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Texe Marrs

Christian Ministry Is Target of Hate Campaign

"If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you—The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you."

John 15:18-20

Answers in Genesis is a conservative Christian ministry that publishes materials and books telling the truth about evolution. Its leadership and staff support the Biblical account in the book of Genesis. The group has nothing to do with any other activity. Just your typical group of nice, family-type, fundamentalist Bible believers.

But the group's exposure of evolution is sure arousing hatred and turmoil in Florence, Kentucky, where their headquarters is located. When Answers in Genesis recently sought permission from county authorities to rezone a piece of land way 

Ken Ham

out of town to build a Creation Science Museum to support the Bible, a furor arose. The group found itself the target of vicious, anti-Christian hatred and bigotry.

First, a humanist group called the Free Inquiry Group put out a newsletter telling its members to fight the project. They wrote mean-spirited letters to the editor of the newspaper and even threatened a First Amendment lawsuit that would cost the county millions of dollars.

Then a lawyer and a liberal pastor chimed in to attack the project, expressing their support for scientific evolution against what they allege is the "stupidity of the Bible's myth of creation."

One woman hysterically testified before the planning commission: "Any group opposed to evolution is a cult!" The woman compared Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham to cult leader Jim Jones of Guyana Peoples Temple infamy.

From Cincinnati to Lexington, the dispute hit the newspapers on almost a daily basis. The uproar inspired an anti-God, University of Kentucky professor to e-mail some 600 people by computer, urging them to bombard the Answers in Genesis 1-800 toll free phone line with hostile calls. The professor suggested that activists demand that Answers in Genesis send them in the mail its free, 25-page booklet opposing evolution. "This should slow them down awhile," he wrote.

The opposition was too much for the County Commission's four elected officials to take. Cowardly, they unanimously voted 4-0 to deny the Christian ministry's request to build the museum. No reasons were given. They did not allow Mr. Ham or supporters of the Creation Science Museum an opportunity to comment or protest.

Do you agree with me that this is a prime example of the Clinton-style, 1990s Stalinist America? The new America is a place where a politically incorrect faith like Biblical Christianity must not be allowed to function and exist.

As for the optimistic Mr. Ham, he says his ministry has decided to look elsewhere for a site for the museum. "God has something better for us," he explained.

Nevertheless, Ken Ham sounds an alarm to true Christians everywhere, "This is not just a local Kentucky thing," he says. "This is indicative of something that is happening across the nation—We don't have religious freedom in this country anymore. What's happening here should be a warning."

Mr. Ham is right. Here at Living Truth Ministries, we, too, have felt the heat of satanic oppression. Last year, vandals smashed the lights on posts outside our secluded office building. Prior to that, witches left signs and evidence on our doorstep of a ritual they had conducted against us.

Meanwhile, a homosexual group began an odious and hateful campaign to barrage our toll free phone line with crank calls. Homosexual activists screamed profanities at the sweet Christian ladies who answer our order lines. Our staff did not utter a negative word in return. They simply told the callers in a pleasant and loving voice that we were praying for them.

Friends, if Answers in Genesis or Texe Marrs and Living Truth Ministries were willing to compromise our Biblical truths, we would be loved and embraced by the world. Instead, we sometimes suffer intense persecution and often experience the spewing of vile bigotry.

But wait! Don't think we're complaining. In fact, we are blessed. We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the glorious opportunities He provides us to serve Him. And we thank each of you who so generously give of your financial means and your prayers. We love you and pray that God will richly reward you for your faithfulness. God bless you!

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