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Texe Marrs

A.D. 2000—Year of Destiny

"I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." (John 9:4)

A.D. 2000 is coming. The hour of destiny and intense period of consummate, concentrated evil is bearing down on us. This is that wicked day for which the planet's foremost New Age prophets, satanic philosophers, occult ritualists, nativist shamans, astrologers, and Illluminist leaders have long yearned and invoked. They fully expect that the period encompassing the present year, 1999, leading on to January 1, A.D. 2000, will be the most rewarding and productive for the forces of darkness in all the annals of human history.

External Hierarchy to Usher in One World

The late Alice Bailey and her influential occultic organization, the Lucis Trust, maintained that the year 2000 would see the inauguration of the fabled New Age Kingdom for planet Earth. The year 2000, predicted Bailey, is the time when Sanat Kumara and his "external hierarchy" from the spirit realm (Satan's leading devils) will join with the New Group of World Servers, the Illuminati's cadre of human leadership, to marshall the people of the nations into a One World unity. Earth will then have one unified system of spirituality, politics, and economics.

Mankind to be Rid of Christian Disease?

Aleister Crowley, the British satanic high priest who mentored sex researcher Albert Kinsey, also wrote of the dawning of the New Millennium. Crowley, who fancied himself the prototype of the book of Revelation's Beast 666, once bragged that he was "the wickedest man on Earth." Aleister Crowley predicted that the 1990s would end in the culmination of the Illuminati's Great Work.

On what knowledge did Aleister Crowley, the high priest of Satan, base his prediction? Crowley claimed that the demon "Aiwass," also known as "Horus, the Egyptian sun god" (his all-seeing eye is on our U.S. one dollar bill), told him that the numerologically significant year 1993 would initiate a "seven-year period of redemption for humanity." Then, in the year 2000, would come a New Age.

The year 2000, Aiwass told Alister Crowley, would see the end of superstitious religion (Christianity). It would mark the inauguration of a Golden Age when men, ascending to godhood, would banish forever the diseased carcass of antiquated morality. Free of bondage and restraints, illuminated man would thus enter a bold New Millennium. However, only those possessing the will to dominate and conquer would survive.

God's Plan is Paramount

Now, please understand: The boastful claims and intentions of Satan, his devils, and their human followers are not gospel. Far from it. While the year 2000 and the days leading up to it are at the fulcrum of Satan's activities and projects (representing "The Plan"), all the powers of hell cannot gain even one tiny objective—they cannot acquire one fractional inch of spiritual territory—unless God permits.

Remember, it is not the overly ambitious plan of Satan that counts; it is the unerring Divine Plan of our majestic Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with which Christians must be joined and of which we must be knowledgeable. Many people unfamilar with Scripture believe that the devil has freedom to deviate from God's divine purpose. They imagine that evildoers concoct schemes and often catch God's people unawares. But nothing that Satan or his disciples come up with surprises God. Even in their evil scheming they unwittingly fall into His hands.

Immediately after reading in Revelation 17 of the Great Conspiracy of the Illuminati, the Beast, and his allied ten world leaders, we find this insightful verse: "For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill His will, and to agree...until the words of God shall be fulfilled."

Satan is Furious—And With Reason

We see, then, that Satan is doomed—he cannot deviate from his path of personal devastation. In Revelation, we are told that Lucifer, or Satan, that old Dragon and Serpent, will go about furiously in the end-time, seeking whom he can devour. Why? Because he is so powerful, so much in control? In fact, Satan is already defeated, and he is furious and wants to accomplish all he can quickly because, the Bible says, he knows his time is short.

God has preordained the times and limits of the Devil's reign of terror, after which he and his False Prophet—and all on Earth who worship the Beast and take his mark, name, or number—shall be cast by Christ and the angels of heaven into the lake of fire. There, Satan and his cast of billions will be tormented ceaselessly, day and night, forever, time without end.

No wonder the Devil is so insanely mad, and so very angry. He is frightened and in a quivering state of terror and shock, realizing his pitiful destiny. Still, in his twisted frame of thinking, Satan plots and strives to take as many as he can with him into hellfire, into perdition.

