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A Higher Calling

Back in 1986 God called Wanda and I into full-time ministry. His commission to us was to, first, exalt His name and His Word while, second, exposing the powers of darkness that grip the world.

Now, please understand. We had plenty to do in our careers and life at the time. I was President of Tech Trends, a company consulting on high tech jobs and on the future of technologies. Wanda was Vice President and together we wrote and published highly acclaimed books that were released by the nation's largest publishing houses—New York giants like Prentice-Hall, John Wiley & Sons, Dow Jones-Irwin, and Simon & Schuster.

However, when God calls, it is wisdom to follow His plan rather than to continue with what you're doing. God's calling is always a Higher Calling.

Heresies and Unscriptural Ideas?

I was thinking just recently of this Higher Calling. Over a period of oh, about a month, I was made aware of all kinds of silly and ridiculous statements and comments made specifically about Texe Marrs. Some were by well-known televangelists and so-called "Bible teachers," who all claimed to be informing audiences of the horrible, unscriptural heresies and errors that Texe Marrs is supposedly teaching.

"A lie can travel halfway across the country before truth has a chance to put its boots on."

—Mark Twain

Just one problem. The men making these allegations are flat-out wrong. They are mistaken. I don't believe in the doctrines they say I do, and I don't teach what they claim I do!

I generously and humanely use the word "mistaken" in referring to these critics. My friends, perhaps less generous, would simply brand these men as what they are: liars and slanderers! But, I'm trying to be nice, so I'll just say that they are, uh, "mistaken."

Not wishing to give these "mistaken" individuals any more publicity than they deserve, I'll relate to you what they're saying about me without mentioning their names. That might give them the big head, being named and all, so I'll forego the boosting of these men's false pride.

Jewish Christians Won't Be Raptured?

First, there's the fellow on the East Coast, in Florida, who recently wrote a page 1 article about Texe Marrs in a newsletter. According to this gentleman, Texe Marrs is anti-jew. How so? Well, the newsletter writer claims that one of my prime teachings is that Jews who are Christians will not be raptured. He says that Texe Marrs teaches that only Gentiles will be raptured!

But, is that really what I teach? No! Absolutely not! Anyone who has followed Power of Prophecy ministries for any length of time knows full well that I teach exactly the opposite. I have gone to great pains to make clear my strong, unyielding belief that God is not a racist. Power of Prophecy and Texe Marrs have always stressed that if you are a Christian, you're a Christian, period.

A Jew or a Gentile who trusts in Jesus is born again, a new creation. DNA or ethnic origin doesn't matter one whit as far as the rapture is concerned. You must be born again through faith in Jesus Christ (John 3:16; and 3:3). How could the newsletter writer in Florida get it so wrong?

Another Whopper

Another whopper of a lie in this same newsletter alleges that Texe Marrs is so scripturally off he doesn't know that the Bible refers to two different Jerusalems, one earthly and one heavenly.

Say what? Obviously, the poor, uninformed guy who wrote this doesn't know that Power of Prophecy offers my audio report, The Two Jerusalems (Tape) or (CD), explaining exactly this point. Also, there is my two-hour set, No Zion Without A King, No King But King Jesus (Tape) or (CD), that goes into great detail. I doubt this critic has heard these tapes or read any of the newsletter articles I've written on the two Jerusalems. Question is, why was he in such a big hurry to speak ill of me, without bothering to even do a cursory investigation of what Texe Marrs so openly teaches?

Replacement Theology

Then, there is the TBN televangelist who's mad as a wet hen because I exposed him and his co-TV host wife as dupes of Catholicism. He recently assured viewers of his TV show that Texe Marrs is anti-Semitic because, he claims, I teach something he calls "Replacement Theology." This, he says, is the unscriptural concept that the Church has replaced Israel and that God no longer has a prophetic role for Israel.

Sadly, this pitiful guy has no idea what he's talking about. Actually, what I teach is right out of the Bible—that the Church hasn't replaced Israel. It is Israel!

The Scriptures clearly tell us that God has broken down the wall, or partition, between Jews and Gentiles, so that, through faith, they are now one in Christ Jesus. The Scriptures emphasize: "And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise." (Galatians 3:29).

The Scriptures assure us (Galatians 3:25-28) that in Christ Jesus, there is no difference whatsoever between Jew and Gentile. Jews and Gentiles who have faith in Jesus are both God's Chosen. They are "Abraham's seed;" "living stones" who make up the Temple of God. They are the Church, the "elect" of the living God. In sum, God's people are God's people, period!

Through faith in Christ Jesus, all who believe—Jew or Gentile—are made citizens of heavenly "Zion," the "Commonwealth of Israel." All believers comprise the "Israel of God." (See Eph. 2:11-22 and 4; and Gal. 6:14-16)

Yes, no doubt about it, Jews and Gentiles alike, if they are Christ's, are the very "Israel of God." The Apostle Paul used that term, and I do, too.

