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True Bible-Believers Denounced at Papal Conference

Angry at Christian Bible-believers and others who refuse to acknowledge his spiritual leadership, Pope John Paul II and Vatican cronies have called for an all-out war.

As reported in the Associated Press, with the Tibetan god-man, the Dalai Lama, sitting at his right side, this October in Rome the Pope presided at a special council of some 200 religious leaders of various faiths, sects, and cults.

Pope John Paul II

The Pontiff told the assembled Buddhist monks, Zoroastrian priests, Catholic cardinals, Hindu gurus, American Indian shamen, Jewish rabbis, and ecumenical clergy that all must join in condemning the Christian fundamentalists who "abuse speech" and whose efforts at converting others "incite hatred and violence."

The Pope further directed that the religious leaders promote "tolerance," mutual understanding, and respect for all religions and faiths, not just their own.

Newspaper sources called the meeting "remarkable," noting incredible scenes ranging from a ritual in which an American Indian blessed the four corners of the earth from the heart of Rome, to a Moslem Mufti and his followers kneeling toward Mecca and praying.

All present were in accord on two key points: (1) Pope John Paul II was endorsed by consensus as the planet's chief spiritual guide and overseer; and (2) Religious fundamentalists who refuse to go along with the global ecumenical movement are to be silenced. They must also be denounced as "dangerous extremists" full of hate.

Traditional Catholics Stubbornly Object

The newest global, ecumenical council meeting was met with ridicule and derision by a few Catholic traditionalists. The Roman Catholic newsletter, Auxilium Christianorum, published out of Long Island, New York and noted for its old-fashioned Catholic viewpoints, lashed out at the Pope. Its most recent edition reported:

St. Peter's Basilica—Vatican City, October 28, 1999: Faithful Catholics throughout the world watched in stunned disbelief as Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Shintoists, Confucianists, Muslims, Jews, and other non-Christian religions gathered together with members of the World Council of Churches, Orthodox, Mennonite, and other heretical sects and false denominations in the Eternal City under the auspices of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II...This pan-religious assembly, held on the very steps of the venerable Basilica of St. Peter, is nothing less than a scheme for the promiscuous union into one body of all the world's religions which were not founded by the will of God but by the will of men."

Meanwhile, the splinter group of Catholic traditionalists that recently chose Capuchin Priest Lucien Pulvermacher as "His Holiness, Pope Pius XIII," have now declared the four Popes reigning in Rome since 1958, including Pope John Paul II, to be "apostate imposters." The recent Popes are accused of having worked to transform and spawn the Roman Catholic Church into a literal "Church of Satan."

It remains to be seen what punishment lies ahead for once faithful Catholics who stubbornly refuse to take part in this "Church of Satan." One thing we know for sure is that, oddly, these Catholic traditionalists will find that former Protestants—men like Chuck Colson, Jim Bakker, Paul Crouch, Billy Graham, Bill Bright, and James Dobson—will not welcome them. These former Protestants now stand side-by-side with the Pope and, as a consequence, with his disciple, the Dalai Lama.

Dealing with Resisters

The global ecumenical movement is rapidly entering its final form. However, four groups are despised and excluded: (1) Protestant Bible-believers; (2) Old-line, traditional Catholics; (3) Shiite Moslems; and (4) Ultra-Orthodox Jews.

The thinking at the Vatican and in Illuminati circles is that the Shiite Moslems and Ultra-Orthodox Jews can be bought off. A combination of political power and money—that is, filthy lucre—can win over the leadership of these two groups and encourage them to get their followers into sync with the goals of the elite.

That leaves only the Bible-believing Protestants and the old-line Catholics. These rigid, dogmatic people are hard cases. The elite realize these two types cannot be bought off. So, they must be killed off. The sooner the better, once conditions are right.

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