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The Order of Skull and Bones

"The gaunt, naked initiate, John Kerry, was lifted out of the coffin and his blindfold removed. As he blinked his eyes and gazed about the room, he was shocked at the scene. He saw before him members in skeleton suits, in red suits, in bloody, torn, scroungy garb, and in ghostly costumes. The heads of some were covered with black hoods. And he noticed that some wore sparsely cut, grayish robes with strange symbols inscribed thereon. He was then brought silently into the tower room before the mysterious hooded and crowned figure who sat regally on a throne. "Bow to the Master," the order came from attendants. But, who was the Master?, Kerry asked himself. Was this just an ordinary man, the human leader of Skull and Bones, or was this mysterious, hooded figure, in fact, the one whom men fear and quiver before? Could this be Lucifer himself, Prince of Darkness?"

Senator John Kerry, Democrat from Massachusetts, appears primed to win the nomination of his party as candidate for the high office of President of the United States. Can he defeat incumbent George W. Bush? The polls indicate the answer could be "yes." In head-to-head competition, voters surveyed now favor Kerry over Bush.

But oddly, no matter which man, Kerry or Bush, wins the electoral college and takes possession of the White House, one thing is for certain: The next President will be a member of one of the planet's most elitist and most exclusive secret societies, the Order of Skull and Bones.

Standing before a U.S. flag displayed for propaganda effect, presidential candidate John Kerry gives the classic Communist, clenched fist salute.

Digging Up Bones

I am author of Dark Majesty, only the second book ever to be published exposing the Luciferian goals and exclusive membership of Skull and Bones. I have also produced a 3-hour investigative report, Unmasking the Order of Skull & Bones (available in Tape or CD).

As an outsider, only one other person on Earth knew more than I about this wicked and ambitious organization: my good friend and fellow conspiracy researcher, the late Dr. Antony Sutton. Sutton's classic book, America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, predated my own book on this subject. Just before his death, the elderly, ailing, yet still brilliant Antony Sutton was kind enough to send me his entire set of extensive files on the Illuminati. It proved to be a treasure trove of detailed, revealing information. Antony Sutton encouraged me to keep moving forward in my work of shedding light on this dark and evil group and the shadowy elite behind it.

"I am old and in my 80s" Sutton wrote me, "and I have studied the conspirators and their crimes for many decades. Now, it's all up to you."

Antony Sutton, who became the avowed enemy of the Illuminati while a researcher at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, was delighted at the publication of my seminal volume, Dark Majesty. My book touched on and amplified his own investigative work, but also brought forth even more shocking details and discoveries about the Order.

Before his passing, Sutton had seen the elevation of bonesman George Herbert Walker Bush (the elder) to the presidency. He also had observed the meteoric rise to political prominence of a young Arkansan, Yale Law School graduate William Jefferson Clinton, an ambitious initiate chosen by Skull and Bones patriarch Averell Harriman for future stardom. But Antony Sutton, if he were still with us, would be amazed at the sensational chain of events that have occurred in more recent years.

Bush giving a well-known sign

George W. Bush renders a familiar hand sign well-known to insiders.

From Elder Bush to Younger Bush and Kerry

For one thing, there was the surprising emergence of young George W. Bush from relative obscurity to become, first, Governor of Texas, and then, President of the world's sole remaining superpower nation. George W., of course, is a graduate of Yale and a bonesman, like his father and his grandfather before him.

As if that weren't enough to shake the cobwebs off the musty door of The Tomb, the Order of Skull and Bones' mausoleum-like residence just off the Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut, there is also the matter of John Kerry. Kerry, as it turns out, is a brother of George W. Bush. Not a brother in the genetic realm, but a "brother" nevertheless in terms of each man's joint membership in the Skull and Bones.

In May, 1966, John Kerry lay nude in a coffin and bowed before the throne as fellow bonesmen, in strange garb and mouthing mysterious epithets, gathered about him. As a result of that satanic ritual, he became a "blood brother" to George W. Bush and to some 800 other bonesmen alumni. These 800 men now hold positions of exceeding power and influence in fields such as politics, banking, finance, and education. One is President of the U.S.A. Another, John Kerry, wants to succeed him.

Kerry's Concealed Jewish Heritage

John Kerry's real surname is, of course, not really Kerry. And he's neither of Irish heritage nor of Catholic religious persuasion. Those are mere fronts, deceptive facades created by his masters for public consumption. Both Kerry and Bush have their images created and molded by their Illuminati overlords, the better to deceive the masses.

