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Texe Marrs

Staggering Events to Occur

Grotesque images of Satan now haunt our TV screens, such as this hideous vision from a recent NBC-TV movie. Still, America is totally unprepared for the coming of the literal Son of Satan, the Antichrist and Beast. Will the year 2000 se his emergence?

Thou Shalt not make unto thee any graven
image... Thou shalt not bow down thyself
to them, nor serve them. (Exodus 20:4-5)

Idolatry will play a significant role in A.D. 2000. On the River Thames in Greenwich, England, the $1.2 billion Millennium Dome with its mysterious unisex statue with child will be opened to the public. Meanwhile, Pope John Paul II is planning a historic pilgrimmage to Jerusalem and will issue a mind-boggling new declaration about Mary that could shock the world.

This eye-opening article about the golden capstone planned to be placed atop the Great Pyramid in Egypt for A.D. 2000 celebrations did make a few U.S.A. newspapers. But what was not discussed is the shocking private ritual that will take place at the stroke of midnight in the Pharoah's chamber deep inside the massive pyramid.

Will Wall Street's bubble burst in 1999? In Russia, the economic collapse is already far advanced, and new rulers have recently gripped the throat of that powerful, former Communist nation. The European newspaper identified this man, Boris Berezovsky, as the secret Super Tsar of Russia. A.D. 2000—Year of Destiny reveals who this man is and why his ascendance as the power behind the Kremlin throne will mean big, big trouble.

An environmental terrorist group took responsibility for setting this fire that caused $12 million in damages and destroyed a lodge at a busy Vail, Colorado ski resort. Texe Marrs' new video, A.D. 2000—Year of Destiny, examines the potential for other more frightening acts that will occur in the future. Will these terrorist atrocities give President Clinton an excuse to declare martial law in 1999 or 2000?

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