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Special Report for our Friends

Texe Marrs

God Rewards His Servants

As Christians, you and I know that faith in Christ is the cornerstone of our being, our very essence. Yet, James, the brother of Jesus, also taught us the important principle that faith without works is dead. At Power of Prophecy, we do works not to achieve salvation but to show our love for people and as a witness of the wonderful God we serve.

Our annual children’s home project benefits dozens of young boys and girls and their Christian caregivers.

It is your love gifts, tithes, and offerings-and your prayers-that make what we do possible. Gifts to Power of Prophecy are not IRS tax-deductible. We are not government subsidized. Power of Prophecy is your ministry. We serve God in your name, beloved. So when you give, we put your gifts and contributions to work on behalf of our Lord and Saviour and His Kingdom. This is why I am sure you will be pleased to receive the following report on just a portion of our ministry activities:

Our free monthly newsletter goes out by mail to thousands of subscribers in the U.S.A., Canada, and around the globe.
Our two websites, and, are accessed at no charge by hundreds of thousands of people.
Our 192-page catalog provides evidence of the many valuable books, videos, audiotapes, and CDs we produce and distribute. Many are available nowhere else.
Free Bibles and Christian books are regularly sent to missionaries overseas, prison convicts in the U.S.A., orphan homes and to the needy. Sometimes we send out entire caseloads of Bibles.
Associations for the blind are given the right at no charge to reproduce our books and newsletters in Braille.
Our radio program, Power of Prophecy, broadcast on international shortwave (WWCR-Nashville), is heard by countless listeners in over 120 countries. 
Our radio program is also broadcast 24/7 daily by streaming audio on both of our internet sites. 
Our annual children’s home project benefits dozens of young boys and girls and their Christian caregivers.
Grants have been made by us to fledgling churches in geographic areas desperately in need of the Christian message.
We regularly provide advice, counsel, and assistance to pastors, churches, individuals and worthy organizations.

Our Lord constantly watches; He knows of your help to this Ministry. Surely, He will honor your gifts and richly reward you beyond measure for your faithfulness. Yes, Jesus, I ask this now—reward each according to His works!

—Texe Marrs

Thank you immensely for your gifts and donations


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