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Illuminati Devil Year 666
"Saddam Hussein thought he was a reincarnated Babylonian king; his evil plan to kill the Jews ended with another Purim miracle."

"On the holiday of Purim, Jews are permitted to drink to excess—until, the tradition tells us, we cannot tell the difference between the names of Haman and Mordecai."

"A person is obligated to become inebriated (drunk) on Purim"

The Christian faith centers on the person of Jesus, not on the calendar. That is why the New Testament of the Holy Bible gives no significance at all to holy days and feast days. The Scriptures also warn Christians that astrological date-setting is an abomination, and God's Word teaches that the timing of Jesus' return and of the tribulations of the last days are in God's hands. These events are not influenced by occult rituals and planetary events. (See Colossians 2:16-17 and Matthew 24:36)

But in the occult world of the Illuminati and that of New Ageism, witchcraft, satanism and secret societies, date setting by ritual, numerology, astrology and other such factors is commonplace. Man-made wars and catastrophes, human sacrifices, and holocausts are invariably planned and executed at key dates and times based on numerology and astrology, on pre-selected religious factors, and on occult ritual.

In the years 1991 and 2001, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was named by the chief rabbis of the Jews as their hated "Haman of the Year." U.S. armed conflict against Saddam was purposely staged to occur on the days of Purim fest.

2006 A Key Year

The year 2006, for example, seems to be very important and significant in the Illuminati scheme of things. June 6, 2006 is calculated numerologically as 6-6-6. That date falls in the midst of the pagan and masonic veneration of the planet Sirius and its "Dog Days of Summer." The number 666, of course, is the biblical number of the beast, and many evil people will give due reverence and honor to Satan on days corresponding to this ominous date in history.

This October there will also come a Friday the 13th, again a fearful date for superstitious pagan believers. The calendar of Satan worshippers and witches also has a number of other dark days that lie just ahead this year, including Feast Day (March 20), Grand Climax (May 1), and Halloween (October 29).

Earlier this year, on February 2-3, on a new moon, satanists and druids celebrated their Satanic Revels feast day. This culminated in the burning to the ground of many Southern Baptist churches in Bibb County, Alabama.

On this same day, in the Red Sea, hundreds of Moslems on a pilgrimage lost their lives as their Egypt-based ferry sank. Were the Illuminati Jews in Israel responsible for an act of terrorism on this satanic high holy day? Did Israel use its submarines to sink the Egyptian vessel?

Middle East War an Antichrist Project

David Meyer, formerly an occult astrologist but now a Christian pastor and researcher, notes that both Israel and the United States, led as they are by satanic elites, seem bent on fomenting a war with the Moslem world. The Middle-Eastern nation of Iran may well be their next target. Meyer writes:

"The occult timing of this project of antichrist does not surprise me, because wars are always fomented between March 20 and May 1 as that is when Mars, the astrological god of war, is most active. That is why President Bush attacked Iraq on the witches’ Sabat of Ashteroth, or the vernal equinox, and announced the end of major hostilities on the high cross-quarter Sabat of Beltaine on May 1."

In my exclusive two-part audiotape and CD series offered this month, Bloody Days Ahead in Illuminati Devil Year 666, I examine the potential for war, terrorism, slaughter and sacrifice the remainder of this year, based on the key dates of the high holy days of the satanist/witches calendar as well as the June 6, '06 (666) date and the occult astrological calendar. However, as I explain, the most volatile and dangerous period for an explosion of bloodshed to occur is due to yet another high holy feast day—the Jews' Purim.

Jewish Purim: A Day of Drunkenness, Orgies, and Death

Purim this year falls on March 13-14. As I demonstrate in my audiotape/CD report, numerologically this date also translates to the number 666. Purim is the Jewish-ordained holy day in which the Talmud commands Jews to party and get so drunk they cannot distinguish between good and evil. Purim is also the time when the Jews are encouraged to get bloody revenge against their perceived enemies. Murder, carnage, fiery slaughter and holocaust—history records that almost anything goes on Purim. Sexual orgies are common, and Purim is a regular Bacchanalia of wickedness, cruelty, and debauchery.

