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Texe Marrs

Columbia Space Shuttle a Flying Tower of Babel?

We share the grief of the families and loved ones of the seven astronauts lost on the space shuttle Columbia. Yet, the analogy between the Columbia flight and the account given in the book of Genesis regarding the Tower of Babel is unmistakable.

The Bible says that in the days of Babylon the people of earth were then of one language. The tower was built to lift man up to the heavens and the stars, so he could make a name for himself. But God wrecked their ambitious plan, causing them to speak many confusing languages. The tower fell in ruins. Now comes 21st century mankind, still reaching toward the heavens, again speaking a universal language (English), uniting races and religions in a common quest to make a name. Mankind's seven representatives rose up in a powerful fiery vehicle whose very name, Columbia, the name of the ancient earth goddess, mocked the one true God and Lord, Jesus.

On board as astronauts, embodying the shared desire of mankind, were two men claiming to be Christians, joined by a man of no specific faith, a Hindu vegetarian woman, a Unitarian-universalist (New Age) woman, and a Jewish man, whose religion, Judaism, teaches in its Talmud that Jesus is a "bastard burning in hell!"

This was, no doubt, a flying Tower of Babylon, a microcosm of the United Nations, an unholy affront to God. And it all came tumbling down.

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