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Environmental Guru Has Friends in High Places

"All they that hate me love death."

Proverbs 8:36

"American Ira Einhorn, using the alias Eugene Mullen, lived like a Sun King in the South of France, sharing a tile-roofed farmhouse with his strawberry-blonde, Swedish wife" reported Time magazine (September 29, 1997). Then, just before sunrise last June 13th, an army of French national police crept in, surrounded the house, and arrested Einhorn.

The charge against Ira Einhorn: murder. Specifically, the murder of former Texas cheerleader, Holly Maddux, a willowy blonde who was Einhorn's live-in girlfriend back in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the turbulent '70's.

In the winter of 1977 an angry and violent Einhorn brutally beat and strangled young Holly to death, after she told him she intended to leave him.

Convicted by a jury and sentenced to life in prison, Ira Einhorn skipped bail and fled overseas to Europe, where he eventually was tracked down by a doggedly persistent Philadelphia police detective, Richard DiBenedetto.

Master of Ceremonies for "Earth Day"

Now, what makes this case interesting, gruesome as it is, is the fact that Ira Einhorn was one of the key founders of the environmentalist Mother Earth 
Ira Einhorn (the "Unicorn")
gives victory sign at first Earth Day Extravaganza
movement. In 1970 at the globally televised, first Earth Day extravaganza, a foul-mouthed Ira Einhorn was there, threatening the establishment while shouting slogans of love and peace. In fact, he was there on stage as master of ceremonies. He had been selected for this task by top Illuminati chieftains. The Illuminati elite intended to promote and use environmentalism as their key method of establishing an end-times, Marxist dictatorship for planet earth. Einhorn was the hippie stooge they chose to be front man for the project.

The Unicorn and the Coming World Paradise

The Jewish-born Einhorn really got into his role as the Illuminati's spokesperson for global Marxism through his advocacy of environmentalism. He pridefully began to call himself the "Unicorn," because his surname, Einhorn, means "one horn" in German. A satanist and occultist, Einhorn knew, of course, that the Bible's prophetic book of Daniel identifies the last days' Antichrist as the "little horn." Einhorn perhaps fancied himself as that future Antichrist, the head of a world paradise for the coming New Age.

In between numerous sexual escapades, including some performed with pedophile pals—like notorious hippie poet and drug weirdo, Alan Ginsburg—Einhorn often met with top, multinational corporate executives. Companies like Sun Oil (note the name Sun!) and AT&T showered Einhorn with tons of money and other support.

Impeccably dressed chief executives trekked regularly to Einhorn's littered apartment in central Philadelphia. Stunned by the disheveled and ungroomed appearance of a dazed-out Einhorn at the door, totally nude and usually smelling like an unwashed goat, the corporate top dogs nevertheless bit their tongues. And they opened their pocketbooks for the environmental causes of the bedraggled activist.

High-Powered Friends

Einhorn had friends in the U. S. Congress, too—admirers like U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, (D-Wisc.). Nelson stood at Einhorn's side as the Unicorn man emceed on television the first, big Earth Day celebration in 1970. Einhorn also had friends in the Newt Gingrich camp, including Marxist New Agers Heidi and Alvin Toffler, authors of the bestselling book, Future Shock, and other Illuminist treatises.

Churches invited Einhorn to speak, and everywhere he went the girls swooned. Einhorn's sexual conquests were legion, even though, as Time magazine bluntly states, the filthy-bearded Unicorn man "considered himself too mythic to bathe regularly." Einhorn reportedly was too lazy to groom himself or brush his teeth, and from his dirty clothes often came the sulphurous smell of rank onions and spoiled sandwiches.

Holly Maddux became a victim after she threatened to leave Einhorn.

A Tragic Holly Maddux Steps In

Then, in 1972, Ira Einhorn met Helen ("Holly") Maddux at a hippie bar in Philadelphia. Holly had once been a clean, popular, high school cheerleader back in Texas where she came from. But the turbulent, drug-hazed culture of the 60's had changed the lovely, young, 24-year old blonde. By the time she arrived in Philadelphia, spaced-out Holly Maddux was like a plum for the taking by rough-mouthed, pseudo-intellectual Einhorn.

Wowed by the Unicorn's drug connections, his friends in high places, and his freewheeling, "do what thou wilt" lifestyle, Holly moved in with Einhorn and became his live-in lover, although he continued to have flings with other women.

However, by 1977 Holly Maddux wanted out. Grown tired of Einhorn's excesses, she had met another man, and she announced she was leaving him. That was her downfall. The man who helped mastermind the first Earth Day extravaganza and had corporate big-wigs falling all over him asking his blessing was infuriated over her rejection.

