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Texe Marrs

The magic of the Cabala calls for many uses of the occultic star. Both the five-pointed star and six-pointed star are used by Jewish magicians who work the Cabala formulas and rituals. An enduring cabalistic tale is that of the Golem. In medieval times, it was taught that by use of the magic word and by other means, an inanimate man made of clay or dust could be made to come alive. A huge and powerful monster, or beast, the Golem would then do the magician’s bidding. In 1920, the classic film Der Golem created a stir. Directed by Paul Wegener, Der Golem depicted the monster variously wearing either the five-pointed star with one point up (white magic) or two points up (satanic). Also the six-pointed Star of David played a part in the film’s plot as a Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Löw, using the secret word "AemAct" brought life and breath into the artificial man.

In Der Golem, Rabbi Löw employs the magic word and the pentagram star to bring life to the creature.

In the film, the Golem is clearly identified with Judaism by use of the Star of David.

The relative position of the star points varies through the movie. It is seen here with one point ascendant, indicating positive, good magic.

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