Graham and make him a household name.

The late Catholic Bishop Fulton J. Sheen was a popular personality on TV in the 50s. A covert member of the Masonic Lodge, his lodge brother, Reverend Robert Schuller, honored Sheen by erecting a statue of him. The statue stands now at Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Church in California.

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