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Texe Marrs

Beware Immigration Reform

In 2007 President George W. Bush and his chief political advisor, Karl Rove, attempted to push through Congress what they called the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. The people of America were outraged. The phone lines to the Congressional switchboard were jam-packed. Washington, D.C. has never seen such an angry protest by the citizenry.

Seeing the people’s bitter opposition to what was really an Immigration amnesty bill, Congress quickly shelved Bush’s deceptively misnamed legislation.

Now, fast forward six years later. The date is 2013. Barack Obama has just won reelection as President. In his inauguration speech, he promises “immigration reform.” Then, just a week later, on January 27, we discover that eight crooked Senators have been secretly meeting for weeks on an “Immigration Reform” plan:

Four Republicans—Marco Rubio (FL); John McCain (AZ); Floyd Flake (AZ); and Lindsey Graham (SC).
Four Democrats—Chuck Schumer (NY); Bob Menendez (NJ); Dick Durbin (IL); and Michael Bennet (CO).

The eight Senators go on TV to inform you and me of the Bill they will propose to the whole Senate. Surprise!—It’s the same as President Obama’s plan, and surprise!—it’s President George W. Bush’s 2007 legislation all warmed over and ready to go.

Amnesty and Citizenship for Illegals

What the Rubios, McCains, Schumers, et al want us to do is accept Bush and Obama’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. It provides amnesty for the 25 to 35 million illegal aliens lurking in America’s shadowlands. The Bill also provides for a “Fast Path to Citizenship.”

What will this do for America? It will totally destroy our great country and end the American nation and its constitutional system forever.

Consider: Obama won this election by over five million votes, thanks to all the Hispanics, blacks, and wicked liberal voters. Now, think ahead to 2016, when many millions more Hispanics will vote, thanks to this tainted Immigration Reform Bill.

The new Immigration Bill will guarantee that never again will a Republican conservative win a presidential election.

The 25-35 million illegals in America will be here to stay. Many will vote. Moreover, they will invite into America their families. That’s another 15 to 20 million. And then, millions more Mexicans and other Hispanics will say, “Wow! Americans welcome me. They’ve even got a new Immigration Reform Bill that says I’ll get amnesty. I will not be deported. I can’t lose! I’m going to America.”

America an Immigration Paradise

What the Rubio-Schumer Immigration Plan will do is guarantee that:


America will be a never-ending immigration paradise: Millions and millions of Hispanics and others will flood in.


These many millions will all demand they get “freebies” from the easy money Obama regime. They’ll get free housing, free medical, free food stamps, even a free phone. Billions of dollars in freebies for the illegals. It will bankrupt our country.


These millions of foreigners will all vote enmasse next election for the Democrats, the ones who will give them all the goodies. Never again will the Republicans win an election. The new Immigration Bill, if passed, means the Democrats will remain in power forever!

Isn’t this unbelievable?! The Republicans, almost all of whom are pro-Immigration, are cutting their own throats.

Karl Rove, the homosexual Texan who guided the 2007 Bill, is ecstatic. He and the other crazies all say the Republican Party has to do this if they expect to ever win again.

I have news for them. Passing this Bill will insure they will never win an election again. You cannot outgive Barack Obama and the Democrats. The Mexicans and other Hispanics know this and will always vote Democrat. Farewell Republican Party!

The Republican Savior, Marco Rubio
The Republican Party has a new “Savior,” Senator Marco Rubio. Republicans say they can win the presidency with him as candidate and millions more illegal aliens inside our borders. Let’s tell them the Savior we have always had is best. His name is Jesus.
Reform? This is Pure Anarchy!

They call this new bill “Reform.” Why is it a “Reform?” It’s pure anarchy, that’s what it is. Pure anarchy.

All the fake conservatives can be expected to vote with the Democrats to pass this bogus Reform Bill. Senator Marco Rubio, who wants to be President, is all for it. So is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, another fake conservative.

Here’s how they intend to bamboozle you and me to get this bill passed. They will promise us that if we let them vote “yes” for the Bill, they will also add an enforcement provision. Oh whoop to do—they will use drones and high tech to police the border. They will catch all the illegals crossing it. “Don”t you worry, they will tell us, we have your back.”

Baloney! Border enforcement is what we have been promised again and again. These jackals were going to secure the border back in 1986, when President Reagan’s amnesty bill was passed. We never got it. These incompetents can’t even build a simple fence across the border. Today, the ranchers and farmers down on the Texas and Arizona borders are being submerged by illegals flooding across the border. State schools and hospitals are crammed past capacity with the foreign invaders.

There will never be security on the border because it is not in the Democrat Party’s best interest. This is just an empty promise to get you and me to approve this Immigration Reform Bill.

Current Laws Not Broken—Enforce Them Now!

The politicians keep telling us our current immigration laws are “broken.” This is an outright lie. The current laws call for border security, arrest of illegal aliens, and deportation. That’s the formula President Eisenhower used when he rounded up 16 million illegals and shipped them back across the border. Obeying the laws that are on the books now, today, works!

I have a better immigration plan. Let’s you and me phone our Congressman’s offices and tell them flat out, No! No way we’re going to buy this nonsense. No! No! No! No! No!

And by the way, let’s you and me tell these lying, dishonest Congressmen they had best start obeying the laws on the books today. We need deportation of illegal aliens. Simply call for a big, big immigration demonstration and march. When the illegal aliens come out on the streets with their signs, round them up!

Let’s send a message to our Congressmen they’ll never forget: No! to Immigration Reform. Deport all the illegals today.

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