Night Cometh, But Also the Day

Therefore, we know that the nefarious activity of Satan, his ugly dark angels, and his human core of followers will only increase in the coming days. Blinded and unable to pierce through the darkness which they themselves have created, Satan's Illuminist global leadership must work while it is still night, before the light (of Christ) comes to destroy them (John 9:5; II Thes. 2:8). You'll remember that in the Scriptures, when Jesus came upon the wild man in the tombs who was possessed by a legion (many) of demons, these demons recognized Jesus. In utter terror, they cried out, "Jesus of Nazareth, why dost thou torment us before our time?"

These demons knew that their fateful day of final judgement had not yet come. At that moment some 2000 years ago, Jesus had come in the flesh, but even the devils knew Jesus would come again at the last day. They knew, too, that their destiny—their appointed time—was sealed.

So, it is that, today, the devils know their time is short and that soon they will be taken captive in chains. Thus, as Christians, we can and should anticipate that in these months leading to the New Millennium, our nation and planet will become the staging ground for maximum evil. The devils are worriedly insane, they are furious, and they are consumed with hatred of you, me, and all who are of the Light. They have a plan, an agenda and timetable, and they intend to escalate events.

Staggering Events to Unfold Can be Foreseen

I believe that we are about to be swept into chaos. Staggering events will occur that are virtually unthinkable to unsaved mens' puny and inept imaginations. America and the world are going to be hurled into a swirling vortex of demonic activity and human-engineered evil. My research and investigation into this breathtaking panorama of soon coming future events has led me to chronicle and document what is to transpire in a startling new video, A.D. 2000—Year of Destiny (Regrettably, this video has been discontinued).

A.D. 2000—Year of Destiny provides insight into the coming panic on Wall Street and the second Great Depression. It looks into the future to envision bizarre weather, earthquakes, and volcanos. The video peers into the faceless era of Big Brother's monstrously conspired Gestapo police state, preparing for us what I call the Electronic Octopus, a beast whose tentacles are even now clutching at the collective throats of humanity.

The Y2K showdown is also dead ahead, and there will be dramatic advances in globalism. Sadly, we are approaching the end of American sovereignty. Frightening new viruses will send us reeling. There are going to be space wonders and signs in heaven, and many will be surprised by UFO sightings. Nuclear and biological terrorism will make headlines, but surprisingly, these violent acts will be perpetrated not by right-wing radicals or Arabs but by bomb squads of super-secret government agencies.

New Millennium Extravaganzas

Throughout all of this, the Antichrist, who is alive and active today behind the scenes, will be slowly ascending toward global stardom and thronehood. To herald and celebrate his ascendance, we can expect New Millennium extravaganzas and celebrations like nothing we have ever seen. A golden capstone will be placed over the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Inside, in the Pharoah's chamber, at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999, the Illuminati's hidden elite will meet and celebrate a satanic black mass to invoke, welcome and honor their counterfeit man-god, the false Christ.

The Summer Olympics conducted in A.D. 2000 will have strange occultic overtones. The presidential election of November 7, 2000, will stun and surprise. In London, England, in the year 2000, crowds will throng to visit the grandiose Millennium Dome, a New Age architectural wonder now under construction. The Millennium Dome will have as its focal centerpiece a massive statue of a unisex deity and her/his child, the doomed Son of Satan.

Meanwhile, amidst the ruins at Stonehenge, druid priests will openly chant to their sun god, then retire to their guarded chapel to slaughter an innocent child in a ritual blood killing.

In France, the Illuminati's Grand Orient Lodge that so despises Christianity will hold a chilling and solemn Masonic ritual at the 666 pyramid just outside the famed Louvre Museum in Paris.

On this side of the Atlantic, in New York City on the 39th floor of the United Nations building, a meeting of special persons will convene to make a very special pledge to accomplish an insidious and sinister plot. This meeting is detailed in my newest video, A.D. 2000—Year of Destiny, and the many other New Millennium extravaganzas are also revealed.

When Will Jesus Come Again?

Some, of course, believe that Jesus our Lord will come again, perhaps at Rosh Hoshanah in October of 1999, or shortly after the year 2000. Maybe, but the day and hour of that miraculous event only our Father in Heaven knows. As Christians, we can, however, discern the season, and, in doing so, we know that these are the last days.

Knowing the season, I implore and beseech you, my fellow Christian laborers in God's vineyard: Let us together work now, while we still can. And let us look forward with eagerness to that eventual moment when wickedness is gone and done away with forever, and our Lord and Savior reigns in our very sight.

Surely, He is coming, and when he comes we do not want to be ashamed. Instead, let us now live so that when we stand before our Judge and King, our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, we may hear Him say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

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