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Texe Marrs

Poison Gas Used on Serbs

We recently reported on the employment of U.S. Army forces by the United Nations (disguised as "NATO troops") in an attack on television stations in the Serbian-controlled regions of Bosnia. The aim was to shut down the press and curb freedom of speech by the Serbs who almost uniformly oppose United Nations abuses and atrocities in their nation.

Now come much worse news. Cases of the "Persian Gulf Illness" are now turning up among the Serbian population. Dr. Zoran Stankavic, a pathologist who heads the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Military Medical Academy, told a respected Belgrade newspaper that he believes people are being poisoned by spent radioactive projectiles containing depleted uranium. Many believe the Persian Gulf Illness is caused, at least partly, by the radioactive shell casings.

Meanwhile, a TV reporter in the city of Pale has alleged that UN ("NATO") troops exploded a low intensity nuclear weapon in their country. If these reports are true, it's no wonder the New World Order boys decided to shut down the transmitters of Serbian Bosnia's TV news programs.

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