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Special Intelligence Examiner Report

Texe Marrs

ObamaCare—The Incredible Scam of Both Republicans and Democrats

We’ve all heard the news reports:

     “ObamaCare is a failure”
     “ObamaCare is going to collapse”
     “ObamaCare will run out of money this year”

Not true! ObamaCare is a big, big success. It is doing exactly what the Obama White House and Congress intended. And it will never, never run out of money because Congress has funded ObamaCare through 2023.

That’s ten more years of funding. And that’s just a start. Congressman Paul Ryan, House Speaker John Boehner, and the other Republican scam artists made sure of this extraordinary funding in the recent budget deal.

Anything you have heard to the contrary is pure bunk. Even if the Republicans win a majority of the Senate seats in 2014, ObamaCare will remain firmly in place. The Republicans want ObamaCare as much as do the Democrats. This is a Police State control program and Republicans love the Police State even more than do the Democrats.

We will eventually get national I.D. cards with RFID chips, the death panels (called “comfort care”) and many other Big Brother programs. All thanks to the draconian but beloved, ObamaCare Act.

Meanwhile, Medicare and the Military Retiree medical program will be dismantled. Each year they will be cut a certain percent. Current recipients will eventually be forced into ObamaCare. In another decade, there will only be one socialistic medical system in America: ObamaCare.

ObamaCare is a welfare program. What ObamaCare does is give free medical care to 43 million illegals, hispanics and blacks. These are people who are on government welfare. They receive Section 8 subsidized housing, food stamps, free cell phones, and a myriad of other freebies. Now, they’ve got free medical and dental care.

You and I will pay for this new Socialist program. Don’t complain—it’s what Republicans and Democrats want. The politicians are laughing at us as we flail, complain, and pay and pay. It is not an insurance program and to “sign-up” for it means you are signing up for welfare.

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