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Important News

Texe Marrs

VHS Videos Being Phased Out

We are discontinuing VHS format for our videos. Over the past couple of years we have noticed a continual decline in requests for the old VHS format and it is costing us so much in time, labor, and product to carry both formats.

Texe's newest video offered this month, Baal's Shaft & Cleopatra's Needle is therefore available only in the new DVD format. Our future titles will be only in DVD, however, we will continue to sell whatever copies are left of our VHS format videos. Our order form will generally advise as to whether or not we have DVD or VHS format for a particular title.

We do hope this does not inconvenience you and we appreciate your understanding.

Incidentally, a quick survey of Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and other retail stores indicates that an inexpensive DVD player can be purchased for as little as $29.99. Since this is the wave of the future, you may want to purchase one.


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