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Texe Marrs


The world's atlas and its geography is about to make a dramatic change. The communist colossus once known as the Soviet Union and made up of Russia and its captive Republics, is to be united with the late, great United States of America. From an organic joining of the two will come a wholly brand new nation-state, to be called AmerRuss.

A long-cherished goal of the Illuminati is soon to be realized—the merger of the desperately ill and corrupt Soviet empire with the new, 21st Century America, an America communist in economic and political thought and luciferian-atheist in its religious practice. From the burning ashes of abandoned freedom and faded liberty shall arise the great, satanic Phoenix of the Ages—AmerRuss.

Incredible Scheme of the Illuminati

No doubt this is the first time most of you will have ever heard of the incredible scheme of the Illuminati to merge America and Russia. Yet, this secretive project has for decades been on the drawing boards of the elite.

In 1972, I first wrote about it, in a paper entitled, "Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?" I stated flatly that the Soviet monstrosity was doomed, that certain forces would see to the fall of the corrupt and inefficient regime in Moscow and that the shape of a future Russia would be according to the dictates of hidden rulers in the West.

At the time, the American intelligence community had deceitfully attempted to make the Soviet Union appear to be an economic and political giant, even a super-power threat. But my research proved otherwise. I was convinced that the Illuminati had already achieved its Soviet goals. Russia and its peoples were not giants but dwarfs—beaten and stomped into the ground. Communist (Illuminati) overlords had punished that once wealthy, but now desperate, country and brought it to almost total ruin.

Russia, whose czars had stubbornly refused to bow down to the global Masonic/Illuminati chiefs, was defeated and spoiled. So, too, was Germany. Now, only one nation on Earth prevented the Illuminati from setting up its Antichrist Kingdom—the United States of America.

How to Conquer America?

How to conquer America?—that is the question that had long befuddled the Illuminati elite. But in the year 1944 they came up with an ingenious answer. To conquer America it would be necessary to do two things:

1. First, quietly and slowly inculcate and integrate Marxist/Communist ideals and practices in our society to transform the U.S.A. into a "Socialist Paradise."

2. Second, after conditioning the American people to peacefully accept socialism under the guise of Big Government patronism, the coup dé gras would be administered: The United States would be politically, economically, and culturally merged with the Soviet Union.

AmerRuss would become the new, grand reality—a synthesis nation created out of the Hegelian dialectic of Communism vs. Capitalism. AmerRuss was to become a geopolitical Frankenstein, an impoverished and conquered, clay and iron, mixed colossus made up of quivering multitudes of unthinking, moldable citizens taught to love and admire Big Brother and his decadent ways—and to hate and despise the Truth. The face of George Washington is to be morphed with that of Lenin.

Softly Beating the Drums

Only a few Americans even have so much as a glimmer of what is to come. Yet, Communist front groups and their New Age sympathizers in the United States have for years been softly but surely beating the drums by propagandizing the coming great merger and the arrival of this latter day, 
In Whole Earth Review, a popular New Age magazine, the editors endorsed the creation of AmerRuss. 
Frankenstein, global creation.

In 1986 the popular New Age journal, Whole Earth Review, proposed that Russia and America be joined and made a single nation, to be named AmerRuss. Editor Kevin Kelly wrote: "At first glance the idea of melding America and Russia seems preposterous. But…the concept of AmerRuss is a work in progress."

Please note the significance of what Kelly meant when he wrote that the merger of Russia and America is "a work in progress."

In that same edition of Whole Earth Review, writer Robert Fuller gave us a peek at what is going on behind the scenes when he wrote: "Could the leaders—let alone the people—of the United States ever be brought to entertain such a plan? In grappling with this question, one's thoughts turn conspiratorial. Should everything be arranged in secret and then foisted on an unsuspecting world?"

Did you catch those key words and phrases: "conspiratorial… arranged in secret… foisted on an unsuspecting world?" Amazingly, Fuller goes on to remark that, "Perhaps…these two countries (Russia and America) have already devised plans to do just this!"

Then, in World Policy Journal (Fall/Winter 1992), Walter Russell Mead, a "senior counselor" at the World Policy Institute, an ultra-liberal, globalism think tank affiliated with New York City's socialist-oriented New School for Social Research, for the first time set forth publicly the Brotherhood's detailed plan to accomplish this grotesque objective. The first step would be for the U.S.A. to buy Siberia, Russia's largest province.

More Stars in Our Flag?

