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Michelle Hallmark Powell

Michelle Hallmark Powell

The Trail of Blood, Tears, Rape and Death

Our border is in such a mess it is hard to know where to start. It is run by many criminal organizations—which are adept at exploiting America’s ambiguous immigration policies. The commonsense reality is that the Biden administration is incentivizing and facilitating illegal immigration, not to mention making it easier for drugs to pour in and for the horrific human trafficking to expand.

The latest variant of the Cult of Santa Muerte promotes extreme, corrupt, and criminal—even evil—behaviors.

Cult of Santa Muerta

There is much unbelievable and awful things occurring. The cult of Santa Muerte has become inextricably linked to the Mexican cartels over the past decade. People are executed en masse at Santa Muerte shrines. This goddess, Santa Muerta, is Mexico’s grim and vengeful goddess. She is known as the Bony Lady and other names demanding human sacrifice for her protection. She is worshipped by outcasts and evil doers, those for whom the traditional Christian God, Jesus Christ, has no place.

    This is the death cult the FBI says is spreading among drug cartels. It is basically the same as the practices of the Aztec human sacrifice. The cult members believe by sacrificing people, they will be protected and can continue safely smuggling drugs and humans into the United States. Like the Aztecs, the Cult of Santa Muerta is obsessed by death.

The Rape Tree

“For many years I used to see bras, panties, and women’s jeans hung in trees on our property. I didn’t know why. I do now.”

The cartels wanting to get larger amounts of drugs across the border send a large procession of humans in one area, while the drugs cross elsewhere. Once the human beings are in Texas, another coyote (human smuggler) picks up the women and girls and drives them with another coyote to point them towards what they think will be freedom. Women and young girls are generally brought over by coyotes. The coyotes assault and rape many of them. After the coyotes rape them they tie a souvenir of some sort of under garment or clothing on a tree for all to see.

    A South Texas rancher recounted many episodes on her ranch where they found groups of women and young girls. “These women and girls would huddle up together away from the men after being captured,” she said. “For many years I used to see bras, panties, and women’s jeans hung in trees on our property. I didn’t know why. I do now.”

    A woman is lucky if the border patrol finds her and not one of the human trafficking coyotes in the area that drive routinely looking for women they can turn into sex slaves in one of Texas’ larger cities.

Drugs, Guns and Cash

In one week over 22,000 illegal aliens from 40 countries where apprehended in Texas near the Mexico border. This is a normal occurrence since Biden took office. Many are gang members from MS-13. In addition, thousands of pounds of marijuana, hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine, cocaine, and the deadly Fentanyl are crossing. On top of that, hundreds of illegal guns and large currency seizures are constantly being taken.

    While most of the illegal aliens come from Central and South American countries, the numbers from elsewhere are significant. Some of which are very dangerous individuals from countries like Cuba, China, and several middle eastern countries.

    Unfortunately Biden’s administration has basically given the cartels a green light to bring in the illegal aliens, drugs, gangs, guns, and whatever they wish to do. The numbers have grown over 10% a week in the crossings of people and the rest of the illegal items in the past year. That is how many we know about. Besides those we do apprehend, another 30% of people, not to mention the other illegal items, get across undetected.

    Year to date apprehensions are well over one million. This includes over 100,000 unaccompanied minors which is a 444 percent year to year increase. All of this has to be stopped. Our country is getting overrun and millions of Americans are being killed by gangs and the drugs being brought in by the cartels.

    Our country is in peril and we Americans must pray and ask God to put a stop to this madness.  

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