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Texe Marrs

Military Retirees Get the Shaft

Well, the Republicans quietly caved in once again to Obama. Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, the rich boy from Illinois who ran for Vice President on the Romney ticket, with the approval of House leaders, worked with Senator Pat Murray, Democrat, to get a 2-year budget deal through Congress. It was signed into law by President Obama on December 17th.

What got funded in the new bill? First, Planned Parenthood, America’s #1 abortion provider, got a half-billion dollars a year. The Republicans and Democrats approved money for about 100,000 babies to be murdered each and every year by the feminist ghouls at Planned Parenthood.

Also, illegal aliens got funded—billions of dollars of tax credits go their way.

Medicaid—free medical and dental care for millions of illegal aliens, welfare blacks, and hispanics got approval.

PBS, the liberal radio and TV empire, was funded with billions of taxpayer dough.

The National Endowment for the Arts was fully funded. In fact, Obama demanded and got an eight percent increase for this entity, which has often paid for sex stage performances and obscene striptease acts it claims is “art.”

Israel got over three billion dollars in foreign aid. Billions more went to pro-Al Qaeda terrorist groups fighting in Syria, Libya, Somalia, and elsewhere. Plus, Egypt and about twenty other nations got billions.

Oh, there’s plenty of big bucks in this budget for ObamaCare, too.

But, while all these favored programs got their money, guess what was cut? It seems that military retirees, including disabled vets, are getting the royal shaft. Congress and the White House approved that military retiree benefits, including payments for disabled vets, be sliced over the next 10 years.

Abortion and pornography got money from Congress, but disabled Vets had their pensions cut.

Imagine: Money for abortion, Israel, illegal aliens, dirty art, liberal radio, and hundreds of other junk programs was approved. But our military retirees were cut. What kind of Congress and nation does this to its volunteer warriors?

We all knew that the Democrats despise our military forces. We can understand the Democrats favoring abortionists, Israel, illegals, and filthy art over our military veterans. But Republicans? Yes, they, too, are despicable. They, too, voted for liberal, socialist programs and against our military retirees and disabled veterans.

Republicans laugh at and scorn true Americans. They think we will automatically vote for them in the 2014 elections. They say that we have “nowhere else to go.”

I say, Baloney! I say, let these lying thieves and deceivers know that we are just going to sit out 2014. No more votes for Socialist Republican deceivers. And, certainly none for the Communistic Democrats.

The budget deal was the last straw. These cruds voted against our military veterans. We’re not going to vote for them. Period.

We the citizens need a new, third Political Party. Or perhaps, we just need an entire new country.

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