In an article entitled, More Stars in Our Flag: A Modest Proposal for U.S. Policy After the Cold War, Mead wrote that the "cure" to Russia's growing economic crisis and to America's social and political problems had an easy answer:

The answer is really very simple...simply put, the United States should buy Siberia from Russia at a fair price—perhaps in the range of two to three Trillion dollars...All the inhabitants would become American citizens with all the rights and privileges the rest of us enjoy...

This was the official symbol of a "U.S./U.S.S.R Citizens Summit" held in Alexandria, Virginia in February, 1988. According to the NRI Trumpet newspaper, the Summit's purpose was to promote the uniting of the two nations into one joint superpower.

What Mead called a "modest proposal" is, in reality, a monumental and disingenuous plot to "enlarge" America and to inject a dose of Asiatic-Soviet Communist culture that would radically and forever change our nation into a subservient and docile globalist entity. It would also mean that citizens of today’s 50 U.S. states would be forced to redistribute our wealth and income, giving it away to fund projects in the new, added territories. Environmentalism would especially get an economic shot in the arm. Mead suggested:

The United States would begin a massive program of infrastructure development and environmental clean-up in the (Siberian) region...Large areas would be set aside as parks and nature reserves; existing facilities would be upgraded to meet environmental standards.

A Good Investment?

But wait, Mead isn’t finished! He next uses the old "Slick Willie" Clinton sales technique on us. "Despite the high cost," he purrs, "Siberia would be a good investment for the United States government. Going into debt to buy Siberia is not stealing from future generations. It is investing for them."

Get it? It’s not really taxing and spending. The two to three trillion dollars we pay for Russia’s Siberia will merely be an "investment."

But an investment for whom? Who will prosper from this sick, but slick, proposal to merge much of Russia—its most barren lands—and the U.S.A.?

Well, says Mead, this largesse of trillions of dollars will be a wonderful boon and bonanza for Russia. Moscow will finally be set up financially. America could, he suggests, pay the Russkies, say $200 billion annually, on the trillions of dollars of our new indebtedness. No more economic problems for Russia. Presto! All is well again with Russia, although the KGB and the pro-Illuminati boys would still be in charge.

Privatizing Russia’s Wealth

The second party to benefit, Mead explains, are "investors." Investors will be able to 
The mineral wealth of Russia and its former republics is mind boggling, and includes diamonds, oil, gas, zinc, chromium, and lumber. There are more oil-rich reserves sitting in the ground in the Russian zone of influence than exist in the Middle East. The Illuminati shut these resources off to consumers during the Lenin/Brezhnev Communist years (1917-1984), but now plan to sell their resources in global markets.
take advantage of "the world’s most valuable deposits of oil, gas, diamonds, and gold." Under the plan, these mineral rich resources will be "privatized."

This, then, is the Illuminati’s plan: Get the "stupid" U.S. tax-payers to agree to go in deep, unfathomable debt by about three trillion bucks plus interest, effectively swallowing up any current proposed surplus and putting the U.S.A. into a red ink deficit...So that (1) Russia can be bailed out financially and be harnessed for the New World Order; and (2) Rockefeller, Rothschild, and all the other Illuminati and their oil and banking Mafia can get their greedy, ham-hock hands on millions of acres of resource-rich Russian soil. They intend to gain complete control of these resources by being awarded "exclusive franchises and licenses" by the government for pennies on the dollar. In most cases, they already have such control. That’s "privatization," folks.

Meanwhile, we, the U.S. citizenry, are slated to become poorer and poorer as we "invest" (tax and spend) to build Siberia’s "infrastructure," "invest" to extend welfare and social payments to its millions of inhabitants, and "invest" by cleaning up its horribly pockmarked and polluted environment. We pay and pay, and the super-rich of the Illuminati get even richer.

As a bonus, America instantly becomes monumentally more multicultural and more communist in deed, thought, and criminality. We are to become "Sovietized." We are to become AmerRuss.

Next month, Texe Marrs will continue with Part II of this amazing exposé. He will examine the findings of a lone, brave Congressional investigator who attempted to unmask this conspiracy to end American sovereignty and create AmerRuss. Also, next month’s Part II will explain why former Soviet Communist Party boss, Mikhail Gorbachev, now operates his globalist schemes from offices in San Francisco. Discover also how wealthy Russian Jews who now control Russia are, in reality, puppets of the powerful Illuminati. What will these Jews do next in Russia? Will Russia pretend to back Moslem regimes and invade the Middle East in a mad grab of the oil-rich Persian Gulf? Will Israel become a victim? Is World War III on the immediate horizon? Will AmerRuss be created upon the heaped and decaying corpses of the dead, incinerated by nuclear blasts?

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