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Special Bonus Report

Michelle Hallmark Powell

Michelle Hallmark Powell

We Were Forewarned

In 2004, the Commission on Federal Election Reform, put together by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and James A. Baker III (Chief of Staff and Secretary of State under both President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush) to examine the election process in the United States. A private and bipartisan organization, the Commission brought together leaders from both political parties, as well as academia and non-partisan civic groups to maximize both ballot access and ballot integrity. There were 87 recommendations on a 91-page report. Implementing all the suggestions would have required congressional action at a cost of $1.35 billion. The report also required a nonpartisan professional and state oversight over the elections. Some of the other recommendations being:

• Develop a “universal voting registration system”” led by states, rather than local jurisdictions.

• Increase voter registration efforts by the states, including an effort to allow ex-felons meeting certain conditions to vote.

• Create a uniform photo identification method to match the voter to the voting roll, while establishing more offices for non-driving voters to more easily register and acquire photo IDs.

• Following the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries in presidential election years, states should hold four regional primaries and caucuses in place of the current schedule in order to reduce the influence of early states in choosing candidates. Had these recommendations been implemented, we might not be in the voter fraud situation we now face.

Forewarned but Foolishly not Forearmed

Now, fast-forward sixteen years to the 2020 Presidential election. First, we use voting machines designed by Dominion Voting Systems. This company was founded in 2003 and their mission was to provide an electronic voting system that was friendly for progressives. The company did not do well until the Obama administration came to power. The rough breakdown of the EVS (Electronic Voting System) market by company in the United Stated was this in August of 2009:

• 40% ES&S

• 30% Diebold/Premier

• 20% Sequoia/Smartmatic

• 10% Hart Intercivic

• 0% Dominion

    Then less than one year later due to the Obama Administration:

• 50% Dominion

• 40% ES&S (which was restricted in competing against Dominion

• 10% Hart Intercivic

    The Obama administration confiscated all the electronic voting systems assets—software, intellectual property, manufacturing tools, customer base, etc. They then gave that information to Dominion, who at the same time got some employees from Smartmatic—a foreign-owned Electronic Voting System—which was tied to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Chavez, as we all know, used rigged voting machines to win his elections. So as you can see, the system was not only partisan, but hyper-partisan in favor of the Democrat party. There are many more ties to the Democrat party and its prominent supporters in the US and abroad which we will not go into at this time.

History of Dominion

Dominion Voting System Corp., which was founded in Canada, eventually acquired Sequoia Voting Systems—formally part of Smartmatic Corp., which is now a UK based company. Dominion software has been used by 40% of the voters in this 2020 election, mostly by Democrat controlled states and election commissions. No protections were put in place against ballot switching, deletion, or creation. In fact, the software used was overcame by an algorithm which enabled the voting machines to adjust vote counts at 10:30 pm EST. Vote counting stopped in numerous battleground states. Dominion’s own website said its software was used in the “battleground” states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. It was also used in the largest “Democrat” states such as California, New Jersey, and New York. This is just asking for voting fraud.

The Fix Is In

Not that you are hearing the truth on the mainstream media channels, but here is some information provided on the fraudulent votes which means they are a duplicate ballot, deceased person ballot, forged ballot, or non resident voters ballot. Below is the breakdown of the key battle states and what has taken place in their ballots being reviewed.

Battle States Vote Review

    As you can see, this is over 1,200,000 ballots that would go to our President, Donald J. Trump.

Fighting Corruption

There are legislative hearings taking place in each of these states with signed affidavits from hundreds of witnesses declaring mass voting discrepancies and fraud taking place. Each state legislature has the right, according to our Constitution, to change the states supposed call for the Biden win to a Trump win if they think there is enough proof of voter fraud. Of course, there will have to be some brave men to buck the system and give the American people their actual true vote. Only this will make the American populace know there is still hope in an honest and fair electoral system. May we all pray that God will Bless America.  

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