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The Whole Motley Crew

The fix is in. It's 2008 and we're approaching that time on the calendar when the elite establishment presents its chosen slate of nominees for the U.S. Presidential Sweepstakes. Predictably, on the Democratic side, they're giving us Hillary, Obama, and John (as in John Edwards). The others—Dodd, Biden, et al—are just garnishments on the table.

Of course, the elite, employing the same, old Hegelian Dialectic, also have come forth with a Republican line-up. Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee, McCain—these are the "great men" they want us to ordain as that Party's best. We must vote for one or the other of these illuminist-approved fandangos. We have no other choice, say the elite and their Zionist media associates.

Ron Paul? He's a "No No!" Too constitutional...Too, well, American patriot. As far as the establishment is concerned, the Congressman from Texas will just not do. And the swelling majority who are showing their enthusiastic support for Paul and his Message? They're to be shoved aside, snarled at, ridiculed, dismissed. The way the elitists have it figured, if their smears and neglect don't kill Ron Paul's chances for the Republican nomination, then the voting machines will just have to be rigged. No paper trail. Just let the computer boys do all the work. They own the companies who operate the computerized voting machines, and they run the polling organizations. Unless the majority of voters take to the streets, protest vigorously and object, Ron Paul is history.

America Firsters Unacceptable to Elite

Why is it, dear friends, that Ron Paul is unacceptable to the elite, but Giuliani and the other cookie-cutter candidates win the bigwigs' seal of approval? First and foremost: Ron Paul is not a Zionist. He is an America Firster. Second, Paul believes wholly in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. That's a dangerous thing to the totalitarians who are fast pushing America into a North American Union and a New World Order.

Moreover, Paul actually believes that Congress alone has the constitutional authority to declare war, and he asserts that the U.S. Treasury, not the banker-owned Federal Reserve, has the right to print and distribute the nation's currency. Wow!-What novel ideas. These ideas haven't been heard in Washington, D. C. since the days of President Andrew Jackson way back in 1832. It was Jackson, "Old Hickory," who told the Rothschild bankers that, with God's help, he was going to "rout" them out!

What's more—he did exactly that. But now, they're back, and to the wealthy lords of money, Ron Paul sounds far too much like "Old Hickory," maybe even a carbon copy of Jackson. Such a rugged individual as Dr. Ron Paul is definitely not a fellow to allow behind that desk in the Oval Office. No siree.

Rudy Giuliani—Gay Drag Queen

Now, Giuliani—there's a man whom the elite can rave about. Unhappy with his wife, Donna, New York Mayor Giuliani moved into an apartment with two gay lovers. They encouraged him to go public with his penchant for cross-dressing, and Giuliani dashed forth in public, time and again garbed as a transvestite drag queen, cosmetic makeup, women's dresses and all. Don't believe it? Go to the web, google up "Giuliani crossdresser drag queen," and feast your eyes on that!

Motley Crew: Rush, Rudy, and Arnie

Two closet "girly-boys," Rush and Rudy, the GOP’s tutti-frutti, with their pal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, at a New York benefit.

Motley Crew: Rudia in Drag

Rudy Giuliani in drag. Isn’t he cute?

Mayor Giuliani made New York a gay, gay town. He marched at the front of all the Gay Pride parades. He invited homosexual leaders to party with him at Gracie Mansion. He endorsed gay marriages. With the presidential election on the horizon, Giuliani's backers hurriedly paired him up with a Jewish woman, Judith Nathan. They even spread the word Judy had been Rudy's mistress. America wasn't ready, after all, for a transvestite gay president.

Illegal aliens also had a hay-day in Giuliani's version of the Big Apple. Rudy turned New York into a "Sanctuary City," promoted welfare benefits for the illegal immigrants, and backed Bush's NAFTA scheme.

Rudy's Rothschild and Mafia Connections

Like many other Trotskyite neo-cons, Giuliani started out as a liberal Democrat. Sometime in the 1990s, Rudy "converted" to the Republican Party, but not before he had endorsed and campaigned for fellow Democrat and socialist Governor Mario Cuomo, an old Mafia pal.

Rudy Giuliani was chosen in the first place by the Rothschilds. He's their man. Two of his financial backers are Elliott Rothschild of Lehman Brothers, the Wall Street firm, and Coleen Rothschild, corporate millionaire. Another Giuliani insider is Israeli Major General Danny Rothschild, former chief of the Mossad and other Israeli intelligence assets. Rudy is, in fact, a closet Israeli agent.

