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Special Message

Texe Marrs

Thank You For Your Gifts

We just finished the annual financial report for the ministry, and one important fact stands out. If it were not for your love gifts, contributions, and tithes to Power of Prophecy Ministries, we could not do even half of the miracles that we are accomplishing. The products we sell—books, videos, tapes and CDs—do not bring in enough income for us to survive. But your love gifts and offerings carry the day!

I especially would like to thank you for your financial help for our Employees Appreciation Fund and our annual Texas Children’s Home project. Our ministry staff work valiantly far beyond the call of duty. They love doing God’s work, they love serving you, and they have expressed to me how grateful they are for your generosity in giving.

We have also received feedback from the children and house-parents of the Texas Children’s Home. What a difference you have made in their lives through Power of Prophecy Ministries. Jesus himself promised he would bless those who protect and care for the innocent children. I believe Him; don’t you?

I am praying fervently that our Heavenly Father will, in His own magnificent way, richly reward each of you who have given to Power of Prophecy. We thank you so much for your lovely prayers and your financial help.

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We are so very thankful to those of you who give to Power of Prophecy. You are a valued member of our end-time crusade for Truth and Righteousness on behalf of our Savior Jesus Christ. Click here for more info!

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