Special Bonus Report
by Steve Reilly

2019: The End Game?

Dr. Steve Reilly

Steve Reilly

Now more than ever, it seems we live in a snowglobe. The Luciferians in control “shake up“ our world, step back, and watch the ensuing mayhem. It’s a game “our controllers” have played for centuries. In addition to agitating the masses, secularizing and polarizing the population are vitally important—and very much in evidence as 2019 gets underway.

    Needless to say, with the new year came predictions from the same clowns who guaranteed a “Hillary victory” two years ago. Details varied, but generally speaking, most agreed 2019 will be historically awful. Recall the drama of Clinton ’99 and multiply it by one thousand.

    The sorest losers in history would not have it any other way. Despite the harm their vendetta against President Trump continues to inflict on America and her citizens, Liberals rub their palms in gleeful expectation.

    Foremost, President Trump’s time will be monopolized. The fragile economy, in need of strong leadership President Trump won’t be able to provide, will be sacrificed in an all-out attempt to destroy him.

    As our duly elected president is forced to spend his time defending himself against various charges that are unrelated to his presidency, the evaporation of the middle class and decline in standard of living of all but the wealthy will continue. Campaign promises will go unmet.

    Meanwhile, every day and night it is the same: Hysterical reporters, pundits, academics, and politicians breathlessly describe their latest disinformation on the “fascist in chief.”

    One noteworthy exception is Tucker Carlson. In stark contrast to the herd, even those deemed “Pro Trump,” Carlson walks a fine line speaking the truth within the tight strictures set by mainstream media. Some of his corporate sponsors—all liberal—claim he has crossed that line. (e.g., He stated the current immigration policy makes us “poorer and dirtier” as a nation. Claiming they strongly disagree, Pacific Life dropped their sponsorship of his show. Our “post-truth society” in action.)

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson: In the liberal crosshairs.

    Carlson recently lamented rural America’s descent into the same hell that’s afflicted US inner-cities for decades: Joblessness, drug addiction, plummeting marriage rate, and children without fathers growing up in conditions readying them for lives in prison. In short, the destruction of the family and all the heartbreak that follows.

    Carlson lamented, “I thought this would be the wake-up call for our policymakers to say, ‘Wait a second. Maybe we should get involved in trying to fix this.’ Because considering, in rich neighborhoods—where I live—there are no single mothers. Everyone’s marriedóbecause it works!”

    Even a maverick like Carlson can only go so far. Power of Prophecy on the other hand? Although I’m not famous or “rich” like Carlson (and as a matter of fact, my car is old enough to vote), I do have something Carlson—and the rest of the media—does not: A platform completely free from restraint.

    In his writings, Texe answers to no one—at least, no one on this earth. When I first started at Power of Prophecy, I wondered if I’d be pulled aside and told, “Callers may want to know Texe’s opinion on XYZ. Texe doesn’t speak on that topic. And do not give your own opinion.” NEVER HAPPENED! We are free of advertisers/sponsors and thus free of chains.

    The unspoken conclusion to Carlson’s story: Our policymakers know and don’t care. They answer to the “unseen hand” of the Luciferian Elites. Their blueprint for our destruction is available for all to see in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion—we even publish an edition at Power of Prophecy.

    Prior to the revelation of the Protocols, documents drafted by Adam Weishaupt as well as events during the French Revolution (worshipping the “Goddess of Reason”) prove that secret societies based on the Kaballah and Talmudism have for centuries worked to the end we are approaching. If nothing else, these puppeteers are patient.

    When the British Empire crumbled, the international elites “rehomed” to the US. This time, however, there won’t be a new, plump host for these parasites. When the US empire falls, the overwhelming push for a one-world government must—for lack of alternatives—take place. 2019 appears primed to bring us much closer to a day of reckoning.

    Regardless of the year, our Salvation cannot come from our government or our military. And the Luciferian Elites, regardless of their earthly power, cannot touch it. Salvation comes from our Heavenly Father. Unless we as individuals and as a nation cast off evil, we will be lost. As Psalm 62:7 tells us:

“In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.”  

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

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