Huckabee and Clinton: Arkansas' Dynamic Duo and Tyson Chickenmen

Huckabee is an interesting case. As Republican Governor of Arkansas, he took over the same job that Democrat Governor Bill Clinton once had. However, 
Motley Crew: Mike Huckabee and Bill Clinton
Huckabee and Clinton. Two peas in a pod or, rather, two liberal Arkansas Governors sharing sweet nothings.
as Governor, Huckabee kept in office all the old Clinton appointees. Prior to becoming Governor, Huckabee was a Baptist Pastor. He was pastor of the very liberal Immanuel Baptist Church—Bill Clinton's home church. Coincidence?

Like Clinton, Huckabee insists he's pro-life. But, then, Bill and Hillary once said the same thing. After Clinton became President, he did just the opposite by backing a radical pro-abortion agenda.

As Governor, Mike Huckabee, like Clinton, has done everything Tyson Foods Corp. tells him to do. He babied and pampered the hundreds of thousands of Mexican illegal aliens in his state. Many, naturally, are employed at slave labor pay at Tyson's chicken-processing plants. Huckabee even went so far as to demand that the Arkansas legislature boost welfare payments to the illegals and grant their children scholarships and free tuition to state colleges and universities. Then, Huckabee really went wild. He clamored for state drivers licenses to be issued to all the illegal immigrants. "It's our Christian duty," Huckabee explained, "we must be compassionate toward the illegal aliens and treat them like Americans." In contrast, even Arkansas' own legal, native born citizens don't receive free college tuition!

As Governor, Huckabee raised taxes in Arkansas. He spent more and taxed more than had his predecessor, Bill Clinton. Now, here is a candidate the elite can really get behind. Better yet, Huckabee puts Israel first in all things. He's for Middle East wars and says that, as President, he'll put the stompers on Iran. Zionists love that kind of talk.

The Mitt Romney campaign sent out this pink-color flyer to gays in support of a Gay Pride rally.
Romney Endorses "Gay Pride"

Mitt Romney doesn't stand much of a chance, being Mormon and all. However, he, too, has a perfect résumé as an Illuminati toadie. As Massachusetts's chief executive, Romney supported gay marriage and assured the homos that he would do more for them than Senator Ted Kennedy. Romney gave many speeches in which he endorsed abortion, and like the other establishment candidates, Romney backed Bush's so-called "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan" (Hello amnesty for 40 million illegals!).

But, most significant, at least to the moneyed Jews who run both the Democrat and Republican Parties, Romney is an ardent backer of Israeli aggressive war and wants to see more U.S. military action in the Middle East—like, an attack on Iran. Now that's something AIPAC and the ADL, the powerful Jewish/Zionist lobby groups, can shout "Heil, Moshe Dayan" about.

McCain—At the Back of the Caboose

At the back of the caboose, but still hanging in there is the man the Media once lionized as ideal for the presidency, Arizona's Sena-tor John McCain. He did once excite the elite by publicly belting out the ditty, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" to the tune of an old Beach Boys hit, Barbara Ann. But alas, the immigration issue drug him down. Even though he's Zionist enough, McCain's support from the rank and file went down in flames when folks found out that McCain's never seen a Mexican illegal he'd like to deport back to the homeland.

Huckabee, Giuliani, Romney—they're all pro-illegal immigration, too, but, unlike poor John McCain, with the aid of their CFR friends in the media, they have been able to hide it. McCain wasn't so adept and smooth enough to keep his trap (uh, mouth) shut on the subject. So, farewell, Mr. Arizona Senator, and good riddance say the elite. McCain, an ex-POW of the Vietnam era, could not even be trusted to support modern-day waterboarding and other Zionist torture methods. Definitely a no-show for the elite.

Satan the Ultimate Winner

Satan must be very, very proud of this election cycle's slew of Republican and Democratic candidates. If Hillary becomes the first woman President, that old serpent, Satan, will have his first witch in the White House. "Let the black magic roll" will then be the motto of President Hillary and her legions of lesbian wonksters.

But, if Hillary doesn't make the grade, Satan will be more than happy with, say, Giuliani or Huckabee...or just about anyone else of the whole motley crew that his minions have pre-chosen as representative of the Occult New America to emerge post 2008. No matter whose name is certified the winner by the corrupt and bribed Electoral College, Satan promises his followers, it is he that will be the ultimate winner.

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