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What Abraham Foxman Actually Said

In our most recent newsletter, Abe Foxman, head of the Jewish ADL, was quoted as saying, "The New Testament is a lying, hateful, hurtful book, ultimately responsible for the deaths of six million Jews in World War II."

While this same quote was printed by several other sources, including internet websites, as it turns out, Foxman did not say these exact words and, therefore, this statement should not have been in quotation marks. We apologize and are pleased to clarify what Foxman actually did say.

In his anti-Christian book, Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, Foxman does, indeed, indict the New Testament as leading to the mass murders and pogroms of Jews. He also suggests that the New Testament and its Christian teachings could lead to yet another wave of anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jews. Foxman asserts further, that scholars "have traced a direct line from ancient Christian teachings on Jews and Judaism to the death camps of Hitler."

From these statements, we can easily discern, then, that the ADL's Foxman does ascribe to the outrageous view that the New Testament and its Gospels are responsible for the alleged death camps of the holocaust. We are pleased to correct the misquote as originally printed, but Power of Prophecy continues to decry the clearly anti-Christian allegations of Foxman and associates.

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