Even little Jewish children are encouraged to join in the mayhem, being provided triangle-shaped cookies rep-resenting the ears of ancient enemy Haman and also of modern-day victims. Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, in a prominent internet article addressing the "Hamantashen" (flesh of Haman) tradition, admits:

"Among the most distinctive features of the Purim festivities are the special pastries known in Hebrew as 'oznei Haman,' literally, ears of Haman..."

Ghoulish isn't it? Jewish children savagely chomping off the "ears of Haman" making noise and furor as they do so. This is a repulsive celebration of fiery racial hatred and pseudo-cannibalism on the part of Jews. Judaizer Christians who continually exalt the Jews as holy examples or who falsely proclaim the Jews as "God's Chosen" people, take notice!

On the annual Purim holy day, Jewish children simulate the cannibal act of eating hamantashen cookies, imagined to be the ears of the Jews’ dreaded enemy, Haman.

(Note the triangle shape of the cookie. Codex Magica explains the significance to the Illuminati of the triangle symbol.)

U.S. Armed Forces Go to War On Purim

Believe it or not, at the direction of the Neocon Jews who now rule over America and the White House, on the very eve of Purim, President George W. Bush went on TV and publicly declared that Saddam's time had run out. Bush announced that the U.S. invasion of Iraq would ensue on "a day of our choosing."

Exactly ten years prior, Bush's father, the elder President Bush (George H. W. Bush) victoriously ended the first bloody Persian Gulf War exactly on Purim. Bush abruptly ordered the cessation of the U.S. military advance on Purim, even against the advise and counsel of his military commander, General Norman Schwarzkopf. Jubilant Jews worldwide partied like wild all night long on Purim to celebrate their victory over their dreaded enemy, the new "Haman," Iraq's President Saddam Hussein.

Nuremberg: The Purim Connection

The show trial of the German Nazis tried at Nuremberg in 1946 was a Purim extravaganza. It began with the defendants being unmercifully tortured and beaten in their cells. All were forced to make false confessions and exactly ten prisoners were hung on the gallows. Similarly, in the book of Esther we find the ten sons of Haman being hung by the Jews, though the ten were not guilty of any crimes.

Julius Streicher, one of the ten hung at Nuremberg, was guilty of nothing more than expressing his opinion about the Jews in a newspaper. They hung him for his exercise of free speech. So much for the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution!

Interestingly, it was not officially on Purim fest when the ten Germans were hung. But Streicher's last words before being hung on the gallows stunned onlookers. He declared: "This is my celebration of Purim 1946. I am now going to God. The Bolshevists will hang you all one day..."

In March 1986, The Jewish Observer, a Jewish publication, bragged that the ten Nazis killed at Nuremburg for their "crimes" against the Jews had been found guilty of "modern Hamanism."

As my good friend, Colonel Donn de Grande Pré, writes in Barbarians Inside the Gates, "One must read the Book of Esther in the Bible to fully understand the implications of the Nuremberg trials." (Also see my two-part audiotape series, Hidden Prophecies in the Book of Esther (available in Tape or CD).

"It was," de Grand Pré explains, "but one more act of endless revenge, carried out in accordance with Talmudic law and justice."

Stage-managed Bloodshed

Such events, dread and foreboding, do not happen by coincidence. Whether on Purim or at another satanically appropriate time, every minute, every detail is carefully stage-managed and monitored.

The burning and holocaust of innocents in 1993 at Waco on April 19th and the takedown of the federal building in Oklahoma City on that same chronological date in 1995 were carefully planned according to ancient code. So, too, were the Columbine school shootings and the 9/11 World Trade Center debacle.

This is bloodshed by design. Complete with precision hate and precision numbers. All thanks to the diabolical high priests of death, the Illuminati elite, with cabalistic rabbis and Quisling associates backstage directing things. And it will happen again, quite possibly in 2006, a year which, in occult code, translates into Illuminati Devil Year 666.

Michael Chertoff, the Russian Jew lawyer who President Bush ominously elevated to the high post of America’s Homeland Security Director, met with Jewish Lubavitcher rabbis recently at the White House. The name "Chertoff" in Russian literally means "Devil’s Own." As head of Homeland Security, Chertoff holds the same position that Nazi concentration camp boss, Himmler, had in Hitler’s Administration. Chertoff also supervises FEMA and oversaw the Hurricane Katrina debacle. As a former Justice Department prosecutor, Chertoff gained a notorious reputation as a Christian-hater.

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