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Is The Pope Catholic?

"Pope John Paul II, the Vicar of Christ on Earth, is the primary mover and organizing force behind these sins against the true God...the universal apostasy is upon us."

—Auxilium Christianorum
 Newsletter for Roman Catholics

"Day of Infamy," declared one critical Roman Catholic source (Auxilium Christianorum, Advent 1999 edition, pg. 1). "A great offense against the sovereign Majesty of the only true God," wrote Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X.

To whom and to what were these influential Catholic leaders referring? In fact, they were strongly condemning the very man they once considered the infallible representative of Christ on Earth—the Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, none other than Pope John Paul II.

They, like a number of other stunned and bewildered Catholic traditionalists, were expressing shock and dismay over this Pope's openly declared doctrine that all religions everywhere were founded by the same God and that Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, Jews and others are equally legitimate parts of the overall "Body of Christ."

In possibly the most important video Power of Prophecy ministries has ever produced, I now lay bare the most amazing spiritual reversal in the annals of human history. In this new video, I prove conclusively that Pope John Paul II has virtually abandoned all pretenses that he and his ecclesiastical partners in the Vatican are practicing Christians.

Now, after viewing this incredible video, no one—Catholic or Protestant—will be able to deny that Pope John Paul II, as one of his own Catholic critics has stated, is "the primary mover and organizing force" behind the sin of bringing all the world's religions, sects, and cults into one, horrendously united satanic cult. That terrible cult can best be described as the once great—and now revived—end-times Church of Mystery Babylon!

It is for good reason, then, that we have named our explosive new video, Is the Pope Catholic? (Available in DVD Only) In this video, you'll see actual moving pictures of Pope John Paul II literally bowing down to the chief Buddhist monk in Bangkok, Thailand. You'll also be astonished to hear the Pope as he meets and gives a speech to elite Jewish rabbis in a synagogue in Paris, France. The Pontiff soothed the rabbis, assuring them that Catholicism has abandoned the biblical doctrines of Christ and no longer teaches that Jews must become Christians to be saved.

Religious Renegades

Is the Pope Catholic? also reveals the startling reason why, in 1986, this Pontiff invited and brought to Italy Hindu gurus, Moslem teachers, Jewish rabbis, snake handlers, witches, Zoroastrian priests, native American medicine men, African tribal witchdoctors, and an assortment of "Christian" ecumenicists. Together with the Pope, this band of religious renegades charted out their masterful plot for destroying true Christianity and for establishing a global, new order of Luciferian churchdom.

The Pope Takes the Mark of the Beast

In the video, Is the Pope Catholic?, you'll see the Pope as he joins hands and prays with these disciples of the devil. You'll also watch in awe as the Dalai Lama, the god-man of Tibetan Buddhism, during this same conference, actually sets up a statue of Buddha and other idols on the very altar of one of the Catholic Church's most revered basilicas. This was a sacrilegious act done with complete approval in advance by the Pope of Rome.

You'll see pictures and other evidence, too, of the Pope's private meetings with top Moslem leaders in Iraq and Algeria, with the Pope appraising these wicked men of his plan to strip the Catholic Church of remaining vestiges and trappings of orthodox Christianity and transform it into a 21st century vehicle encompassing Moslem and all other faiths and groups.

But the most shocking scene of all will be the graphic, practically stupefying picture painted in your mind as you see Pope John Paul in India kneeling and praying at the gravesite of dead Hindu guru Mahatma Gandhi. Then, later, the Pope literally receives in his forehead a mark of the beast—the sign of Shiva, the Hindu creator-destroyer god!

When I saw Pope John Paul II bending toward the Hindu priestess and worshipper of Shiva and Kali and taking this hideous mark in his forehead, my mind immediately went to Revelation 13:16, which warns that in the last days, the Beast "causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads."

picture of Skull and Bones Logo

Pope John Paul II meeting with the Buddhist patriarch of Thailand.

Pope John Paul II Excommunicated—A New Pope is Coronated

An increasing number of dedicated Catholic traditionalists admit they are scandalized by the Pope's leadership of humanity into a global system of false discipleship and satanic unity. In U.S. Catholic magazine (December, 1999), it is reported that a tiny splinter group of old-line Catholics recently held a conclave in Montana. They excommunicated Pope John Paul II and elected a "new pope," a Father Lucian Pulvermacher, formerly a Capuchin priest. Pulvermacher was coronated as "His Holiness Pope Pius XIII."

However, every traditional Catholic I have talked to laments that only a minority have courage enough to complain or to fight back. For all practical purposes, Pope John Paul II has won a phenomenal victory. The vast majority of the planet's one billion Catholics adore and love their "Holy Father."

"Seeds of God's Religions"

But not just Catholics alone. In the 20 years since taking office in Rome, through his popularity and compromises John Paul II has brought into his fold hundreds of millions of new admirers, from every possible false religion, faith, and sect. He is also successfully merging together the fading, old Protestant church with his new type of "Catholicism." Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, Oral Roberts, and almost all other top leaders now recognize the Pope's authority. As the Pope himself has proudly trumpeted, all the "seeds of God's religions" are uniting into one.

And His Deadly Wound was Healed

We thus know the answer to the searing question, Is the Pope Catholic? Yes, he is Catholic—and yet he is not. Indeed, this Pope has morphed and reshaped the formerly declining Catholic Church into the humongous and gigantic form envisioned in Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation. As the apostle John saw in his vision, this is the final incarnation on earth of the Beast that was "wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed."

Alexander Hislop, in his classic book, The Two Babylons, proved that the Catholic Church was merely a pale imitation—though an effective one—of the debauched, idolatrous religion and empire of ancient Babylon. Now, in my latest video, Is the Pope Catholic?, I document just how accurate was Hislop's historic thesis. The wound is healed. The dragon is awake and rising. The clarion call has been made: Let us now abandon the true Faith—All hail the divine Pope of 21st century Babylon the Great!

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