A Blood Curdling Scream . . . and Putrid Goo

Neighbors reported hearing a blood-curdling scream and heavy banging 

The trunk containing the gruesome remains of Holly Maddux is carried out of Einhorn's apartment

one night, but they failed to call the police. Even when a putrid "goo" began to ooze through the floor and leak to an apartment below, neighbors did nothing.

Holly's parents suspected Einhorn had killed their daughter but, because of his many influential friends, a complete police investigation never really developed.

Then, almost two years later, after the police received a call about an "unbelievable smell like a dead animal," they knocked on Einhorn's door. A homicide detective headed straight to a steamer trunk in the bedroom and pried open the lock. Aghast and sickened, he turned to the calm Unicorn man and said, "It looks like we found Holly."

"You found what you found," Einhorn casually retorted.

An Ace in the Hole

At Ira Einhorn's bail hearing in 1981 a string of respectable associates took the stand on Ira's behalf. A minister was among them. They argued that their friend, the Unicorn, loved humanity. He cared for our Mother Earth. He would never have harmed Holly. Ira Einhorn, they explained, was an Aquarian Age saint.

The Unicorn man also had an ace in the hole. His defense attorney was none other than soon-to-be U.S. Senator Arlen Specter. The Jewish-born Specter also just happens to be a darling of the Illuminati crowd.

Attorney Arlen Specter had bailed out the blood-guilty heads of the Illuminati years before when, as counsel for the Warren Commission, he came up with what has been scornfully called the "Magic Bullet" theory. Specter convinced the compliant Warren Commission that both President John F. Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally had been hit by the same bullet, a supernatural bullet which had miraculously defied the laws of nature and changed directions twice to do its terrible damage to JFK's skull and brain.

The Bronfman Family Connection

Specter had earned brownie points for his JFK snow job, and now, here he was in Philadelphia, asking a corrupt, crony Judge to let a trunk murderer out on bail. As Time put it, "Bail was set at a staggeringly low $40,000." And get this: IT WAS PAID BY BARBARA BRONFMAN!

Barbara Bronfman, a Montreal, Canada, socialite, is of the Illuminati's notorious Bronfman family and dynasty. The Bronfmans own the world's largest distillery, Seagrams. The current head of the family, Edgar Bronfman, Sr., is a benefactor and buddy of U.S. President, Bill Clinton. He is head of the World Jewish Congress. Some say he is also head of the global, Jewish criminal Mafia.

Einhorn as he is now, living in luxury in France. Friends in high places came to his aid once again.

Einhorn Slithers Away

Forfeiting Barbara Bronfman's $40,000, Ira Einhorn promptly skipped bail. With help from his Illuminati contacts, he fled to Europe. A Philadelphia detective was assigned to track him down and bring Ira to justice, but Einhorn slithered away every time the trail got hot.

But, as the old saying goes, "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned." When Barbara Bronfman discovered that the Unicorn man had taken up with another woman, a Swedish beauty, and was living in France with his new girlfriend, she turned Einhorn in to the authorities. Barbara told the Philadelphia police exactly where he was located, and, after much delay, they were able to convince the French police to go handcuff and arrest Einhorn.

Eighteen years had transpired since the day the rotting body of Holly Maddux was found in the steamer trunk in the Unicorn's unkempt apartment.

Illuminati to the Rescue

However, it's still not over. Amazingly, French authorities refused to allow the Philadelphia police to take Einhorn out of the country.

It seems that the Illuminati are still working their own brand of black magic in the case of convicted trunk murderer, Ira Einhorn. Recently, a judicial tribunal in France ruled that the Unicorn man could not be extradited back to the United States. "It would," the judges said, "violate his human rights." A smirking Ira Einhorn just stood there before the bench. A smile creased his face as he heard the decision pronounced.

Afterwards, France's Justice Minister soothingly assured Philadelphia's disappointed police officials that the decision wasn't yet final. "Who knows," he exclaimed, "something could happen."

Evidently, something did happen. The Unicorn man, Ira Einhorn, is laughing up his sleeve. Back in Texas, the parents and brothers and sisters of Holly Maddux continue to mourn their great loss. They are heartsick that the murderer of their loved one remains free and unrepentant. Meanwhile, in Washington, D. C., the bureaucrats of President Bill Clinton's State Department claim there's nothing they can do. "Our hands are tied," one complains.

And so it is that the deadly Illuminati conspiracy rolls swiftly ahead, like a runaway freight train, unstoppable, headed for a sure destiny. To discerning eyes, the murderous nature of the illuminati and its servants now lies wide open for view, like a corrupt and festering sore. Yesterday, Holly Maddux became a victim. Tomorrow, there will be millions of Holly Madduxes.

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