Of course, we're speaking of spiritual things here, which are the only things that really matter. Geographically, there is certainly a physical nation called "Israel" in the Middle East. And its citizens, like citizens of all nations, have a choice. They can repent and believe in Jesus, or they can reject Him and remain lost and captive to the devil. If they believe and are born again as Christian believers, Jews, like Gentiles, become citizens of heavenly Jerusalem; they are grafted into the tree of life and are part of the "Israel of God," also scripturally identified as the "Commonwealth of Israel."

Praise God! He is not a racist. He does not practice apartheid like the TBN televangelist and so many others today who are Jewish supremacist racists. God is not a respecter of persons. All who thirst may come, Jew and Gentile alike. That is what the Bible teaches, and it's what Texe Marrs will always believe, because it is the Truth.

The Dispensationalist Theory of Spiritual Apartheid is False

Tragically, too many pastors and evangelists today are spreading abroad the heretical theory that Jews and Gentiles have different covenants, that God spiritually treats each race differently and that God spiritually separates the two races and peoples by genealogy and by DNA and blood type.

In other words, these false teachers are saying, "Forget all those Bible verses Texe Marrs gives you. Believe in man-made Separation Theology instead. Believe in our bigoted, race-based Apartheid doctrine, believe that Jesus does not want Jews to be part of His 'Israel of God' and 'Commonwealth of Israel.'"

In fact, these men are nothing less than hard-core racists, and most don't even know it! They claim to be lovers of the Jews, but what they really want is to put Jews at the back of the bus. These men, in preaching their evil Apartheid doctrine, are saying that Jews are not as good as Gentiles, so don't even bother to witness to them. The New Covenant isn't for Jews. Only Gentiles need apply for the Kingdom. Later, after the rapture, then the Jews will get a chance, they say. Not before.

This, however, is bad theology and it's a sin because it is racist theology. Spiritual Apartheid is an ugly and divisive thing, leading deluded people to separate Christians by race. However, the Bible says that Salvation is by faith, not race.

My Books Bestsellers to Arabs?

Meanwhile, a popular Messianic Jewish teacher has put out a "bulletin" warning people about Texe Marrs and his "pro-Arab views." This fellow claims that my books are huge bestsellers distributed in all the Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Kuwait. My books are popular among Arabs, he alleges, because they defame Jews and spew hatred toward Israel.

Funny thing is, in fact, none of my books are bestsellers in the countries cited. They are not sellers to Arabs at all! We don't even have any distributors in the Arab nations, and I've never received as much as one letter from an Arab in these countries who has read any of my books.

On the other hand, we have received many letters from Jewish Christian friends who purchased my books in Israeli bookshops! I have also received a lot of letters from Moslems, mostly in America, who read our internet material and who are angry at Texe Marrs because I have exposed Islam as a false, satanic religion. Often, the angry Moslems who write to Power of Prophecy threaten me for my anti-Islam views.

Moreover, in none of my books do I "defame Jews and spew hatred toward Israel." I don't even mention these topics in any of my books.

So, this guy is just out there spreading big fibs, to put it mildly. Whatever his agenda is, it's not an agenda of truth-telling.

Texe Marrs a Hindu?...A Jesuit?

There's more fiction out there, too. There's the ministry leader who says I recently converted to Hinduism (huh???), and the well-known author who claims I am a secret agent of the Catholic Jesuits. This in spite of the fact that I am one of the few King James Bible-believing Christian leaders in America today with guts enough to actually unmask the devilish works of the Pope, the Jesuits, and Catholicism. For example, check out my newest exposé video, Vatican Rising!—The Seduction of Christianity and the Triumph of Rome (available in VHS or DVD).

Meanwhile, one internet site alerts web searchers that Texe Marrs just might be a plant of the Illuminati. Else, how could Texe Marrs expose the elite in such an incredible way and get away with it! Why isn't Texe Marrs dead?"

Mysterious stuff, but the answer is quite simple: I have a Higher Calling from God to unmask the Illuminati, and no-one can shut down a servant of Almighty God until God says so! "Greater is He that is in you," the Bible says, "than he that is in the world."

The Illuminati may wield greater power than Texe Marrs, but they can't hold a candle to my God! Fight against God and His servants, and you are going to lose!

Let the Heathen Rage

So, dear friends, here's the bottom line: Let the critics criticize. Let the liars sharpen their quills and open wide their mouths. Let them do their utmost to slander you in their ridiculous, vain attempt to stop you from doing God's work and from telling the truth. Be assured, they'll get nowhere with their unbecoming campaign of deception. In fact, you can take all the junk and garbage they throw at you as a blessing in disguise. What's more, you should be truly alarmed if the critics actually begin to praise and speak well of you.

"Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you! For so did their fathers to the false prophets." (Luke 6:26)

Don't agonize, don't moan, don't be discouraged at what untruthful critics say and do. Press on! Remember: you and I have a Higher Calling, and nothing in this world can prevent us from our appointed rendezvous with destiny.

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10)


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