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Album of Pro-Communist Group Lauded by The Washington Post

The Coup
According to The Washington Post, the newspaper that is the pillar of the establishment's global media empire, the album Party Music, by the hip-hop rap group, The Coup, topped all other musical works produced last year.

The Coup album was praised to the hilt by The Washington Post staff writer and music critic David Segal. Segal said the album Party Music demonstrates "jarring ingenuity, soul, and wit."

Segal wrote that the songs on the album are "masterfully entertaining" and "doggone funky." These are hip-hop's "finest rhymes this year," Segal gushed.

We are not surprised that an Illuminist publication like the Post would find such great merit in an album chockfull of murderous, pro-Communist lyrics, with tunes performed by a music group that has devoted itself to the destruction of American capitalism.

Readers of Power of Prophecy will recall that in our October edition, we were the first to expose the disgusting, original cover art of the very album that The Washington Post raves about as this year's "Best Album" on planet earth. That cover depicted Boots Riley, the band's leader, and another member of The Coup merrily blowing up the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York.

Riley, son of a Black Panther lawyer, is unrepentant. One of the songs on this album so praised by the liberal media's chief newspaper is titled, "5 Million Ways to Kill a (Corporate) CEO." The lyrics of this song encourage listeners to kidnap, beat up, and murder corporate CEOs, then put "lead boots" on them and toss their dead bodies into a river.

Just keep on killing and killing, the song urges, cause, "the party don't end."

Incidentally, Warner Elektra, one of the nation's top music labels, is the producer and distributor of this sickening trash they and their pals in the Illuminati controlled media call music.

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