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Texe Marrs

Head of Bank of Israel Slated to Become Vice Chairman

Federal Reserve a Jewish Institution

“Stanley Fischer, who led the Bank of Israel for nine years, has been asked to be the U.S. Federal Reserve’s next Vice Chairman once Janet Yellen takes over as chief of the U.S. Central bank...”

The Globe and Mail (London)
December 12, 2013

Noted author Eustace Mullins, in his classic book, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, shared with us his research that the Federal Reserve system is owned by Jewish bankers and operated solely for their benefit.

Official Photo of Stanley Fischer at Bank of Israel
The official photo of the Fed Reserve Bank’s new Vice Chairman while he served at the Bank of Israel in Tel Aviv.
The Fed’s recent selection of an Israeli citizen, Stanley Fischer, as its Vice Chairman simply confirms Mullins’ research. Then there is Janice Yellen, the Jewish banker, who is the new Chairman of the Fed, and of course we should mention such Jewish luminaries as Ben Bernanke, a Jew, who was, until Yellen, the boss of the Fed, and his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, also a Jew.

The Israel Factor

With Yellen at the top and Fischer taking the helm as the #2 at the Fed, all pretense that this is an “American” institution is set aside. Fischer was previously, for nine years, the head and Chairman of none other than the Bank of Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel. As such, he reported direct to Jewish billionaires. Now, at the Fed in Washington, D.C., Fischer continues to answer to the same financial bigwigs. What is good for Israel is good for America, even if it is bad.

Stanley Fischer shows off his ID card
The Fed’s Stanley Fischer shows off his I.D. card. He’s a dual citizen of both Israel and the U.S. Fischer has been head of the Bank of Israel for the past nine years.
Fischer, 70, who’s also been a top level official at both the Jewish-run World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, guided Israel’s economic success even as the U.S. was suffering under the Great Recession that began in 2008. Fischer, born in Zambia, Africa, to wealthy Jewish parents, became a naturalized American citizen, so now he is a dual citizen.

Every major U.S. bank is run by Jews. So, Israel is in charge of our financial system. Remember Bernie Madoff, who stole over a hundred billion from investors he conned? Madoff, in prison now, was head of the American branch of Bronfman’s World Zionist Congress. All his money was deposited in the Israel Discount Bank, in Tel Aviv.

Americans falsely believe that the Fed, which took over our banks and stock markets in 1913 under Zionist stooge Woodrow Wilson, looks out for the U.S.A. They are wrong. The Fed Reserve System is set up as a global concern for the benefit of rich Jews.

Audit Reveals Global Bailouts

Recently, the first ever audit of the Fed, a partial one, was conducted. I was able to get hold of a copy of that audit, performed under the Dodd-Frank Act. This audit showed that the Fed was pumping up the whole world’s flagging economies. Not only banks, but huge corporations got billions in no-interest “loans” and bailouts from the Fed.

Recipients included the Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen in Germany, HSBC Bank in China, Barclay’s Bank in Great Britain, Nomura Securities in Japan, and Fiat in Italy. Big corporations in America which benefited included IBM, Ford, McDonald’s, etc.

At this very moment, the Fed pumps an additional 70 billion each month into the U.S. economy and over 40 billion into the European Community. Ms. Yellen is keeping those printing presses busy, putting out loads of devalued dollars.

The Fed caused the Great Depression of the 1930s by withdrawing dollars from the economy. The Jewish elite did the same thing in 2007 and 2008 when Alan Greenspan cut the money supply, and they’ll do it again in the future. Recessions occur to achieve political goals.

Courageous Acts of Jackson, Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy

The last President to stand up to these plotting money terrorists was John F. Kennedy. He, like Abe Lincoln, printed Treasury greenbacks, bypassing the Fed with its bogus “Federal Reserve Notes.” Before their heroic acts there was brave President Andrew Jackson.

Jackson told the bankers in his inaugural speech, “I will rout you out.” And so he did. Once in office he killed the National Bank, the same as today’s Fed. On a memorial near his gravesite marker in Tennessee is an epitaph for Jackson. It reads: “I killed the bank.”

Today, we need to emulate “Old Hickory” by killing the Fed. With it should go every one of these lying, devilish big Jew banks—JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, CitiCorp, et al. Only then will America, and you and I, be free.

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