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Texe Marrs

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos

Here are just some of the probing questions this groundbreaking book answers in its investigation into the coming, great food crisis:

   Does the Illuminati's Rockefeller Foundation now control the seeds of 95 percent of the Earth's major cereal crops—wheat, barley, and corn? (page 69)

   Is there a "Global Seeds Conspiracy" to place total ownership of the world's seeds—and ultimately the survival of mankind itself—in the hands of an elite cartel of multinational corporations? (page 83)

   Why are spy satellites now being used to monitor and control the crop production of farmers? (page 75)

   Will the United Nations Biodiversity Treaty force farmers and small property owners to abandon their homes and lands and "resettle" in approved government metro areas? (page 66)

   What top secret government projects are designed to use weather, viruses, bacterial pestilences, and other scientific tools to manipulate and diminish the Earth's food crops? (page 38)

   Are the police powers of the federal government—FBI, USDA, EPA, FDA, CIA, BATF, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, IRS, BLM, etc.—being used to taunt, harass, intimidate, frighten, impoverish, imprison and sometimes kill farmers, ranchers, and small land owners who oppose the takeover of our food supply? (page 123)

   What Executive Orders has President Clinton recently issued in advance of the coming, great food crisis to pave the way for a police state in America? (page 177)

   Are pre-planned and contrived food shortages on the way, with small farmers being purposely driven out of business? Will a starving and desperate American populace be left begging for federal government "saviors" to solve the crisis? (page 13)

   Is there a plan for a powerful, new United Nations agency, the World Food Authority, to control the production and distribution of food? (page 189)

   Were the recent famines in Somalia, Liberia, North Korea and elsewhere dress rehearsals for the great hunger soon to plague America? (page 205)

   During the coming deadly food shortages, who will be allowed the privilege of buying sufficient food to feed themselves—and who will be denied? (page 194)

   Should Christians and patriots immediately begin in earnest to acquire and store a year or more's supply of food? (page 219)

   What little known federal law makes it a heinous crime, punishable by imprisonment, for American citizens to hoard food, water, or fuels? (page 190)

   Will anger and chaos soon grip the world as desperately hungry masses of people panic, riot and storm grocery stores and supermarkets, only to find shelves cleaned out and empty? (page 195)

   What can you and I do now, before it is too late, to prepare for the coming, severe food shortages? Is it possible that you, I, and our families can not only stay healthy, well fed, and safe, but also prosper during the coming hard times? (page 209)

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos
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