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A Special Year-in-Review Report

Year in Review

Our first year has come to a close. We first must thank our Lord and Saviour for putting us together all those years ago. Next, we deeply thank Texe and Wanda Marrs for allowing us to continue the ministry that God gave them. We must also thank you, our dear friends of the ministry, for your constant prayers and support. With our Lord’s Blessings we shall continue the legacy begun by the Marrs’ over 30 years ago.

    In the admonition of being good stewards of God’s finances, we moved to smaller offices in April right outside of Austin. With that move were some huge expenses for this transition. The move itself cost us over $6,000 plus we had to add offices to the new warehouse which was an additional $4,000. To help with the insulation of the warehouse, we also had to put in a door which cost us over $2,750 in preparation of installing an air conditioning unit for the warehouse space. The “Air Conditioning Project” has almost reached fruition and we hope to have it installed before the Spring of 2019.

    We are trusting God to provide the balance needed for the air conditioning and we are truly thankful for all of you who have donated to this project.

    The Orphanage Project which is dear to all of yours and our hearts has, thanks to Jesus, been able to gift graduating seniors from the Children’s Home as well as the usual Back-to-School and Christmas gifts. Without your continued support of this vital mission these children would not have received these life-changing gifts.

    Although it was quite a hectic year (thank you for your patience), Power of Prophecy did not miss a beat as far as our weekly radio programs and our monthly newsletters. Texe left some mighty big shoes to fill, and Jerry Barrett has been honored to continue as host of Power of Prophecy radio shows as well as the author of each month’s Feature Articles.

    Steve Reilly, our resident Conspiracy Scientist, has been invaluable with his insightful articles as well as his frequent appearances on Power of Prophecy with Jerry. Michelle Powell has been the guiding force behind our successful transition and Sandra Myers has continued her superb graphics work for our newsletters as well as book covers.

    The recent release of Texe Marrs’ newest best-selling book, Voices From the Dead, has been well-received. It has been #1 in two separate categories at

    Power of Prophecy Ministry looks forward to the upcoming year with enthusiasm, and with our Lord’s help we shall be able to accomplish miracles.

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