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Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report
by Texe Marrs

Is Megyn Kelly of Fox News Network a “first class news reporter,” as her boss, Roger Ailes, claims, or is she just another Bimbo sex entertainer?

Kelly led off the first Fox-sponsored TV Presidential Debate by portraying herself as Hillary Clinton’s appointed assassin, interrogating Donald Trump about his supposed “War on Women,” an allusion to the bogus Democrat campaign issue. Her question to Trump had all the elements of sleaze TV, especially her sexual innuendo about Trump, on The Apprentice, making an off-hand comment about a woman who “would look good on her knees.”

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly poses for photo shoot. Is this what Fox Network calls “family values?”

In fact, Megyn Kelly knows quite a bit about the sleaze business. The pictures taken of her for a recent magazine shoot project her as a sexual animal, and her striking appearance on the Howard Stern Show raised a lot of eyebrows. Surely, this isn’t part and parcel of the War on Women?

Megyn Kelly was a guest on the sexually-oriented Howard Stern Show on April 20, 2010., in an article about Kelly’s appearance, noted that the Fox star “talked dirty” for the “deviant kook,” Howard Stern.

According to other news reports, Megyn Kelly was all smiles and personality for the Stern segment. She very merrily discussed the size of her husband’s penis, her breasts, and other topics.

Kelly, asked if she was into women, laughed and said, “No, maybe Howard Stern’s wife will be the first.” Asked to play a sexual name game, Kelly said she would, “have sex with Bill O’Reilly, marry Sean Hannity, and kill Glenn Beck.” She praised Fox news reporter Julie Banderas as a “Latino, sexy vixen.”

Isn’t it amazing, then, that Kelly, in the debate, had the audacity to ask Donald Trump if he possessed the “temperament” to be President?

Maybe we should all ask Megyn Kelly, do you possess the morals to host a Fox Network news program? I don’t recall, say, Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric going on the Howard Stern Show and “talking dirty” about penis size, breasts, and who I would have sex with.

What a hypocrite!

Donald Trump was right in bolting from the presidential debate. Why allow yourself to be potentially battered once again by this bratty Fox bimbo?

Fox is said to stand for “family values” and the traditional way of life. But from what I’ve seen, Fox is pro-war, pro-immigration reform, and into the promoting of female entertainers. Perhaps Roger Ailes himself needs to stand up for a few heated “debate” questions—like, why did you allow Megyn Kelly to “talk dirty” on the sexually depraved Howard Stern Show?

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