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Prophetic Insights and Signs

Rarely a day passes at Power of Prophecy that we do not receive insider information further documenting the Illuminati conspiracy and confirming the fast approaching time when our Lord shall come. Here are just a few such items from our voluminous files—prophetic insights and signs for the last days.

   CIA's New Mission: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has a new mission: Radical Environmentalism. Sources indicate the CIA has been ordered by the White House to "Stay out of Russia's business!" The agency was also warned to keep their hands off Red China. From now on, the CIA, its spies, and its huge bureaucratic apparatus will focus almost exclusively on digging up dirt on and opposing people involved in the property rights movement. Christian churches whose pastors preach against Mother Earth paganism will also be spied on and sabotaged. Millions of dollars from the CIA's "black budget" will secretly go to environmental groups who will use the money for educational propaganda and to build bombs and carry out enviro-terrorist campaigns across the world.

   Jews Favored in Russia: William Safire, New York Times columnist and former Reagan administration insider, reported in his national column that, "Russian Jews have nothing to hide." Safire, himself a Jew, explains that being Jewish in Russia brings great advantages—the richest multi-millionaires and billionaires in that country are Jews. So, too, are most of the powerful politicians. For example, the real name of Yevgeny Primakov, former foreign minister, is Finkelstien—he's Jewish. Safire adds that Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, a presidential hopeful, recently put on a skullcap and attended synagogue services. He's a Jew. The Governor of Nizhny Navgorad, Boris Nemtsov, is Jewish. Media mogul Vladimir Gosinsky, who controls an empire equivalent in Russia to the U.S. combination of NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN all put together, is Jewish; and Boris Borezovsky, the Russian auto and oil tycoon, is a Jew. Borezovsky is said to be one of the richest men on earth. Americans like Pat Boone and others who send out fund raising letters pleading for Christians to send money to help pay for the resettlement of persecuted Jews out of Russia, are either misinformed, or they are lying. Russian Jews are not being persecuted, regardless of all the hype by con-men like psuedo-rock star Boone. Indeed, as Safire notes, today in Russia, Jews are a much-favored minority, just as they were in the early days of Soviet Communism under Vladimir Lenin.

Article by William Safire
In his nationally syndicated column, New York Times commentator William Safire explained why Jews in Russia no longer have anything to hide—they are a wealthy and politically powerful minority in the new Russia. Safire, who is Jewish, is a long-time supporter of Israel and of Jewish causes. He was a high-level advisor and speech writer in the Reagan Administration.

   Secret Conclaves of the Illuminati: Just as scheduled, at midnight, December 31, the Illuminati's inner circle met deep inside the Great Pyramid to worship Lucifer and to receive his plans and agenda for the new millennium. Other Illuminati groups—not privileged to be of the inner circle—met at other hidden locales. Among the secret meeting sites: (1) Under the White House, in a special auditorium off the main passageway of the extensive underground tunnel system; (2) Six floors beneath ground level at the Denver International Airport. This facility sits atop a New Age ley-line considered to be an opening into Hell; (3) In an underground tomb under the infamous Coliseum in Rome. The Illuminati believe that the blood shed in the Coliseum's circuses during the days of the Caesars gives this site a special Luciferian energy. (4) On the upper floor of the United Nations building, an area of occult worship and idols kept off-limits to visitors.

   Toward A Pagan Gaia Religion: On January 1, 2000, a group of clergy and laymen of many religions and faiths convened in Thingveltir, Iceland. There, in a tent, they formed around a crude stone altar and made a covenant pledging loyalty to Gaia, the Earth Goddess of pagan environmentalism. Presiding over the event was Gerald Barney, a Rockefeller operative who was keynote speaker at 1993's Parliament of World Religions. Barney said the meeting in Iceland signaled the ritual death of old religious thinking and the emergence and victory of the new global spirituality.

   New Pope Elevated—Pope John Paul II Excommunicated: Lucian Pulvermacher, the Capucin Priest whom Catholic traditionalists recently elevated as the new "Pope Pius XIII," continues his campaign to "reform" the Catholic Church and return the apostate church to its original roots. At a recent conclave, the splinter group headed by Pius XIII deposed and excommunicated Pope John Paul II. Shown here is a letter we received from "His Holiness," the new pope. While his group's devotion to tradition is sincere, I'm afraid Priest Pulvermacher is unaware that the "original roots" of Catholicism are traced not back to Saint Peter and the Apostles, but to ancient Mystery Babylon. I'm sending Priest Pulvermacher a copy of my video, Is The Pope Catholic? (Available in DVD Only), in the hope that God will open his eyes to the reality that the Catholic Church has no christly foundation to draw from.

Power of Prophecy received this letter from the newly elevated Pope Pius XIII.

   Satanic Church and Bob Larson: A ministry friend from Illinois sent us a copy of The Black Flame, a journal published by the Church of Satan. The front cover displayed a horned devil and the sign of Baphomet. Three debauched rock music groups were touted: Marilyn Manson, Rahowa, and Electric Hellfire Club. Inside the magazine was a picture of Church of Satan leaders with TBN Christian TV and radio personality, Bob Larson. The photo, shot in Larsen's studio, show Larson and the Satanists to be rather chummy. This led our friend to exclaim, "What on earth is going on? Why is this Bob Larson in this magazine posing with this filth? Is this Bob Larson a fraud?"

   Vietnamese Worship All-Seeing Eye of Illuminati: In Houston, Texas, driven by the city's 100,000 Vietnamese immigrants, Cao Dai, a religious blend of Catholicism, Buddhism, and spirit worship is thriving. 19th century French Masons and Illuminists imported to Vietnam the central thesis of this religion, which eventually was embraced by Saigon's top political leaders. Believers in Cao Dai worship the deity represented by the Illuminati's divine "All-Seeing Eye" and teach that all the world's religions shall return to the One from which they originally sprung. They use Ouija boards to communicate with the dead and display the "Divine Eye" embossed in gold paint in their temples.

   Bush Alarms Illuminati Chieftains: Governor George W. Bush has put a fright into the Illuminati elite. A reliable source has told Power of Prophecy that high-level Illuminati chieftains were shocked to hear the younger Bush on national TV confess such a strong personal belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They thought this had been resolved after the Jewish ADL's Abe Foxman seemed to have received assurances from the Governor last year. Now, the top Illuminists are tilting toward Bush's presidential rival, Arizona Senator John McCain. McCain, they know, is definitely not a born again Christian. McCain has long been a political stooge and lackey of these money men. He has no morals, silently pockets their cash gifts, and will do whatever they say. Plus, McCain's wife is a huge fan of Hillary Rodham Clinton and privately is a closet Clinton Democratic Party supporter; as is her liberal husband, John. If elected President, John McCain will faithfully continue the Communization of America and help usher in the New World Order regime.

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