The persona created by the Illuminati for bonesman initiate George W. Bush was that he would be an earthy, cowboy and boots Texas type. This was to be an image which, naturally, belied George's Kennebunkport, Maine, roots and his privileged Brahmin upbringing among the Wall Street elite of his grandfather, Prescott Sheldon Bush.

Nobody much cares for a wealthy New Englander and Yale graduate who got to Yale by blood ties, not on merit, and who dodged military service, drank, and partied most of his life. So, young playboy George, who never worked a day in his life, was chosen to play the part of a Texan tycoon and to portray himself as a reformed, evangelical, born again Christian.

The Illuminati even brought imposter evangelist, 33rd degree Masonic brother Billy Graham, in on the deal. The propaganda script written by the Illuminati called for playboy George W. Bush to be turned around and "saved" personally by Billy Graham. It all "happened" when, while visiting the Bush family in their beachside mansion at Kennebunkport, Maine, evangelist Billy Graham took a walk with George along the beach by the sparkling ocean and prayed with him. That's the myth, and it sold good to the gullible Christian masses, who eagerly pulled the "correct" lever or marked the correct spot on the ballot for George W., "born again Christian," to be elected President of the U.S.A.

Kerry's Czechoslovakian and Wall Street Roots

Now comes bonesman John Kerry, whose real name is John Kohn, whose wealthy father, Richard Kohn, was a State Department big shot and whose Jewish grandfather, Fritz Kohn, originally came over to the U.S.A. from Czechoslovakia. Fritz Kohn set up shop with fellow Jews on Wall Street and soaked up a fortune ripping off hapless Gentile clients.

This revealing picture in Newsweek magazine (Feb. 9, 2004, pg. 45) shows Senator John Kerry peering out from behind the curtains. Itís concealed message, understood by insiders: "Our Illuminati bonesman initiate John Kerry, adeptly hides his secret from the gulllible, deceived masses."

In Massachusetts, Jews are not as popular as Irish Catholics, so the name "Kerry" was assigned the Kohn tribe. For his entire life, John Kerry has pretended to be Irish and Catholic. It got him his U.S. Senator post some 19 years ago. Now he wants to be President, and rich Jews have billions to donate to Jewish and pro-Zionist candidates. So, in 2003, Kerry publicly announced that he had just made a startling genealogical discovery. "Yep, I'm Jewish," Kerry told the press. "I never would have thought it," he said. "Gee whiz."

My investigation shows that Teresa Heinz, the wife of John Kerry, is also Jewish. Heir to the billion dollar Heinz ketchup and foods dynasty, Teresa is active in Jewish and Israeli causes. She's chair of Hadassah, the national Jewish women's organization. Kerry's brother is also now out of the closet as a Jew, and regularly attends worship at a Jewish synagogue. He evidently dropped the Kerry family pretense of being "Irish Catholic."

For some reason, the Illuminati has decided that it is time. Time for many formerly hidden Jews to come out of the closet. A few years ago, Madeline Albright, Clinton's Secretary of State, surprisingly "discovered" she was a Czech Jew. General Wesley Clark, another Democrat, also made the same discovery just this year. Clark now says his father's real name was "Kanne," Jewish. The General even bragged to a Jewish group of millionaires whom he auditioned with that, "My Jewish father came from a long line of Rabbis."

General Wesley Clark discovered that his real surname is the Jewish "Kanne." Clark recently boasted to a Jewish audience: "My Jewish father came from a long line of Rabbis."

Jewish Conspirators in the White House

Yes, it does seem a certainty that whether Bush or Kerry, our next President will be a bonesman. He may be a Jew, too, and his vice President may be a Jew. Two Jews who once claimed to be Gentiles!

So what's the big deal? Why does it matter? Well, you history buffs may recall that in 1917, two closet Jews named Lenin and Trotsky vaulted to the leadership of the Russian Empire, an empire then among the world's greatest superpowers. They and their Jewish henchmen went on to imprison, torture, and kill some 66 million Christians and other "enemies" of Jewish Zionism. The Soviet gulags, run by Jewish commandants, dwarfed the Nazi concentration camps in size and deadliness.

Could it happen again, this time in America? You better believe it can! We should not forget that, at their occultic initiation, the rich young men tapped to become bonesmen by the Order are cautioned by their mysterious, hooded leader that they, bonesmen, are to reign as gods on earth, the Chosen Ones. They are also told they must never forget that, "All those creatures outside the Order are barbarians, vandals, and gentiles."

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