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Texe Marrs

The Illuminati Are Obsessed With Sex

"The word "obelisk" literally means ‘Baal’s Shaft’ or Baal’s organ of reproduction. This should be especially shocking when we realize that we have a gigantic obelisk in our nation’s capital known as the Washington Monument."

Dr. Cathy Burns
Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated

Baal's Shaft & Cleopatra's Needle
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My latest video, Baal's Shaft & Cleopatra's Needle (available in DVD only), appears to have really shocked those who have so far seen it. Viewers report surprise that the Illuminati elite and their secret societies are able to plant and display so much architecture of a vulgar and offensive sexual nature out in the open, in plain sight.

My in-depth investigation finds that the Illuminati constitutes the world's most obsessed sex cult. Architects and builders of the Illuminati and its secret societies have proven their devotion to Satan's kingdom by honoring and revering the Mystery gods and goddesses and are ever busy creating new sex idols devoted to "sacred" demons.

The Tubal Cane pin Masonic Square and Compass
Masonic Sex Perverts: The symbols of the Masonic Lodge are permeated with sexual meaning. The "Tubal Cane" pin worn by some Masons symbolizes the male genitals (tubal=two balls; cane=male phallus). The familiar Masonic square and compass represents the male mounting the female in the sex act. The "G" within stands for the "Holy Fire," the act of sexual regeneration.
Secret society rituals, symbols, logos, art and architecture is saturated with covert sexism and rakish debauchery. Take, for example, the Masonic Lodge's square and compass logo. Arthur Waite, 33°, in Mysteries of Magic, confides that this symbol represents "heavenly fire"—codewords for the sexual act between male and female. Albert Pike, 33°, formerly Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, agrees with Waite, pointing out the sexual significance of the symbol as pertaining to the "generative principle" (sexual intercourse).

Pyramids, Obelisks, Circles, and the Yin/Yang

The ancient pyramid is seen by Illuminati as a structure in which the sun's rays—the "holy fire" (semen) of Osiris the Egyptian sun god—illuminate the outer structure, then enter within the pyramid's walls. The interior is envisioned to be the womb and vagina of the goddess, Isis. The word "pyramid" literally means "amid the pyre, or fire."

The obelisk, a heathen idol common in towns and cities across America, is said to be the phallus of Osiris. Not by coincidence, the largest obelisk in the world, the Washington Monument, stands erect in Washington, D.C., our nation's capital.
Scottish Rite Journal - Washington Monument
This issue of Scottish Rite Journal (June 1997) featured the Washington Monument, calling it "A Masonic Tradition." The 6,660 inch tall structure, an Egyptian-styled obelisk, symbolizes the erect phallus of Osiris, the sun god whose eye hovers over the pyramid on the one dollar bill.

The point within the circle is a symbol adopted by Bavarian occultist Adam Weishaupt, the founder (May 1, 1776) of the original Order of the Illuminati. The point is considered to be the phallus, or penis, of the Mystery god, the circle the goddess’ vagina (see "Point Within A Circle," Short Talk Bulletin, Masonic Services Association, p. 4).

The yin/yang symbol is similarly a sign of sexual activity. Yang represents the male (sun) principal, yin the female (moon) principle.

Jewish Cabalism and Sexual Symbology

The Jews’ cabalistic six-pointed star is yet another covert, symbolic representation of the generative act. It is a combination of the male phallus (triangle pointed up) entering and conjoining the female vagina (triangle pointed downward). Moreover, the number 666 is hermetically coded into this symbol (the star has six points, six lines, and a six-sided hexagon within). Both the Rothschilds and the chief rabbis insisted that this star be the dominant feature on Israel’s national flag.

The Jews' Talmud, their most holy book, and the Jewish Cabala are full of sexual content. Given their embrace of satanic sexual symbology, it is thus no accident that the Jews today are the masterminds and distributors of the vast majority of pornography found over the internet and in movies. Israel leads the world today in sex trafficking and sexual slavery.

President Nixon Called Them Filthy & "Faggoty"

Hindu tantric ritual and the rites of secret societies such as the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) and the Order of Skull & Bones are also devoted to sexual acts and depravities. Alex Jones, in his video exposé, Dark Secrets Inside the Bohemian Grove (available in DVD only), demonstrates that this elite secret society group is consumed by sexual imagery. A disgusted President Richard Nixon, in now released White House tape recordings, is overheard criticizing the Bohemian Grove conclave which he attended as one of the most sexually filthy and "faggoty" (homosexual) affairs he had ever witnessed.

Obelisks are commonly used as grave markers, mirroring the story of Isis honoring Osiris’ phallus in death.
Pagan sexual symbols abound in Illuminati art, architecture and monuments, a repulsive situation in a country like America, long presumed to be a "Christian Nation." The elite delight in their ability to deceive the masses, who foolishly discount the multitude of graphic evidences that surround them. Sex is, of course, a primal urge basic to all humans, and Satan pulls out all stops to use this psychological instinct in drawing in and seducing gullible initiates of the various secret societies.

Succumbing to the Devil's Cheap Thrills

Fortunately, the Apostle Paul, in the New Testament, declared that alert Christians "are not ignorant of the devices of the devil" (II Corinthians 2:11). In the end, we can conclude that the Illuminati, smugly thinking themselves to be wise, cosmopolitan and superior to the rest of us, are only deceiving themselves. Instead of the pure and undefiled religion of Jesus Christ, the elite dupes have settled for a lesser bowl of rough porridge. Consumed and titillated by visions of sexual hedonism, they have succumbed to the Devil's cheap thrills. In so doing, they have chosen squalid, fleshly depravity and have voluntarily forsaken the eternal gifts and exceptional joy and happiness tendered to men through Jesus, and made available by His grace and love. I truly and sincerely pity the Illuminati. What a waste of human dignity. What a waste of human life.



Ronald Reagan and Normany Memorial To commemorate the 40th anniversary of U.S. Forces landing on D-Day at Normandy Beach (France) during World War II, President Ronald Reagan gave a talk to this group on June 6, 1984, at the D-Day Memorial. Note the clearly phallic design of the Memorial.
The eye-catching theme of the sensual, bare-breasted Goddess of Liberty leading the charge was popular in paintings and art of the Illuminati-inspired French and American Revolutions. Goddess of Liberty
Barsana Dham Temple The phallic image is unmistakable in the design of the Barsana Dham Temple outside of Austin. The Hindu guru who leads the community associated with this temple was recently indicted for the sexual crime of "indecency with a child." (Austin American-Statesman, Sept 28, 2008)

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